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Previously on The Gifted, Marcos was able to save Dawn but the Frost trio trying to wipe his mind of Lorna and Reeva injuring him made him more determined than ever to take down the Inner Circle. Elsewhere, Clarice struck a deal with Erg and former Sentinel Services agent, Jace Turner went to a DC police department hoping to give them info mutants. While investigating, he caught sight of Lauren and Reed who revealed his struggle with his powers to his wife and daughter.

Last week’s episode, “outMatched”,  started off with a flashback of Kate and Reed learning that her pregnancy was risky and she could potentially lose her life and an unborn Andy. She was determined to keep him despite risks. Presently, Reed decided that he was going to discuss his powers with John while he and Kate tried to comfort Lauren and apologized to her for not trying to understand her struggle.

Later, Marcos reported what went down with Lorna, Andy, and Reeva. Without another choice, they decide to go to Wire to see if he can hack into whatever Emma and her sisters have been looking into. On their way out, Reed stopped John to discuss a solution to his powers. In the city, John, Clarice, and Marcos were attacked by Wire’s brother, Graph, who said they got his brother killed. In need of a hacker, they took him with them as police sirens began.

Image result for the gifted outmatchedElsewhere, Jace Turner, who was putting his marriage on the line got a call from Ted Wilson, the first officer he spoke to previously. Wilson wanted to meet up and to discuss mutants more. At the clinic, Kate went to extremes to get Graph to help, injecting him with a drug that would speed up his drug withdraws. They had him look into Lynwood,  a mental hospital that doubled as a prison for mutants. When Graph discovered that communications for the facility just went down, Marcos, Clarice, and John headed out and were joined by Lauren who believed she had to be the one to bring down her brother.

After being injected with drugs by Kate, Graph was able to pull up the security feed just as their quartet arrived at the hospital. With Marcos and Lauren keeping watch outside, John and Clarice went inside and found blood smeared on the wall and patients on lockdown. John mentioned to Clarice that Lorna’s birth father was the one to get her out of the hospital when she was a teenager. Outside, Marcos tried to prepare Lauren to fight her brother, but she didn’t want to believe Andy had changed. Clarice tried to prepare John to face Lorna.

Elsewhere, Officer Wilson revealed to Jace that he was a Purifier. Jace wasn’t on board to join the hate group but Wilson gave him his contact information anyway. When Sage kicked Graph out of Lynwood’s system, Kate gave him another hit of the drug, which made Reed worry about the lengths she’d go to save Andy. Their aim was to see the source of an explosion which Reed believed to be Lorna and the others trying to break someone out of the basement.

The GiftedWhen John and Clarice caught up to Lorna and Andy, Lorna released all of the patients to cover their escape. While the couple tried to save the patients, Marcos and Lauren tried to stop the Inner Circle from leaving. When Lauren tried to convince Andy to stand down, he refused and attacked them both, knocking Lauren out. Back at the clinic, Graph had a heart attack but Kate was able to save him.

Across the country, people watched as the doctors and staff were forced to confess their wrongful treatment of mutants on national news. When Reed and Kate discovered that Andy got away and was the one to hurt Lauren, they hugged until Reed’s powers acted up. In his hotel room, Jace called Officer Wilson while the Inner Circle drove away with a young patient from Lynwood.

Thoughts on last week’s episode of The Gifted

It’s no surprise that it took someone getting hurt for the Struckers to realize that Andy wasn’t the same kid they thought he was. Kate’s behavior has been hard to take this season. I get her motivation, but she’s been harder to like this season. Shoutout Amy Acker for her dedication to the plot line they’ve given her character. You can feel all of the complicated emotions she’s dealing with. As for other characters, I always dislike when writers write characters of color joining hate groups reminiscent of the KKK. I felt the same way when The Originals had vampires of color siding with Nazi vamps and their purist ideals in season five. I’m feeling that way now with Turner’s current arc.

I’m giving “outMatched” an 8 out of 10.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on FOX.


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