the flash season 3

It’s taken me a while to getting around to writing this review and that’s mainly because I don’t know how I feel about this season, on one hand it’s got some of my favorite episodes of the entire show like ‘Duet’ and ‘Infantino Street’ and on the other the overall story kind of doesn’t do so well. Spoilers for The Flash from this point on.

There was a lot riding on The Flash this year, it was arguably the most anticipated of the DC TV shows at the start of its season and that was mainly because we knew we were getting a (very loose) adaptation of Flashpoint which was one of the biggest DC comics storylines of all time. I’ll admit that when I first watched the season premiere I really enjoyed it, I thought it kicked off the season with a bang and gave us a really intriguing basis for the plot of the season, unfortunately the season starts to fall apart the deeper into the story you get.

Savitar wasn’t a bad villain really, his motives were solid, Grant Gustin played evil Barry beautifully, his suit was scary and he was interesting for the first part of the season. Savitar just happened to be the villain at the wrong time, he was given to us at a time when we were getting sick of speedster villains and at a time when we wanted something fresh. There’s also the situation of how long it took for his identity to get revealed to us, honestly it was pretty obvious who we was for the majority of the season but we should have gotten the reveal near the 15/16 episode mark, which would have given us plenty of great scenes of Grant playing evil Barry with Team Flash, instead we had him interact with Team Flash very briefly in the season finale. Long story short, they should have kept Doctor Alchemy or Killer Frost as the main villains.

Grant Gustin was amazing this season, we got to see a wide range of his acting abilities as he played multiple different versions of Barry and we also had more impressive emotional scenes as Barry reached his breaking point trying to save Iris. On the subject of Iris, Candice Patton also has to be mentioned for her ability to play a character who thinks she’s getting closer and closer to her death, I’ll admit that I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Iris (especially in season one) but this season restored a lot of my faith in the character.

While almost every character had their time to shine this season, the MVP was undoubtedly Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow. I was so surprised at how amazing she was this season, we knew that Caitlin would eventually become Killer Frost but we didn’t know how or when, well all that changed this season as Caitlin found herself with her new ice powers. I loved Danielle this season and there were some scenes near the end of the season (such as reminiscing about Ronnie with Cisco) that I almost forgot that this was the same character and actor from season one, she has come a seriously long way in terms of her acting.

This season became much more comic-booky than  the previous seasons in a lot of ways, we went to Gorilla City, saw Flashpoint, many more crossovers and cameos, Captain Cold vs Killer Shark, we even had Kid Flash, Vibe and Martian Manhunter fight Music Mesiter which is amazing to think about. Out of all the new comic book aspects of this season one thing that I have to mention that didn’t work at all was the two-parter set in Gorilla City, in my opinion those two episodes were some of the weakest of the entire show and we really didn’t need them, either the writing should have been better or maybe they could’ve just left Gorilla Grodd out of the show this year.

The Flash had an interesting year, it was one of the weaker DC shows this year but it would be almost impossible to compete with how amazing both Arrow and Legends became. The bad outweighed the good but when season 3 had a good episode, it was really good. I hope season 4 can be better than this one was and I have high hopes that with a new unique villain it can.


7/10    The Flash’s third season stumbled at times but had some very memorable episodes overall.


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