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This week on The Gifted, everyone dealt with the aftermath of the Lynwood breakout and the Inner Circle got a new mutant to use in their fight. “AfterMath” began with a flashback of Jace twelve years ago when he was a rookie police officer in Dallas. On his first day, his superior was overly aggressive with a young man. When Jace questioned his behavior, he said that he lost his partner during their first traffic stop and he didn’t want to have to explain to another family that they weren’t careful enough on the job. In the present, the Underground tried to get a grip on things after their failure to get Lorna and Andy back. After checking that Lauren was okay, Kate immediately found John to demand answers on what went down and their next move.

In his hotel room, Jace agreed to meet up with purists while watching the news call mutants that were in Lynwood fugitives that needed to be locked up. Other news outlets show that the Inner Circle’s actions have inspired protests and have people worried about mutant terrorist groups. Their cause is only known by #MutantUprising. While Lorna was pleased, Andy was upset about hurting Lauren. The triplets were more concerned that their “guest” wasn’t speaking and seemed to be traumatized by her time in Lynwood.

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While Lauren and Reed deal with Andy’s new lifestyle, Lorna and one of the triplets tried to get Rebecca, the young mutant from Lynwood, to use her powers. With few options, Clarice led Marcos and other mutant refugees to Erg underground while John risked his hands to save one of the mutants they saved. The gifted man, Michael finally awoke and told John and Kate that he and Rebecca were in Lynwood’s basement because suppression collars didn’t work on them. His acid ate through his but he didn’t know Rebecca’s power, only that she was kept drugged up.

Underground, Marcos and a mutant named Glow chatted for a moment about the Inner Circle’s mission and finding happiness in small things while Clarice begged Erg to help the refugees. He agreed but only if she helped him. Elsewhere, Andy finally got Rebecca to talk and show her powers. He gave her a tour but she was just in awe of seeing outside. After a warning from Lorna, Andy got Rebecca some regular clothes and took her out. At the Purifiers’ meeting, Jace suggested a strategy for the Purifiers to look like the good guys by rounding up the escaped Lynwood mutants.

When Purifiers turned up at the clinic Kate worked at, they hid Michael and the other mutants while Jace and others burst in armed and threatening. While John wanted to run out and get Michael to a hospital, Kate and Michael knew that if he went out it would end badly. They lied and told John that he would make it, knowing he wouldn’t. At a restaurant, Rebecca continued to show Andy her ability to turn things inside and even convinced him to use his powers to destroy a police car. Back at Inner Circle HQ, Rebecca asked the women what the big mission was.

Percy Hynes White and Anjelica Bette Fellini in The Gifted (2017)

Underground, Erg told Clarice she should go by her mutant name, Blink, and not to hide. Marcos didn’t agree with it, but the mutants took the M mark in order to stay with Erg and his community. While Lauren and Reed watch the news of the mutant protests, Jace told someone over the phone that they would use the patient files from the hospital to find the mutants.

Final thoughts on Tuesday’s episode of The Gifted

I’m glad we got to see Marcos interact with another mutant in a positive way this week. Lately, he’s been so wound up and his interactions with Glow were so much calmer than what we’ve seen. I’m hoping John and Clarice last this season, but they’re dealing with so much and Erg whispering in her ear surely isn’t helping things. I like the introduction of Rebecca but I wished she wasn’t paired with Andy so quickly. Let the girl get back to just being herself and embracing her freedom before pairing her with someone.

I’m wondering if Lorna’s concerned face regarding Rebecca is because she feels like she’s being replaced or if she’s just worried about the mission. I’m also surprised we didn’t see Dawn this week. I’ve always hated it when shows give characters children and then you never see them. As for Jace, I’m waiting for him to realize he’s not as extreme as people he’s hanging with. I’m giving “AfterMath” an 8 out of 10.


The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on FOX.


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