This week on The Flash, Ralph gets a lesson on being a hero while Harry calls in friends to locate DeVoe. Spoilers ahead for “When Harry Met Harry”.

The FlashBarry’s first try at training Ralph goes hilariously wrong. Instead of apprehending a mugger, Ralph’s powers cause bullets to bounce back, shooting the man in the leg and butt. He isn’t much help later when he and Barry first encounter our meta of the week, Black Bison aka Mina Chayton (played by Chelsea Kurtz).

Mina is a former anthropology professor who fought to return artifacts to their people, not museums. Her new powers upped her ability to succeed. Her target, pieces of an ancient Lakota Sioux necklace.

Iris and Barry take Ralph to Dr. Finkle so she can try hypnosis to access his memories. Ralph is sure it won’t work, but goes into a trance quickly and describes seeing a man (Weeper) crying and a bison. Things don’t fall into place until the next day when they discover a murder victim was transporting Native American artifacts. One item, the Black Bison Necklace, stands out. Caitlin also discovers that the meta they’re up against can control objects through a telepathic imprint.

The FlashThey interrupt the Black Bison’s next attack, but she gets away. Ralph in his incredibly bland stretchy suit isn’t much help, getting punched through a glass window by a suit of armor, but still thinks it’s a good idea to question Barry’s decision to let her escape to save the man.

Ralph causes trouble later when he focuses on capturing Mina and not citizens in danger because of their fight. Even with Barry hurt, Ralph is focused on stopping Mina. A girl ends up in the hospital as a result. His guilt is too much for him, especially when he realizes that he now has to worry about an entire city.

Barry gives him a pep talk, which will probably become a regular occurrence during Ralph’s training. When Mina escapes from CCPD custody, Ralph and Barry head to the museum to stop her from taking the necklace. Mina brings a T-Rex to life and Ralph fights it off to protect a night guard. Barry tosses an artifact in the air to distract her. When she reaches to grab the priceless item, he cuffs her and catches it. Barry is proud of Ralph’s move to protect the guard.

When the team can’t figure out how to find DeVoe, Harry introduces Cisco to his friends who end up being different versions of himself from different earths. They’re a strange sight; one with a weird German accent and another who acts like Matthew McConaughey. Cisco dubs them the Council of Wells. The men don’t really get along until Cisco tells Harry that in order to make friends he has to like himself first.

Harry reconvenes the council and the men apologize to each other and finally begin thinking of ways to find DeVoe. They locate him and Barry and Joe head to the location with Caitlin and Cisco on standby. The Mechanic poses as his wife, while DeVoe himself comes to the door in a wheelchair looking completely different without his Thinker garb. He has hair and everything!

Final thoughts and rating of this week’s episode of The Flash

I had a hard time rooting for Team Flash this week against Black Bison because she was right to try and get the artifacts back to her people and out of a museum. Should she have killed people? Of course not. I am glad Ralph sent the necklace to the Sioux people in the end but that doesn’t at all make up for his sleazy and inappropriate comment towards Caitlin earlier in the episode. After an episode about girl power and feminism, you would think they wouldn’t write a character referring to a female character by her measurements and only get a mouthed ‘stop it’ from Barry.

DeVoe’s cover up at the end was interesting, but I’m interested to see how he plays the innocent role in his ruse. As for Ralph’s storyline this week, I was surprised that a former police officer valued catching the criminal over protecting people. Is the motto in Central City not protect and serve or are The Flash writers just trying to make Ralph as un-hero like as they can? The different Harrys were fun, but I was expecting the council to be a bit bigger and less like an SNL parody. Shoutout to Tom for playing those different roles well though. Last thought: Barry sped the mugger to the hospital without his suit. Does he no longer care about his identity?

I’m giving “When Harry Met Harry” a 6.5/10. Black Bison’s powers were cool but the overall writing wasn’t great.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW Network.

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