After a break, The Gifted returned last night with a new episode. This week, the Underground made a move on Dr. Campbell’s project HOUND. Let’s recap!

“outfoX” started off with a flashback of Struckers spending time together at a park. Caitlin updates Reed on their children since he’s been busy with work. She says Lauren has been distant as they watch their children skateboard. When Lauren almost falls off the board, Andy reaches out to grab her. Their joined hands begin to glow, freaking them both out.

The GiftedIn the present, Reed has flashbacks of his childhood and Caitlin tries to comfort him. Still reeling from the news that her father-in-law was a mutant, she is shocked to learn that Reed has the x-gene but it was suppressed. Elsewhere, Esme desperately presses everyone to go to Trask to save the mutants being held and used there.

Dreamer brushes her off, saying she’s just a kid who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. In reality, they’re being cautious and don’t have resources for that kind of mission. When Dreamer tells John about the discussion, he wants to go because of what they did to Pulse. Esme is outside listening in.

She’s not done either! Esme causes Lorna to have a dream that her and Marcos’ baby is at Trask. When she wakes in a fright, Lorna becomes adamant about rescuing those held there.  While Esme is busy using her powers on everyone, Andy finds a book that chronicles his grandfather and his sister’s crimes. He shares it with Lauren and they read that they were a part of the Hellfire Club. Lauren wants nothing to do with their dark family history and tells him to go to bed.

Watching over wounded agents, Turner warns Agent Weeks that the Underground will move to attack Campbell’s lab. The next day, Caitlin and Reed tell Lauren and Andy about the connection between their abilities and their grandfather and his sister’s. When they join hands to see if their powers work the same, they almost bring the building down before Reed pulls them apart. These kids are truly “the gifted” it seems.  Yeah, I made that bad joke. They felt as one when connected. Andy wants to practice, but his parents are against it. Lauren tells him in private that she’s never felt more powerful and that she remembers when it happened before in the park.

The GiftedDownstairs, Marcos, Esme, and the other veterans discuss their options for taking on Trask. Esme interrupts Marcos and Lorna’s private conversation to suggest they use the Strucker kids to take out the facility’s power grid. They agree to help, while elsewhere Turner and Agent Weeks prep for their unsanctioned operation.

When Lorna notices Esme’s nerves, the telepath uses her powers to relate to Lorna’s past anger when protecting people she cares for. Blink and Dreamer head into the power plant with Lauren and Andy. Elsewhere, Turner realizes that something is up when he’s told that one security guard from the plant called in sick.

Inside, Dreamer uses her powers to get them past a guard. Outside, Marcos, John, Lorna, and Esme prepare explosive charges. Caitlin and Reed are in a truck nearby monitoring the security feed. Things go awry when Turner and Sentinel Services arrive. The sentinel robots have adapted and are able to avoid Andy’s attack. The quartet run away, but are ultimately caught. Lauren and Andy contemplate using their joined power, but Andy pulls away, not wanting to kill everyone in the building. Reed has to stop Caitlin from running inside, while John is forced to carry a frantic Esme away when they have to flee.

Final Thoughts and Rating on This Week’s The Gifted

The tension continues to rise and it’s done well. I wasn’t expecting all of them to get captured, but it raises the stakes. While the Struckers have grown on me a bit, but Caitlin still has some adjusting to do. I had hopes for Esme since her powers are a big help to everyone, but now I’m pretty sure she’s a Trask HOUND. “outfoX” was a good episode that creates excitement for a midseason finale next week.

I’m giving “outfoX” an 8.5/10


The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 PM EST on FOX


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