This week’s episode of The Flash weaved flashbacks of Clifford and Marlize into an episode that focused on the start of their relationship and quest for enlightenment, the team trying to figure out their goal, and Cisco’s relationship with Cynthia aka Gypsy.

The FlashThe episode began with a flashback of Marlize and Clifford meeting at a conference and disagreeing with the way the world could benefit from tech. In the present, Clifford began his plan for The Enlightenment while Marlize seemed hesitant. In another flashback, we saw the couple’s first date and then Marlize finding Clifford anti-tech manifesto journal when they moved in together.

She was horrified and left him despite him begging her to stay. Later, we saw her side with Clifford’s idea to wipe out technology after her humanitarian camp in Kenya was attacked by a militia because of a water purification system she developed. Clifford, who had been on the phone from America during the attack, rushed to her side.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, team Flash tested out Cisco’s energy blasts as a way to get Killer Frost back while he received another message from Cynthia. The others started to notice Harry’s missteps and Cisco was forced to reveal what’s going on. Instead of focusing on him, Harry asked them to focus on beating Clifford and Marlize.

That night, the couple broke into a lab and stole several panels of Alloy 1771, solars panel that would allow Clifford to enhance the sun’s energy by 400%. Clifford forced a guard to kill himself despite Marlize’s displeasure.

The FlashThe next day, Barry asked Cisco to call Cynthia so they could combine their powers and see what Clifford was after. Afterward, Joe asked Harry to distract Cecile for him. When Cynthia arrived, she and Cisco co-vibed and saw a shipping container at the docks.

When they arrived, they discovered that they had seen the wrong container. DeVoe showed up and easily handled them. The mishap sparked an argument between the couple and Cisco questioned if their work relationship would be the same just as Barry returned from being transported somewhere else by DeVoe.

While distracting Cecile, Harry tried to work and she read his mind. They concluded that the more he tried to use his mind the faster he would lose his intelligence. Upstairs, Barry sped Cynthia in from Jitters so she and Cisco could work out their issues.

Before they’re able to talk, they’re alerted when two more tech labs are robbed and three security guards killed. Cisco and Cynthia vibed a piece of metal and get thrown back. As they recovered, Iris advised Barry not to get involved with the couple’s issues. Something she said made Barry realize DeVoe was building separate devices.

Downstairs, Cecile realized she can write down Harry’s thoughts before they disappear. On their own, Cynthia and Cisco both revealed that they didn’t want him to take her father’s job but wanted to be together. While he wanted to see her more often and for something to change, she was okay with how things are going. The DeVoes’ next target is Mercury Lab’s satellites. They’re shrinking and packing up satellites when Barry, Gypsy, Cisco, and Caitlin arrive. Things don’t go as planned as Caitlin stepped in to attack and boost her adrenaline to get her powers back. She failed and Clifford tried to kill Cynthia but Marlize stopped him.

Later, Harry explained that DeVoe’s plan is to build devices that can shift and reflect enough dark matter back to earth that every human’s brain will be impacted, causing everyone to lose their intelligence. After the reveal, Cynthia went back to Earth-19 where she and Cisco broke up.

The tone shifted back on Earth-1 where Joe and the team threw Cecile a baby shower. It’s why he had Harry distract her throughout the episode. Everyone is confused when the same girl from Barry and Iris’ wedding and Jitters dropped off a diaper bag. Before they could question her, she left. Around the corner, we saw the young woman speed away. In their pocket dimension, Marlize felt that Clifford had changed and decided that she couldn’t stay with him. Using his chair, she created a barrier so he couldn’t get her and left.

Review of this week’s episode of The Flash

I’m definitely bummed that Cisco and Cynthia broke up but not surprised at all. Her character isn’t around enough for something long term. Hopefully, Cisco can find some happiness on Earth-1. The subplot of Caitlin trying to get her powers back is a bit frustrating only because she acted selfishly, which endangered everyone else.

I hope that the writers don’t leave the reveal of our mysterious new speedster until the very last moment of the season. She’s been popping in and out all season.

I’m giving Tuesday’s episode of The Flash an 8 out 10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on the CW.



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