This week on The Gifted, Marcos went on a mission to find out more about Pulse, while Lauren made a new friend. Spoilers ahead for “got your siX” ahead.

The GiftedThe episode started off with a flashback. Four years ago, John intercepted an attack and saved lives after anti-mutant citizens threw a bomb where John and others were collecting money for the victims of the 7/15 Dallas attack. We learn that John is a veteran who served two tours.

In the present, the Underground starts planning their move on federal building Baton Rouge, while Caitlin is worried about incoming mutant youth when she learns Lorna wants to train them. John asks Blink to help them get into the building, but she’s still pissed and brings up Dreamer altering her memories. When John can’t defend not telling her about it, she leaves.

This leaves them with one less option for infiltrating the federal building. Andy volunteers himself to take down a steel-enforced wall despite his father’s protest. Caitlin isn’t fond of the plan either. Elsewhere, Lauren starts to bond with a mutant refugee named Wes (Danny Ramirez). He can create illusions.

Turner heads back to work even though he’s supposed to be on a leave of absence. There he calls Doctor Campbell (Garret Dillahunt). Campbell calls friends in Washington to get Turner reinstated before arriving at Sentinel Services and asking for files on Lauren and Andy.

On the road to Baton Rouge, Eclipse is forced to use his abilities and absorb light when they get pulled over and the back of the truck is opened and checked. John and Dreamer have another one of their personal chats while John works on reinforcing the base. It’s revealed that John was chosen by the X-Men to be a part of the Underground. The group warned of a coming war.

Caitlin intervenes when she finds Lorna training Lauren and other young recruits while she’s trying to start up a school for her children and other young refugees. After a pit stop caused by police activity on the road, Andy and Reed struggle when discussing Andy’s powers. Marcos later gives Reed advice and asks how to be a good parent, especially when you didn’t have good examples. Reed assures him that he learned as he went and that you don’t necessarily become like your parents.

Caitlin and Lorna continue to clash, while Lauren and Wes continue to bond. When Lauren explains the plans she had for her life, he shows her a view of Rome with his powers. In Baton Rouge, the building is more guarded then they assumed. Changing plans, Andy breaks through a wall of a parking garage next door. While stealing files and hard drives, Reed sees a photo of himself.

The GiftedWhen another headquarter location gets hit, more refugees are turned to MU base that is already overcrowded. After saying they were traveling to Denver, but showing up on camera in Louisiana, Sentinel Services sets a trap for Marcos and the others. They call Lorna who comes up with a plan. Lauren volunteers herself and Wes to help.

Lauren uses her powers to launch the truck over road spikes, while Wes creates an illusion that sends agents and police in the wrong direction. Andy wanted to use his powers to help, but his dad and Marcos make him stop, saying his powers aren’t always the needed solution.

After the botched plan, Turner holds a meeting and demands all phone numbers be tracked for codes and repeated phrases despite having no court order to do so. Campbell sits in on the meeting and witnesses his outburst. That night, Reed sits down with Andy and the pair play a board game while John feels conflicted over Blink. Elsewhere, the teleporting mutant is seen on her own, wandering around a dark building. Later that night, Marcos gets a call from Carmen who tells him she has a job for him and if he doesn’t accept she will call Sentinel Services.

Final thoughts and rating for this week’s episode of The Gifted

Sometimes, I forget that we’re still very early in the storyline of The Gifted. We’re still getting a feel for these characters. In episode six, Dreamer has lost her charm of the concerned friend/girlfriend. While Lorna is badass, she certainly doesn’t seem like she’s ready to be a mother. On the other hand, Marcos is concerned about becoming a father and it’s endearing. His move in the truck, absorbing the light, was pretty cool.

As for Andy, he doesn’t even know how to fully use his powers but keeps volunteering himself for important missions. The kid should be in the base practicing with Lorna. Real world experience is nice, but when you don’t have the control that can turn into a disadvantage quickly. Without knowing his limits, Andy can’t be a trustworthy asset no matter how strong he’s shown himself to be.

The juxtaposition between Caitlin and Lorna is interesting. Caitlin is the concerned mother who still believes in the system and justice, new to the world of mutants. Lorna, who’s been scorned by the system hasn’t shown what kind mother she will be. I can see the writers having Lorna look to Caitlin about motherhood the same way Marcos looked to Reed. The only thing in the way is there vastly different approaches to what’s right for young mutants; normalcy and moderation or turning oneself into a weapon to fight back.

I’m giving “got your siX” a 7.5/10.

The Gifted airs Mondays on FOX at 9 PM EST.


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