Flash: ‘The New Rogues’

Let’s reflect on the latest of the Flash. Just a warning for all of you, there may be more puns. We have Mirror Master on the largest episode of the Flash so I’ll jump right into what was surely the most amusing episode of the season.

We kick things off in the past. Three years to be exact. Yes that is particle accelerator explosion time so when we see some mirrors in a criminal hideaway, we know an origin story is going to ensue. Plus fan favourite Leonard Snart is back on our screens! How we have missed him. As it turns out Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillon want out from his operation. Just before Scudder is going to be killed, the particle accelerator explosion happens. This gives traps Scudder in one of the mirrors and gives him the ability to basically travel through reflective surfaces, whilst Rosalind got powers that cause vertigo. Scudder is out for revenge on Leonard Snart though.

Meanwhile Barry and Iris’s relationship is very awkward because of Joe. Barry doesn’t want to kiss Iris in front of Joe and Joe doesn’t really want to see. This leads to an even more awkward conversation between Barry and Joe. By the end, Barry wants his own place which everyone is happy about, maybe Joe a bit too happy. After all his love life is spicing up aswell.

The rest of the gang (Harry, Cisco and Caitlyn) are searching for a replacement Wells from a different Earth because Harry has to go. They send out a riddle of sorts (I’m glad Wells isn’t around to see me call it a riddle) to find the best Wells. This leads to probably my favourite scene of the episode as they get responses from multiple Wells’. This includes an overly British one and sort of old-timey hillbilly. Tom Cavanagh kills it in this episode. They do find a more friendly and fun Wells who is definitely entertaining with his introduction.

Back to Mirror Master, who Wells named ahead of Cisco, and he releases Top (Rosalind) from prison. They rob a bank which causes the Flash to show up with Jesse Quick. Top uses her powers on Jesse causing Barry to have to save her and Barry is thrown in a Mirror from behind by the Mirror Master. Should’ve listened to Barry. The gang find a way to free him using science which, I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand. All I knew was that they had to make the Mirror really, really cold. Up step Caitlyn who uses her powers on the mirror to help Barry when everyone left the room. Wells realises something is up and warns Cisco before he leaves. Barry and Jesse then take down Top first, then Mirror Master by trapping him in a circle of mirrors. We ended with Caitlyn’s looks turning into those of Killer Frost.

Flash the new rogues


An action-packed and funny episode of the Flash was delivered this week. Mirror Master is an incredibly interesting villain who is also visually stunning. This was done to perfection on the Flash, not only giving us a backstory which brough back Snart but also the use of mirrors by Scudder especially during the fights. A very well done villain this week. From Barry chasing Scudder up a building to Scudder throwing people through/in mirrors, the show gave us a fresh take on a unique ability. Top’s abilities were also surprisingly entertaining.

In terms of the side stories, this was hilarious. I’m going to miss earth 2 Wells, but Earth 19 Wells is a very good replacement. I’m not sure whether or not to trust him because earth 2 Wells didn’t have a good gut feeling about him. I still think British Wells would have been a good choice. The build up of Killer Frost was another key element. Her powers will be exposed that’s for sure but how will she use her powers? I’m looking forward to finding out.  Barry and Joe’s awkwardness was another element of humor because the irony that Barry can solve criminal and meta human problems but not issues about him kissing Iris.

No sightings of Dr Alchemy, but he did get name-dropped. An entertaining episode that a nice blend of everything.



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