The GiftedLast week on the season two premiere of The Gifted, we met Reeve Payge, Marcos was left devastated, not knowing if Lorna had successfully given birth or if something had gone wrong, and Lauren had a nightmare about Andy while her mother got herself grazed by a bullet while trying to get information on the Inner Circle to find the teen and Lorna. This week’s episode, “unMoored” gave us a look back John’s past and the emotions everyone struggled with.

The episode kicked off with a flashback of Evangeline Whedon finding John fighting and making money in a fight club bar. She encouraged him to lead the Atlanta hideout of the Underground because he was chosen. In the present, he encouraged Marcos not to lose hope about finding Lorna and their baby.

Elsewhere, Reeva wasn’t pleased to learn that the energy blackout in D.C. caused an online trending topic and made headlines. While Esme was hesitant to take out everyone who saw them, her sisters teased her for being soft and agreed to do it. Later that night, Lauren and Andy have the same nightmare, this one a continuation of Lauren’s dream. In this one, she was able to pull away from him, but in doing so fell off the side of the building. Later, Christina begged Lauren and Clarice to go with them to Virginia to pick up her sister, Jazmine.

In Atlanta, we caught up with former Sentinel Services Agent, Jace Turner, and his wife, Paula. He’s been going to therapy and has been running a security firm, but has been having thoughts about the D.C. blackout.  She begged him to leave it alone and stop obsessing over mutants. He went to see a former co-worker who told him the same thing.

In the morning, John and Clarice discussed his coming visit with Evangeline. He wasn’t sure she’d want to see him after Atlanta fell apart. Elsewhere, Reed and Kate argued about her going to Philly with John. Both criticized how they’ve handled Andy’s absence and how it’s impacted their family. While Esme, Sophie, and Pheobe took out everyone Reeva requested with Fade and Bulk, Andy, despite his exhaustion, started his training. He faced issues when he kept recalling his nightmare.

Evangeline wasn’t pleased to see John, Marcos, and Kate, but stopped short when they mentioned the Inner Circle. When she learned that they wanted to go after Reeva and the group, she kicked them out. After Andy told Reeva that nothing was wrong, she told Fade to follow him. Andy went and told Lorna what was going on with him and she warned him not to let Reeva think he wasn’t 100% on her side. Later, Andy went out and bought a phone to call Lauren. He got his father instead but hung up and destroyed the phone without saying anything. As he left, Fade became visible and called Reeva.

Image result for the gifted unMooredAndy failed again during training, but this time Reeva had the triplets read his mind and discovered that his thoughts of Lauren were interfering. Reeva’s plan was to take out Andy if he wasn’t on their side, but in the end, he told the truth about his dreams and that his mother had been messaging him through his game. Before going home, John marched back into Evangeline’s office and demanded she helped him, especially after she brought him into the cause. She gave him information on a mutant named Erg, who knew about everything going on in D.C.

At the clinic, Christina and Jazmine were reunited and Reed tried to comfort Lauren. She revealed that she’s been haunted by the fifteen people that she and Andy killed with their powers and how her parents never cared to ask her how she felt or how she’d feel if Andy came back. After she stormed out in tears, Reed powers acted up again and he burned a hole in a filing cabinet and the wall.

At the base, John didn’t reveal Clarice about the failure his visit to Evangeline was and Marcos and Kate drank the expensive champagne he originally brought to celebrate his child’s birth. While Reed and Lauren traveled home together and John took out his frustration, Marcos remembered how he would reflect light onto glass and used the broken champagne bottle to reflect light into the night sky. Across town, Lorna saw it and went to wake Dawn, only to discover that Dawn was hot.

Final thoughts on last night’s episode of The Gifted

This week’s episode had a ton of emotion. Some of the heaviest scenes were of John remembering everyone he’s lost and Lauren revealing her struggle. While Reeva shared another moment of her past as a way of connecting to Andy, I can never buy into it because it’s clear that she’s using it to get people on her side with a bit of manipulation. Everyone on all sides of this “war” is struggling and I love that the show is showing all of the sides.

I can already tell Marcos is going to give me all the feels this season and I’m not ready for it at all. I’m also excited to see more of Reed’s powers and what’s going on with Dawn. Lastly, shout out to ThunderBlink for keeping the love going on the show while all the other couples are kind of in meltdown mode.

I’m giving this week’s episode The Gifted a 9 out 10.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on FOX.


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