This week on The Gifted, Reed, and John go visit Reed’s father to find out everything they can about Trask Industries, while the others try to get answers from a mutant who has the same mark on her wrist as Pulse.

For our weekly flashback, we see London in 1952. A mutant name Andreas and his sister are on the run. Around the room, there are newspaper clippings about their terrorist activities. When authorities find them, they join hands, creating an energy blast. In the present, Reed tells his family that he’s going to see his father. Lauren and Andy were told that he disappeared when their dad was young, so they’re surprised. In another room, Lorna and Marcos can’t seem to talk through their problems.

Clarice takes Lorna’s spot and goes with John and Marcos to pick up a group of refugees. A telepath among the group, played by Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens), warns them that one of the mutants has been having weird thoughts. The mutant in question has the same mark on her wrist as Pulse. She attacks, but the Underground trio brings her down. John leaves Eclipse, Polaris, and Dreamer in charge of getting answers while he goes with Reed to Tennessee.

The GiftedOtto Strucker isn’t happy to see his son. They haven’t spoken in twenty years and he has never met his grandchildren. Reed and John explain the situation with Trask. Otto finally guides Reed upstairs and shows him photos of his father, Andreas, and his twin sister.

They were mutant terrorists who went by Fenris, canon X-Men foes. Otto didn’t want to end up like them, so he ran away. When he got older, he went to work for Trask to research how to suppress the x-gene.

He was only able to create a serum that suppressed Reed’s X-gene. This is why Reed almost died as a child.  Reed also learns that his mother didn’t know about her husband’s abilities. Dr. Campbell arrives with Sentinel Services and Pulse. They announce they’re going to search the building while John and Reed try to listen in from upstairs. Pulse’s abilities block out John’s powers, but not Otto’s. The man creates an energy blast that injures several agents, but not before Dr. Campbell orders an agent to shoot him.

After Campbell and SS leave to take agents to the hospital, Reed discovers his father’s body amongst the charred room. Outside, John and Pulse share their last words. Pulse, who’s finally in his right mind, apologizes for his actions. John tells him that they’re going to get SS for what they did to him before his friend dies, holding his hand. John and Reed bury them and then head back to base.

While Reed and John are away, Eclipse and Polaris disagree on how to handle interrogating the mutant until Eclipse notices that the woman is exhibiting the behavior of an addict. He brings in Caitlin who prepares a syringe that will knock the mutant unconscious. Andy and Lauren use their abilities to hold her down so their mother can safely administer the drug.

The GiftedWhen the woman wakes up, she’s on edge but cannot speak even when Caitlin reassures her that she’s okay. They call in Esme, the telepath, to read her mind. It turns out that the mutant’s name is Chloe and SS killed her husband and took her child. Esme sees Dr. Campbell and the Trask Industries building.

While the others deal with Chloe, Clarice connects with a young mutant named Norah. Clarice is deeply saddened to learn that Norah lived in the same foster home she did and was present when SS killed the couple who kept them. Despite her cold feelings towards Dreamer, Clarice has her alter Norah’s memories.

Upon his return, Caitlin asks Reed how things went with his dad, but he’s unable to respond. She pulls him into a hug as Lauren and Andy hold hands behind them. The episode ends with the camera zooming in on their joined hands.

Final thoughts on last night’s episode of The Gifted

This episode definitely moved the plot forward. We know that Struckers are especially strong mutants. Why? Not sure yet. The parallel between Lauren and Andy’s powers and their grandfather and his sister’s powers is interesting, but a tad confusing since they aren’t twins and are a few years apart. I think having Reed be a mutant is an interesting twist. He’s shaken to his core by this development and I hope the writing continues to show that instead of skipping over it.

Otto Strucker was an interesting character. I would have liked to hear more about what it was like to be a mutant during his youth. Even if he was hiding his powers, he would have seen how mutants were treated. I still don’t quite understand why he was only able to make the serum for Reed. If he’s his son, his DNA should be similar.

I’m glad to see Lorna and Eclipse make amends a little bit at the end of the episode, but it’s clear they still have a lot to discuss. Hopefully, Esme will be a permanent addition to the Underground’s main team. Her abilities would be a big help.

I’m giving “threat of eXtinction” an 8/10.

What did you think of episode eight?



The Gifted airs on FOX on Mondays at 9 PM EST.


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