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Last week on The Gifted, we kicked things off with a glimpse into Marcos’ past and his father. His hope was to get his father into a cancer facility, but his father wanted nothing to do with him. It gave some insight into why he was so desperate to be in his daughter’s life. Presently, Dawn was kept under watch as the doctor suggested that Marcos needed to be near her. The triplets didn’t like it, but Reeva told them to get him. Elsewhere, John was upset at Marcos because his “light show” made headlines. They left him behind on their visit to Erg.

An ongoing dynamic is everyone’s ability to be open or in this case not to be open with each other. John didn’t want to tell Clarice why he’s been off since seeing Evangeline and Reed kept his powers and Lauren’s confession a secret from. Kate told him to take Lauren with him to Baltimore so they could talk. While Andy worried about Marcos coming, Esme and her sisters sent him a mental message to draw him in. He was defensive but went when they told him something was wrong with the baby.

Elsewhere, former agent Turner went to a DC area police department to offer information about mutant fugitives. On the road back from Baltimore, Kate called Reed looking for files on the Inner Circle. Reed’s powers acted up at the thought of Kate discovering that he destroyed the cabinet and wall. He ended up destroying the steering wheel and crashing the car. He and Lauren grabbed the supplies and ran. Underground, John and Clarice were captured by Erg’s group. The mutant agreed to talk to her alone in order to recruit Clarice to his group since she was “visible” mutant because of her features. He showed her what he considered to be the real underground where mutants lived together. His deal was for her to be his spy on the surface in exchange for his help.

Image result for the gifted complicationsWhen Marcos arrived at the Inner Circle headquarters, he was told that his only conversation with Lorna would be about the baby. He was less than pleased with Reeva’s orders and Andy’s attitude. Lorna watched with tears in her eyes as Marcos held Dawn for the first time and used his powers to cure her jaundice.

In Maryland, Turner was on the scene of the accident and caught sight of Reed and Lauren escaping. On the road, Lauren and Reed had a heart to heart where she revealed why she hid her powers and her questions about what would have happened if she had been honest with her family earlier.

Once Dawn was better, Marcos had to let her go but not without trying to get Lorna to come with him or trying to get her to let him stay there. When the Frost trio tried to wipe his memory of Lorna, he fought back but was taken down by Reeva. Back at the police department, the Chief heard about Turner’s past and sent him away, especially when he declared that fugitives that are supposedly dead were alive. Later, Clarice didn’t tell John what went down with Erg but finally got him to confess that Evangeline told him that he failed. Elsewhere in their base, Reed confessed about his powers to Kate and Marcos returned more determined than ever to take down the Inner Circle who were planning their next move.

Final thoughts on The Gifted 2.03″coMplications”

I’m glad to see Lauren and Reed spend some time together and talk and for him to open up to Kate but while the Strucker family’s dynamic is interesting, it’s not the most interesting thing to me right now. I’m more concerned with the Marcos and the bigger picture for mutants. Sean Teale is killing it this season! On a larger scale, we have this backdrop of the world where the X-men have vanished but the series has been slow to reveal what really went down and why 7/15 happened. With Turner’s motivations based on that event and Reeva trying to shift the tide for mutants on a larger scale, it seems time for some pieces to fall in place in terms of a backstory. Also, where is Sage? Homegirl hasn’t had more than a handful of lines, which is weird for someone who worked closely with John and the Underground last season.

I’m giving last week’s episode of The Gifted an 8 out 10.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on FOX.


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