This week on The Flash, things went awry as Amunet Black makes a move to buy the metahumans of Iron Heights and Barry has to manage an escape. Missing this week, Harry Wells. Episode 13 began with Warden Wolfe showing off metas to Amunet. She decides she wants them all and the pair agree to make it official at midnight.

When Iris and Cecile arrive too see Barry, Wolfe tells them that Barry is on lockdown for the week because he was involved in an altercation. Cecile reads his mind and finds out the truth. When they arrive back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cecile lets everyone in on what’s going on. Ralph arrives mid-meeting and goes on a rant about one of his former associates who showed up at his apartment. The man wants Ralph back in the business of scheming. In his anger, Ralph unconsciously shapeshifts into the Scottish man.

Sugar Lyn Beard, Derek Mears, Dominic Burgess, Grant Gustin, and Chelsea Kurtz in The Flash (2014)The others decide that Ralph can use his new skill to impersonate Wolfe during his meeting with Amunet. In the prison, Barry has a plan of his own. Using water and chemicals from his tray, he creates a substance that burns through metal.

He frees himself and the other metahumans; Ramsey Deacon, Becky Sharpe, Mina Clayton, and Sylbert Rundine. Opening a grate in the floor, the group head underground. They need to get away from Wolfe’s meta wing to get their powers back.

We finally see DeVoe again. To Marlize’s surprise, he doesn’t have a solution to Barry’s current predicament. Later, she hums a song that played when they first met to stop Clifford from reading her thoughts. He picks up on her intention and things get a bit tense.

When Ralph gets his Wolfe disguise down, he heads to Amunet’s place. Joe takes point giving him tips through his earpiece. Things go well until Ralph’s ear starts sliding out of place. He manages to escape, but his failure causes Amunet to call Wolfe. He discovers Barry’s breakout and sends guards after them. Ralph feels like he let everyone down and decides to sit it out when Cisco and Caitlin head to Iron Heights to stop Wolfe and Amunet themselves.

Barry starts to bond with Becky while Caitlin channels Killer Frost to give Ralph a good threatening and pep talk. Barry and others don’t get to enjoy having their powers back for long before Wolfe and his guards show up. Wolfe uses some kind of ankle bracelet to subdue Barry.

When our metas prepare to take down Wolfe, he reveals Barry is the Flash and says that they should be seeking vengeance against him. Becky sides with Barry and uses her powers to protect him from the others and Amunet when she arrives.

Their success is interrupted when DeVoe arrives. He absorbs the powers of the other metas and takes over Becky’s body. When Wolfe struggles for his weapon, DeVoe kills him too. The next day at Barry’s appeal, Ralph arrives in the form of Clifford DeVoe’s original body. The judge is mystified and decides to free Barry and drop all charges against him since DeVoe is clearly alive.

While the team celebrates, Marlize is unhappy with the way her husband handled getting the metas and the fact that he killed Wolfe. Clifford drugs one of her drinks while she isn’t looking. The substance makes Marlize act all lovey-dovey. The episode ends with Marlize and Clifford (in Becky’s body) dancing to their song.

Final thoughts on this week’s episode of The Flash

While I knew that DeVoe wanted metas, I didn’t think he was going to kill them. It shouldn’t be surprising though since many side characters die or disappear into oblivion on this show. It’s a fun mix up for him to takeover Becky’s body, but I will miss Kendrick Sampson in the role.

Two things annoyed me this week. First, Amunet questioning if Wolfe was really himself. Nothing in that scene or what we know of the character gave her any reason to question him. Second, the fact that the metas turned on Barry in the midst of trying to escape being sold. Yes, be vengeful, but maybe wait until you’ve taken out the guy trying to sell you and his guards. It set them up to be killed by DeVoe, but logically it was dumb. Looking forward to seeing the resurrected DeVoe storyline unfolds. It’s a crazy one.

I’m giving this episode an 8.5/10.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on CW Network.


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