After a holiday break, The Gifted returned last night. As usual, the episode titled “3 X 1” started with a flashback. Two years ago, we find Clarice out on a date. She ends up surrounded and harassed by a group when they leave a movie theater. Her date is too afraid to do anything but tell her to run.

The GiftedIn the present, funerals for both Agent Weeks and Sonya are held in parallel scenes with both sides declaring they’ll have justice. While everyone is mourning, Esme and her sisters meet with their mysterious boss, who rewards them with a diamond for their success. He’s not happy that they killed twelve Sentinel Service agents, but doesn’t punish them for it.

Reed and Caitlin decide they’re going to leave because they don’t want to get involved in the war with Sentinel Services. Lauren and Andy want to stay and help. Before the discussion can continue, Esme and her sisters arrive declaring they need help.

The Underground is torn over whether or not to align themselves with Esme and her sisters, while Campbell approaches Agent Turner to try and form a new agreement. Marcos and Lorna disagree over which path to take before Marcos learns that the Strucker Family is leaving for Mexico. After researching, they learn that Esme and her sisters, Sophia, and Pheobe, have the last name Frost and have a telepathic, hive-mind ability.

Campbell walks Turner through Trask’s facilities and explains that he wants to use his mutants in the field while Lauren is reunited with Wes at the Fairborn refugee location. They have to stay there until a ride to Mexico can be arranged. One of the triplets shows up that night to try and urge Andy to tell his parents that they need to stay and help.

Lorna is awoken by another triplet, who gets her outside for a chat. She brings up her real father without naming him and says that he was like a king in the Hellfire Club and that makes Lorna royalty. Lorna wants nothing to do with him or the group but faces a dilemma when it comes to her pregnancy, which Esme or whichever sister it was, was aware of. After the triplet leaves, Lorna uses her power and instead of green, her hands glow a reddish color.

The next morning, Lorna shows Marcos and tells him that she’s feeling great, but he’s unsure. Sage interrupts a discussion about the Underground’s next move when she picks up on an upcoming SS move on the police scanner.

Campbell, Turner and SS agents arrive at the Fairborn station and attack using technology that combines mutants powers. The paired mutants begin tearing the building apart from the outside. Andy tries to fight back but is knocked unconscious. Wes struggles to keep them concealed while Agent Turner is in awe of the hounds’ destructive power. John, Lorna, Clarice, and Marcos soon arrive to get them out. 

Inside, Lorna is thrown back by a blast but John catches her before she can get hurt. They all manage to escape into the woods, but only make it out safely when Esme communicates telepathically with a half-conscious Andy.

When the triplets return to their higher up he isn’t pleased because she risked the Strucker children and “important people” He also tells them that the inner circle isn’t happy either. She brushes off his scolding, telling him that she did what she had to do to get them on her side.

It turns out that Esme was the one to tip off Sentinel Services in order to get the Underground to see what they’re up against and to side with her.

Final Thoughts and Rating For This Week’s Episode of The Gifted

There were so many easter eggs in last night’s episode from Esme’s three in one comment, to the discussion about Polaris’ real father, Magneto, although he was not named. Sage at one point explains that the triplets’ powers don’t really work if you see it coming, but it seems like the Underground are still susceptible to it and allow it to split them up internally. Plot hole? I was happy to see Wes and hope he’ll have a role in next week’s finale after he recovers.

One thing that bothers me is the use of Agent Turner’s daughter as his motivation and hate for mutants. His wife got really emotional when she questioned him in episode ten about his actions, but this week that second-guessing and partial guilt is swept under the rug and replaced by a renewed and even stronger motivation to work with Campbell. Grace should be a bigger motivator than his co-workers. Plan and simple. The language he used at the funeral was interesting and well done by the writers to emphasize the mindset people have about mutants, but I wonder if he talked like that after his daughter died.

I’m super excited for the season finale of The Gifted and can only hope it’s as good as other episodes have been. I’m also hoping we hear from FOX soon about a second season. I’m giving “3 x 1” an 8.5/10.

The Gifted returns on January 15th with a 2-hour season finale.



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