The GiftedThis week on The Gifted, Eclipse deals with Carmen, while Wes’ secrets come to light. We also got more Blink this week. Spoilers ahead for “eXtreme measures”.

In our weekly flashback, Lorna and John convince Marcos that he needs to break up with Carmen in order to help save mutants as a part of the Underground. In the present, Carmen doesn’t take no for answer when Marcos tells her that it’s not a good time for him.  After the call, he pulls an old medallion out of a box.

With Sentinel Services ramping up their searches, Marcos says he’s heading out for supplies and John decides to find Clarice. When Sage and Reed go through files from Baton Rouge, Reed realizes that SS is picking mutants based on what powers they want, before discovering a wanted poster for a mutant matching Wes’ description. The teen is wanted for a few robberies.

Caitlin warns him not to overreact, but he does. Reed confronts Lauren with the information, resulting in a fight. She confronts Wes who tells her it’s true. He explains that he was taken in by the wrong group after getting kicked out of his family’s home. Instead of empathizing, she gets angry and leaves calling him a liar for pretending like he used his powers for good.

At SS headquarters, Agent Turner meets with Dr. Campbell to discuss placing more mutant assets into the field for undercover work. He even shows Turner footage of an inmate killing another on his command. Later, a representative from the Department of Justice demands they suspend the surveillance program using mutant assets because they haven’t filed the paperwork and Dr. Campbell’s program doesn’t officially exist. Turner refuses and she promises a fight ahead.

When she holds a meeting to stop their plan, she starts bleeding from the nose and falls out. Everyone thinks it’s a medical emergency but one of the mutants with Dr. Campbell is causing it. Turner calls later for an explanation, but Dr. Campbell says it doesn’t matter as long as they have more time to do what they want.

The GiftedJohn finds Blink and tries to convince her to come back but she wants to find the road that she kept trying to portal to when she was sick. She reluctantly agrees to let him help. Their search leads them to the old farmhouse where Clarice stayed as a foster child.

Instead of a reunion with the couple who kept her and other mutants, they find evidence of SS raiding the property, a bullet-riddled door, and blood. Clarice turns to John for comfort in their first genuine show of non-angry emotion towards each other.

Lorna gets worried when Marcos doesn’t come back and decides to call the Marietta hideout. She learns they haven’t had supplies for weeks and Marcos hasn’t shown up. She tells Dreamer about the situation after she discovers his medallion is missing. Elsewhere, Carmen has Marcos destroy supplies of their Russian competition. Lorna and Dreamer roll up to Carmen’s estate looking for answers. Dreamer uses her powers to discover Marcos’ location.

Lorna and Dreamer conveniently arrive just as Marcos blows up the goods. He actually seems to be enjoying it. Lorna witnesses Carmen give Marcos a kiss on the cheek and leaves saying, “He can save himself.” When he returns with supplies and money, he explains why he did it, but she’s still pissed.

Reed and Caitlin are stumped on how to raise and protect their children in their new lives. Reed finds Wes sulking and advises he tell the others about his past instead of hoping they don’t find out. Wes tells them but heads off to the Augusta location the next day after sharing a kiss with Lauren. World’s Number One Dad goes to Reed!

Sage explains to John and Reed that the organization in charge of taking the mutants is called Trask Industries, which supposedly shut down in 2006. Reed reveals that his father worked for Trask for 35 years. At Trask, Campbell shows Turner a room full of mutants standing at attention and the threat they present grows.

Final thoughts and rating on this week’s episode of The Gifted

Tonight’s episode added more depth to the story and its characters. Blink finally has a personal reason to fight with the Underground, not just transport them around. The introduction of Trask Industries creates another familiar enemy that ties The Gifted in more with the existing X-Men films. Reed’s father working for Trask certainly doesn’t improve his image, but it does seem like it will help the Underground. Hopefully, Lorna will understand Marcos’ decision and help him figure out how to deal with it rather than just be angry at him. There’s enough going on in their lives already without extra drama. Plus, I like their pairing.

While the Strucker family is still learning about the world from the “other side”, I’m amazed at how dense they can be. How Reed handled Wes’ file and Lauren’s reaction makes it clear that they have a lot more growing to do. I’m giving “eXtreme motives” an 8/10.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 PM EST on FOX.

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