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The Gifted kicked off 2019 with a reunion. Unfortunately, it took John being kidnapped by Jace Turner and his Purifier companions for Lorna and Andy to regroup with what’s left of the Mutant Underground. This week’s episode began with a flashback of John, Lorna, and Marcos playing pool and hanging out at a bar during a less stressful time. The scene showed John confronting the duo about being a couple. He was happy but warned them about keeping secrets.

Image result for eneMy of My eneMy the giftedIn the present, Andy and Lauren shared another dream. He visited her, hoping to find a bit of comfort after Rebecca’s death but she wasn’t ready to empathize with him. When she woke up, she explained the dream to her parents before Marcos called with news about John. Clarice, Reed, and Lauren weren’t pleased with Marcos’ idea of calling in Lorna and co. but went along with it if it meant John would be safe.

Marcos was able to contact her with Fade’s cellphone. He acted as if he was going to free Fade to go back to the Inner Circle if Lorna came alone but instead asked for her help in saving John. After hearing about it, Andy encouraged Lorna to help, emphasizing everything John did for them. Before they left, Lorna warned Andy that he and his family probably wouldn’t see eye to eye on things even know. The duo showed up with two decked out Hummers and bulletproof vests for everyone to wear. While Kate and Reed were ecstatic to see their son, Lauren wasn’t as cheerful.

At a Purifier base in Virginia, Jace interrogated John, believing the Underground was behind all of the violence. At first, John refused to give up any information and questioned Jace’s moral compass. Jace repeatedly forced headphones playing heavy metal rock onto John. Tom wanted to resort to physical torture but Jace held him off until Marcos and the others arrived with Lorna and Andy. Since John had already told Jace that the Inner Circle was behind all the violence and that Andy and Lorna had left the Underground, Jace got pissed thinking John was toying with him.

Image result for eneMy of My eneMy the giftedHe fired several shots, injuring John until he and the others had to flee to avoid Clarice, Lauren, and Andy who were making their way through the compound, tossing Purifiers left and right. On their way out, a Purifier named Kyle fired a shot a Lauren, pissing Andy off. His family watched in horror as he broke both of Kyle’s legs.

Lauren’s shouting finally brought him out of his violent haze. When his parents confronted him about it, he explained that mutant haters deserved to be wiped out, reflecting the conversations that Purifiers had about those with the x-gene. At the end of the episode, Jace promised that they would hit back, Clarice and John reunited, Lorna and Marcos shared a kiss knowing it wouldn’t change their situation, and Kate and Reed were sad to see Andy leave. Mirroring her brother training at Inner Circle HQ, Lauren took to the junkyard to train her abilities.

Final take on this week’s episode of The Gifted

It was nice to see Lorna and Andy back with their friends this week. The tension between them all added a great layer to the episode. Despite Lauren’s warnings, Kate and Reed acted like everything was rainbow and sunshine until Andy went on the offense and it really showed how much they valued her words (not very much).

This episode made me dislike Jace even more. I realized that if the mutants can’t agree on things I don’t know how they’re going to set things straight with the humans, especially if a guy like Jace, who’s supposedly been following the Underground for years, truly believes that John and co. have just flipped the switch and become terrorists.

Shoutout to The Gifted writing team for having Reeva and the other triplets be conveniently MIA just when Lorna and Andy get themselves involved in something they want to keep on the down-low. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Lauren test out her powers more and I loved all of the Marcos x Lorna scenes.

I’m giving “eneMy of My eneMy” a 9 out 10.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 9 PM EST on FOX.


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Kira is a Maryland native and NYC rookie. She's an advertising copywriter by day, fandom girl and funnel cake lover at night and pretty much every other point of the day. McCallEntertainmentRecent PostsTV ShowsAndy Strucker,jace turner,John Proudstar,kate strucker,Lauren Strucker,Lorna Dane,Marcos Diaz,Marcos x Lorna,Polaris,Reed Strucker,the gifted,The Gifted on FOX,The Gifted season two,The Inner Circle,The Mutant Underground,ThunderbirdThe Gifted kicked off 2019 with a reunion. Unfortunately, it took John being kidnapped by Jace Turner and his Purifier companions for Lorna and Andy to regroup with what's left of the Mutant Underground. This week's episode began with a flashback of John, Lorna, and Marcos playing pool and...