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On last week’s episode of The Gifted, Lauren took extreme measures to avoid Andy while Clarice and Erg come to the Underground for help after one of his own is injured by Purifiers. Here’s a full recap and the MFST take on The Gifted 2×13, “teMpted”.

For last week’s flashback, we got a glimpse of Erg six years ago in Detriot. We learned that his birth name is Leo and that he broke up with his girlfriend Pam because she had revealed information to Sentinel Services to get a deal for them. That information caused the capture and possible death of a refugee group. In the present, Blink, Glow, and other prepared to go on a supply run while John and the others discuss what’s next after losing so many Mutant Underground leaders.

Image result for the gifted temptedTo keep Andy and the Frosts out of her head, Lauren had been avoiding sleep. At Inner Circle HQ, Polaris faked an injury so she could snoop around. In Max’s room, she found building plans for The White House, The Pentagon, The Capitol Building and Sentinel Services headquarters. It didn’t take long for her and Eclipse to meet up and exchange information.

Later that night, the Morlock’s supply run didn’t go as planned when cops showed up earlier than expected. During their escape, Glow was shot. When Erg wouldn’t risk taking her to a hospital, Blink went to get Kate’s help. She also grabbed Eclipse who just had an unsuccessful meeting with the remanding Underground leaders and John, since his blood was similar to Glow. With his wife gone, Reed took an opportunity to give Lauren a bit of family story time. He told her about the tale his father told him and how he warned him about their heirloom.

Underground, Erg was pissed about Kate’s presence and tried to get her to leave but both Kate and Blink refused and begged him to let Kate help Glow. Elsewhere, Lauren finally fell asleep and saw Andy. The Frost trio used their powers to appear as Andy and talk to her but she couldn’t be coerced to join her brother.

The next morning, Reed discovered Lauren was missing. While he and John went to track her, Kate, Blink, and Erg went above ground to Kate’s old, now trashed, clinic. Erg was surprised to learn that humans had been treating mutants as he helped look for what Kate needed to save Glow. Elsewhere, Max realized someone had been in his room causing Polaris to call Eclipse to keep him in the know. He decided he would use his past to get answers out of Max while Polaris told him she’d figure out how to do a bit of hacking to track Max’s comings and goings.

When purifiers arrived at the clinic, Kate shot one of them while Erg released the energy from a bullet back at them. The trio fled while Polaris hacked into Sage’s computer and discovered Max’s favorite liquor store. Later, Max confronted her about potentially faking her injury and breaking into his room. Polaris pulled the “I’m mutant royalty so watch yourself” card, temporary getting him to leave her alone. In town, Lauren attacked a police car from a distance and ran after officers pulled a mutant family off of a bus and searched their bags. Reed and John weren’t far behind. When they finally caught up to her, Reed was honest about feeling tempted by the music box just as Lauren was. He told her that he could help her.

Underground, Kate was able to save Glow and was given an honorary “M” on her cheek from Erg as an apology for misjudging her. Glow and Eclipse continued their “what could have been if Polaris didn’t have his heart” vibe before left with Kate and information on where Max would be. While Reed administered the serum to subdue Lauren’s powers, Marcos hid in the back seat of Max’s car. Things didn’t go as planned when Max pulled a gun and shot him. The episode ended with Eclipse limping away, holding his bleeding side while Max’s car blew up.

My take on last week’s episode of The Gifted

Just like every episode, this one had a lot of moving pieces. From Kate battling Erg’s judgment and purifiers to save Glow, Lauren’s struggle with “darkness” and that ending there weren’t very many dull moments in “teMpted” which I enjoyed. I really liked the moment that Erg drew the “M” on Kate’s face. It was a simple yet symbolic gesture that had a nice emotional weight. I’m torn because I like the connection with Glow and Marcos but he and Lorna also have something very strong. The final scene of the episode was my favorite! Yes, Marcos was maybe a little dumb for thinking he could intimidate a terrorist who just got out of prison, but still. The tension was great and although they cut away the cinematography of showing up the view from above the car was interesting.

I’m giving season 2, episode 13 of The Gifted a 9 out 10.


The Gifted returns on February 12th at 9 PM on FOX.


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