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This week on The Gifted, Reeva and the Circle launched their heist and Reed’s powers put everyone in a tough situation with few options. Here’s a recap of “no Mercy”. As usual, episode 7 started off with a flashback of 8 years ago featuring Reeva witnessing her friend Benny get stabbed by a man a part of a group who were throwing bottles at the community center. In the present, the Inner Circle prepped for their heist on Creed Financial with Rebecca and Andy getting closer.

With the Underground, Reed still struggled with his powers and refused to let anyone touch him. Kate talked John, Marcos, and Clarice into moving Reed to the destroyed clinic that had been shut down since purifiers attacked it.  Later, John, Marcos, and Clarice worked to fortify an old ambulance to transport Reed. After John left to get more scrap metal, Marcos questioned Clarice on her recent dependence on Erg and the Morlocks. She clapped back about his loyalties and the fact that the mother of his child was in the Inner Circle. She finished by saying that with the state of the Underground they would need new allies. While Clarice went to get Reed, John revealed that other Mutant Underground groups were losing hope and talking about the Mutant Uprising. Marcos advised him to ask Clarice about Erg before Reed, Lauren, and Clarice herself arrived.

Elsewhere in town, Reeva led her date, Quinn, outside where Esme, Phoebe, and Sophie were waiting for him. It turned out she dated him because he worked at Creed. The next morning, Lorna asked Esme to stay behind and watch Dawn. Later, we saw that Reeva had real feelings for Quinn but still needed him to complete their heist. In all black, they headed for Creed.

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Across town, Wilson informed Jace that an influential supporter wanted to meet him, but only after he was tested to make sure he didn’t have the X-gene. Jace was surprised to meet Benedict Ryan, a national news anchor. Ryan wanted Jace to tell his story on air. At first, Turner turned him down when it required him to bring down Sentinel Services, but Wilson told him his group was all Jace had left. Just as he prepped for his interview, news came in about the attack at Creed Financial.

While Sophie and Phoebe got the bank manager to record a video revealing Creed’s dark past, Lorna, Andy, and Rebecca headed down to the vault. Rebecca was upset that they were planning to let the staff go, but Lorna demanded that she stay focused. When Rebecca struggled to twist the vault, Andy encouraged her to channel the anger she felt at the hospital.

Elsewhere, Reed was still struggling in his sleep and Lauren wondered if their family was cursed. She brought up what Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker did and how when she used her powers together with Andy that she felt free.

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Nearby, John and Clarice argued about their situation and her ties to Erg. She explained that she only made the deal with Erg and stole food to help John since he’s been struggling. Down the hall, Kate and Lauren convinced Reed to go see a geneticist in Charlotte who knew about their family. At Creed, Rebecca didn’t like that they were letting the staff go, especially after the bank manager called them monsters and told them to rot in hell. Instead of leaving as Reeva ordered, she twisted the room they locked the staff in, killing them all. The other watched in shock before rushing off as the police got closer.

Final thoughts on this week’s The Gifted

No surprise that Rebecca didn’t listen to orders and probably just fed into whatever anti-mutant rhetoric Benedict Ryan is going to be spouting. You would think Reeva would be smarter about who she recruits to her team. Rebecca is strong yes, but not neccesarily stable. The storytelling of Quinn’s character would have been better if we had met him before this episode. Watching Reeva get teary-eyed about her feelings for him didn’t carry too much emotional weight when it really should have.

It’s also not a surprise that Clarice and John went from being the only stable couple this season to the tense situation they find themselves in. Here’s to hoping they can make up and find a solution for the Underground. Overall, a good episode with decent pacing.

I’m giving “no Mercy” a 9 out of 10.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on FOX.


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