Last week on The Gifted, the Struckers and the members of the Mutant Underground encountered a friend they thought was dead and old connections to save Polaris and Reed from Sentinel Services (SS). This week’s episode is titled, “boXed in”. Spoilers ahead!

The Gifted kicked off last night with a flashback of the July 15th incident. During a mutant rights march in Dallas, Texas, Turner and his family are in a nearby park when a fight breaks out. Before they can leave, there’s an energy blast that kills his seven-year-old daughter, Grace.

The GiftedEclipse and Polaris separate from the others to lead an SS drone away, while Reed reunites with his children. John is surprised by the influx of mutants and other refugees in the base when they return. Sage explains that SS hit everywhere they suspected mutants and their sympathizers to be, causing people to flee to the Underground.

When Tex, the bartender who tried to help Reed escape in episode three sees him, he tries to fight him.  John breaks them up, but the man reveals to everyone that Reed was working for SS the last time he saw him.

This raises tensions in the base, leading most mutants to distrust Reed and by extension his family. The issue isn’t settled but other things take precedence as Trader is still wounded and Reed helps John and Sage decode the alerts from the police scanner. One of the mutants tells Dreamer that she may have to wipe Reed’s memories, causing her to vaguely explain to a curious Blink that she can manipulate memories. Elsewhere, Marcos and Polaris discuss their future as parents. When they approach a blocked road where Agent Turner is, Polaris takes out the agents and takes Turner with them, despite Marcos’ hesitance.

Polaris’ plan is to get information about how they turned Pulse. Back at the base, Andy, who is O-, donates blood to Trader and Reed suggests leading the police and SS away from their location. John enlists Tex to help Reed lead SS away and get him back safely. Tex isn’t happy but goes along with it. Reed limps around town and is able to lead SS agents in a different direction to chase him. Tex shows up at the last minute to pick him up.

Turner reveals to Marcos and Polaris that he lost his daughter in the 7/15 incident, which makes Marcos empathize with him. Polaris, while acknowledging his loss, states that it doesn’t take away from all those they’ve lost because of SS. Marcos tells Dreamer to come as soon as possible so she can use her powers on Turner. When she arrives with Blink via a portal, SS isn’t far behind, surrounding the building.

Dreamer looks into Turner’s memories and sees the symbol that was on Pulse’s wrist and the word HOUND. SS agents send in tear gas, forcing them to flee and leave Turner in a memory filled daze. Turner is seen clutching his head and yelling as he sees his daughter and Reed’s face. Back at the base, Reed identifies a building Dreamer drew as a federal building in Baton Rouge.

Later, the Struckers enjoy a family dinner and discuss staying with the Underground to help. Elsewhere in the base, Blink confronts Dreamer about altering her memories. She explains the situation and offers to take the memories away, but Blink is furious and tells Dreamer to stay away from her.

When Agent Turner arrives home, his wife greets him. Her relief that he’s okay turns to horror when she realizes that he thinks their daughter is still alive. She breaks the news to him that she died four years ago and the couple breaks down in tears in their front yard.

Final Thoughts and rating on this week’s episode of The Gifted

The Gifted has maintained its steam in its first five episodes. This week, Tex was right to call out Reed, but doing so in a room of already frightened mutants probably wasn’t a good idea. What if a fight big enough to draw SS services would have broken out? I was half expecting him not to show up to get Reed when they went out. As for Caitlin, while I’m happy that she’s using her medical training to help, I hate the trope of someone with medical training all of a sudden performing successful surgeries and such, especially without proper equipment. She was a nurse, not a surgeon. And that’s not to downplay how badass nurses can be, but they’re not cutting people open and removing bullets.

I love the dynamic between Eclipse and Polaris. I just need her to stop acting like she’s not pregnant. Overall, “boXed in” was a good episode. While I’m not a fan of Agent Turner, the flashback scene and the last scene of the episode certainly made me feel for the guy. His next move is sure to be drastic since he’s dealing with the pain of losing Grace all over again.

I’m giving “boXed in” an 8.5/10

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 PM EST on FOX.


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