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The Gifted has shown us many sides of mutant and human relations in a post X-men world. Here’s a recap of season 2, episode 6, “iMprint” which aired on November 6th.

The episode kicked off with a flashback of the Frost girls as children. They were forced to use their powers on a man in a secure facility and use their minds as one. They were hesitant to hurt him before the doctor in charge hinted at their own protection being at risk. In the present, Esme thought back to her encounter with Marco and how it burned her arm. Her sisters were more concerned that they had to wear out of season clothes to cover her scar than of her pain.

Downstairs, Lorna was less than pleased with all the training sessions they’ve been doing and the lack of time she’s been able to spend with Dawn. When Reeva showed up after being away, she demanded to be told the plan and threatened to leave. When Reeva stayed silent, Lorna left the training room.

The Gifted

With the Underground, Reed prepared to start training his power while across town Jace rallied the purifiers to change their image of a hate group to get more people to join their cause. That night, Lauren and Andy met in their dreams. Andy tried to get his sister on his side, boasting that he was getting stronger and she could too. When she touched the safe that Rebecca twisted her finger bled in her sleep and when she woke up.

While Reeva left to handle business elsewhere, she left Esme and her sisters in charge of getting Lorna back on board. At the Underground, John began working with Reed to control his powers. Their session was interrupted by the news that Purifiers bombed a church in Baltimore. Despite the police being all over the place, John and the others headed to help.

When they arrived, Shatter revealed that human groups that used to help them haven’t been answering their calls. Elsewhere, Esme took Lorna to see the Inner Circle’s next target, Creed Financial. She also revealed that Creed funded the lab that created her and her sister and the fact that they were clones. When they got back to HQ, Esme started humming the song Lorna sang to Dawn, tipping her off that Esme used her powers on her daughter. Reeva arrived and used her powers to stop Lorna from choking the Frost girl with her necklace.

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In Baltimore, Reed and the others realized that none of the mutants were injured and it was a trap set by Purifiers. Before they could get everyone out, Jace and his fellow Purifiers rolled up, armed and ready to cause chaos. Jace had to talk down some of the more trigger-happy members while Kate and Lauren went to see a doctor who used to work at Lynwood. When they began asking about Rebecca Hoover, Dr. Taylor said she would get her notes and left the room. In reality, she was trying to call for help. Lauren smashed her phone and tried to intimidate her, but Kate took a softer approach.

Dr. Taylor showed them footage that revealed Rebecca’s powers of twisting things inside out. She also revealed that Rebecca killed her own family. Back in Baltimore, the group was forced into a tight spot when a gas that was banned by police was shot into the church. With no choice but to run outside, Shatter went to take out the armed Purifiers so the others could get out. Inside, Reed had to bring his emotions to the forefront of his mind to get his powers to work. His goal was to break down a wall that would get everyone to a service tunnel. When Shatter used his powers to stop one of the gunmen, Jace hesitated before using a high-powered rifle to kill him. Marcos and others didn’t have time to mourn while they fled.

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At Inner Circle HQ, Esme spoke out against trying to mind control Lorna, but Reeva was adamant they do it to save time. Later, Esme went to Lorna to apologize and revealed that there were originally five Frost sisters. The day they escaped the lab, their sisters Mindee and Celeste were killed and Esme and her sister felt it. She told Lorna she would do anything to protect Dawn from feeling like that. In D.C., Jace contemplated how their “mission” went down but was comforted at the thought that his theory about some Underground members faking their deaths was proven correct.

When Kate and Lauren got back to the clinic, they found John and Marcos sitting in their apartment ready to warn them that Reed couldn’t stop his powers and had caused a lot of damage in their room.

Final thoughts on Season 2, Episode 6 of The Gifted

I’m not a fan of plots where writers bring back characters who we haven’t seen in a while, only to kill them off. Shatter deserved better. I know he was a minor character but I feel like we didn’t get enough of him between season one and two of The Gifted. His death will probably be used a fuel for John and others to fight harder but it always sucks when characters are used as emotional fuel for others.

Jace being the one to kill him takes his character down a darker path that I’m curious to see play out. I can’t wait for the action to pick up in this season. We’ve had some here and there and the tension has been building, so I hope the payoff will be satisfying. Here’s to hoping Reed gets a grip and Lauren starts leveling up in time to take on the Inner Circle and shut down Jace and his hate group.

I’m giving “iMprint” a 7 out of 10.


The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on FOX.


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