the giftedLast week on The Gifted, the Strucker family went off on their own to try and figure out a way to rescue Reed, but end up needing the mutants of the Underground to get them out of danger again. Caitlin’s brother, Dan, tells them that Reed is alive but is being moved to a mutant detention facility soon, along with another mutant. This week, the Underground went into rescue mode to save Polaris and Reed.

This week’s episode,”eXit strategy” started off with a flashback from two years ago at a mutant relocation center in Georgia. John and Pulse (played by Zach Roerig from The Vampire Diaries) are waiting outside of the facility while Eclipse and others tried to rescue others. The plan fails and several mutants, including Pulse, are killed.

Back in the present, Polaris and Reed are put into cells right next to each other as Sentinel Services prepares to move them. Polaris confused to see him locked up since he was the lawyer prosecuting her and shows disdain towards him. In the base, The Underground plan their attack, but several mutants don’t want to help because the odds aren’t in their favor. It doesn’t help that Sage (Hayley Lovitt) using her analytical and computer-like abilities to calculate their failure. Only five people agree to go on this mission.

The GiftedWith the team decided on, Caitlin suggests hitting the transport and not the prison to increase their chances of success. Without a way to get the route information, Marcos ends up going back to the cartel to get information. While Marcos is gone, John and Dreamer have another conversation about telling Blink what Dreamer did to her. They aren’t sure how they’ll react and Dreamer says it may not be that big of a deal because Blink may just see it as a dream.

When Marcos finds the cartel, they’re on guard the moment he walks in the door of their club, demanding his put his hands into a fist and behind his head. When he requests to talk to the head, he’s surprised to learn that his ex-girlfriend Carmen is now in charge because her father retired. There’s still tension between the pair surrounding Marcos’ unexpected departure in. Carmen is still bitter about him leaving her for the Underground and Polaris and stalls on giving him the information.

At the Underground, the others try and plan how they’re going to take down the convoy. Lauren overhears and works with Andy to try and focus his powers using her own so he can blow the tires to stop the prison truck carrying their dad. When they show John their progress he’s impressed, but their mom doesn’t want them involved. She relents when they explain that they’re a part of this too and there’s not a lot of options.

In their cells, Reed explains to Polaris why he’s in the cell and how his perspective has changed since finding out his children are mutants. She has no sympathy for him saying, “And now you know you’re one of the bad guys.”

Back at the nightclub, Carmen wants Marcos to do her dirty work in order to get the information he needs. He relents and tortures a man for her. Now he’s at her beck and call. When he gets back to the base, giving the team the time frame and route for the convoy. He tells John everything went fine and brushes off his friend’s worry.

That night, Blink has another steamy dream about John which unsettles her. During her conversation with him the next day, things are awkward. She asks him if they went outside on the night they met like she’s been seeing in her dreams and he denies it. This conversation and Blink closeness leaves them both to deal with their own conflicted emotions, Blink confused, and John feeling guilt because he knows what’s going on.

The GiftedThe next day, Polaris and Reed are placed in the convoy and prepped for transport while the others prepare to rescue them. Marcos tells the others if the plan fails he’s going to stay because he’s not leaving without Lorna. When the convoy comes, Lauren has to make Andy angry in order to get him to blow the bus’ tire because he’s nervous. This forces the others to scramble as the plan changes. Agent Turner locks down the scene quickly, not believing it’s an accident.

When Blink goes to open the portal into the bus as planned, her powers don’t work. When John tries to hear what’s going on, his powers don’t work either. Trader (DJames Jones) loses his ability to become invisible and gets shot. They discover that Pulse, who was John’s best friend, didn’t die two years ago as believed and is working with Sentinel Services. Without their powers, the mutants are short on options since Marcos is the only one with a gun. Reed and Polaris try to escape when the guards try to move them to a secure area but without her powers, Polaris can’t do much.

John sneaks up on Pulse and knocks him out. The mutant doesn’t seem to recognize his friend and is in a trance-like state. When his friend is unconscious John discovers a tattoo on his wrist. With their powers back, Blink gets Dreamer and Trader to safety, Marcos blows up a car sending the Sentinel Service officers running, and Polaris uses the screws in Reed’s leg to break out of the bus. Reunited, they all escape in a Sentinel Services truck that Caitlin stole after sending her kids back to the base in the other truck. Turner says that they’re going to go after all of the sympathizers or anyone who has ever helped them.

Final thoughts and ranking on this week’s The Gifted
The action continues to build in this series every week on The Gifted which keeps me watching. Last night’s episode was well done. The false trail on Pulse is an interesting plot point that I’m looking forward to seeing play out. I’m not surprised that he’s alive because the show needed more backstory for Thunderbird beyond his romance/non-romance with Dreamer. His situation with Blink and Marcos’ cartel past coming up again are other subplots that I like as well. I can already see that Carmen is going to be trouble. The special effects are still on point!
I’m giving “eXit strategy” a 9/10.
The Gifted airs on FOX Mondays at 9 PM EST.
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