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Last week on The Gifted, Lauren’s shift caught the attention of more than just her parents, leaving Andy worried about her future while the Underground prepared for a summit. Here’s a recap of “hoMe”.

Our weekly opening flashback scene showed a teenage Clarice using her powers to get away from her drunk foster dad with her foster sister, Lily. In the present, she tried to calm John down ahead of his meeting with Evangeline and other MU leaders. Elsewhere, Marcos failed to persuade Lorna not to go back to Reeva. She was convinced that she had to be on the inside to stop her and didn’t want to face Evangeline.

Image result for the gifted homeBack at Inner Circle HQ, Lorna put on her flirty eyes to try and get Max to give her info on whatever Reeva has planned for his team. His teammates aren’t as enamored, but Max’s interest was caught and he told her they’d talk about it later. With the Underground, Evangeline was pleased to hear that Polaris was still on their side and advised everyone not to blow her cover. Instead of waiting for Evangeline’s MU summit, Kate decided to go to her brother for information on Benedict Ryan and purifiers. Lauren agreed to go with her despite Reed’s displeasure.

That night, Lauren spent her time translating her great-grandfather’s letter. When she fell asleep, she saw Andy and showed off her new strength. He woke up with a bloody nose, drawing the attention of Esme and her sisters. They encouraged him to reach out and bring his sister to them. Alone, Pheobe and Sophia told Esme that Lauren had to join them or die. In the morning, John, Clarice, and Marcos went to bring Erg to the summit, per Evangeline’s request. During their trip, they discovered that Erg had helped Evangeline found the Underground but left after humans betrayed them and caused the death of his friends.

Home alone, Reed discovered the letter within the music box and Lauren’s translation. Its song caused his powers to flare up. Elsewhere, Kate went brunette and wore sunglasses to disguise herself. She still managed to scare the crap out her brother, Danny. He was shocked to discover that Andy was a terrorist and that they wanted him to reach out to Homeland Security. Back at Inner Circle HQ, Max made a comment that helped Lorna realize his team’s mission was Evangeline. She called to warn Marcos before Andy came into her room with his concerns about Lauren.

The GiftedLorna warned him that Lauren joining them wasn’t a good idea only to get told by Esme that she should mind her business and not go against Reeva for her daughter’s sake. Across town, John and co. arrived just in time to see the building where the summit was supposed to be held in flames with first responders fighting to put it out and remove bodies. John and Erg got into an argument about giving up, resulting in the pair exchanging blows.

Marcos was ready to defend his friend when Clarice jumped in to calm everyone down. After things cooled down, Clarice told John that Lily died trying to save her foster siblings. Because of his determination not to quit and her refusal to watch him get herself killed, she decided to leave and stay with the Morlocks.

Things went downhill for everyone as Kate and Lauren had to flee after Danny revealed that he got arrested after asking questions about Benedict and Reeva. He was able to tell them that Benedict was leading the Purifiers. Later, Lauren felt guilty for using her powers in such extremes to destroy police and Sentinel Services cars. Kate comforted her and told her without her, they’d be in jail. Across town, the Frost trio revealed Reed’s condition to Andy and tried to convince him that if Lauren came his family could be together and they could save Reed.

In the final minutes, John was left alone with his dog, Clarice struggled to settle in underground, and Lauren thought about her actions that day. Across town, Esme and her sisters prepared to send Andy to Lauren in their dreams.

Final take on The Gifted, “hoMe”

It seemed inevitable that Clarice was going to leave the Underground and end up underground with Erg and his people. I’m glad that she was there to save John but I almost would have preferred that the Gifted writers didn’t drag out what was bound to happen. While ThunderBlink falls apart it seems like Lorna and Marcos are on their way to rebuild the Eclaris ship. I’m a bit disappointed with how little Evangeline was in the series if she was a founder of the Underground. I would have liked to see her included more, especially since she’s one of the only people who knew the X-Men personally.

I’m giving “hoMe” an 8 out 10.


The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 9 PM EST.


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