The FlashAnother season of The Flash has come to a close. This season, the team brought Barry out of the speed force, inadvertently creating twelve metahumans. Season four’s villain, The Thinker, snatched up those metas and their powers and tried to ruin Barry’s life by framing him for murder. In the finale, Team Flash fought to save the world from The Thinker’s Enlightenment. Here’s a recap and a review of season four, episode 23, “We Are the Flash”.

As the Enlightenment began, everything electrical shut down and Cecile went into labor, because of course she did. Cisco discovered that Clifford used Harry as a guinea pig because if he could get Harry to use dark matter and reboot his brain, he could use that dark matter and reboot everyone’s brain.

Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet, Danielle Panabaker, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Carlos Valdes in The Flash (2014)Iris showed up with Marlize whose plan was to send Barry into Clifford’s mind to find the good part of her husband. Her plan needed Cecile’s powers and DeVoe’s chair. With Cecile’s contractions straining her body, they rushed to figure out a way to slow down her labor so Barry wouldn’t get lost in DeVoe’s mind. While Barry found the DeVoes’ home empty, Harry put the thinking cap on one last time to help. His solution: Oxford where Marlize and Clifford fell in love.

When Barry arrived, DeVoe wasn’t there but he found Ralph. When Clifford did arrive, he was floating around in his chair, determined to end Barry. Outside, the connection was lost and Cecile warned that real-world Clifford was heading to their way. Using the chair, Marlize created a force field and transported everyone to the old pocket dimension hideout to save them time. Cecile was able to reconnect with Barry just in time to find out that good DeVoe was dead.

Realizing that Clifford is keeping Ralph alive for a reason, they battled against Clifford to get Ralph outside of the nexus of Clifford’s mind so Ralph could regain control over his body. Outside, Iris had to calm down a pissed off Joe who was tired of watching Cecile struggle. They’re all confused when Harry continued to murmur the same words that Barry was saying when he came out of the speed force. Cisco can’t wrap his head around it too much before Clifford arrived and tossed everyone around. He weighed down everyone and focused in on Cecile.

Back in Clifford’s mind, he created multiple copies of himself. The duo fought hard and sped through them. Just as Cecile began to lose consciousness, Barry woke up and Ralph regained control of his body. Marlize reversed the satellites last order, restoring electricity to Central City and getting rid of the dark matter. As they celebrated, Cecile’s water broke and everyone rushed her upstairs. They missed Clifford’s chair activating itself.

A hologram of DeVoe appeared in the chair and hacked S.T.A.R. Labs’ systems. Before Marlize deactivated it, he was able to send a satellite hurdling towards Central City. Ralph, Barry, and Cisco rushed out to stop the destruction. When Barry began building up speed to smash the biggest chunk, Marlize warned that Barry may be killed by the impact. Right before Barry collided with it, time reversed. As it played out again, a purple streak appeared and helped Barry destroy the satellite.

When things calmed down, Marlize provided a device that would restore Harry’s mind before leaving to go help others and make amends for her actions. After she left, Barry revealed that there was another speedster who helped him. Downstairs, everyone was all smiles as Harry was mostly returned to normal. Mostly because he wasn’t as smart as before. Cisco was not satisfied but Harry assured him that he was okay. They shared a hug before Harry left to see Jessie on his earth.

As the episode came to an end, Wally popped in to celebrate Jenna Marie’s birth. They all get a surprise when a familiar face arrived wearing Iris’ jacket from when she was a temporary speedster. The young woman, who was a server at the West-Allen wedding and had run-ins with the team throughout the season, revealed that she was Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora from the future and she made a big big mistake.

Review of The Flash Season 4 Finale

While I enjoyed this episode overall, it wasn’t the best finale. The fight scenes felt too short and the climax of DeVoe fell short of my expectations. I started out disliking Ralph, but I was happy to see him return. It took away from the weight of his “death” which I thought this season needed. I’m also happy that Wally was able to make an appearance. I don’t watch LOT, so I’m not sure what he’s been up to but it was nice to see the West family together. Cecile’s quick comment about Caitlin’s thoughts was easy to miss but interesting. It actually makes me interested in Caitlin’s storyline moving forward, which I really haven’t been interested in before the second half of season four.

In my opinion, Marlize should have gotten some kind of punishment. Yes, losing her husband was a terrible loss and she felt guilty, but she was still an accomplice to his schemes. Marlize and Iris hugging it out? Nope. Lastly, Nora’s appearance made me think that Barry certainly didn’t warn her enough about the dangers of changing the timeline growing up. I’m interested to see her storyline play out but hope season five lets us feel the stakes and see whatever defeats and struggles play out for the core group and not just killed and forgotten side characters.

I’m giving “We Are the Flash” a 7 out of 10.



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