Last night’s two-hour season finale of The Gifted started off with a flashback of Dr. Campbell tending to his sick brother before leaving for a lecture where he got applause for a pro-humanity speech. In the present, Blink, Marcos,  and the others begrudgingly work with the Frosts, whose idea is to target Campbell at the “Humanity Today Conference”. The conference is a hot spot for anti-mutant politicians and business leaders.

After Esme insinuates that John and others won’t be too happy with Blink’s old friends, Blink feels forced to explain that she was run out of her town by purifiers aka mutant haters. She was angry and wanted to find mutants who felt the same. She ended up hanging with parts of the Brotherhood but left when they wanted her to do things she wasn’t comfortable with.

The GiftedJohn isn’t pleased and questions if she’s really one of them. Harsh, John! Downstairs, Lauren isn’t pleased with Andy’s continued interest in their great-grandfather. Andy suggests that the book on him is skewed because it’s written by humans.

The Struckers leave when Sage discovers that Trask and Sentinel Services is sending agents to talk to everyone Otto Strucker knew. Reed’s mother, Ellen, is one of their targets.

In Charlotte, Lorna, Marcos, Blink, and John are impressed with the Frosts’ swanky mansion safe house. One Frost tries to talk to Lorna but she doesn’t want to and has a power surge sending a bed across the room. Ellen is surprised to hear that her ex-husband was a mutant and that he’s dead, while Andy and Lauren disagree on how to handle Sentinel Services guards that arrive. Andy sends them flying, but Lauren uses her powers to stop him from hurting them anymore. He turns on her and uses his powers and she reacts, sending them both flying just before their parents and grandma come outside.

Campbell woos Senator Montez as the others capture a businessman. The Frosts use their powers to get him to change his security detail. Lorna and Blink have a heart to heart, discussing a desire to separate themselves from bad people in their family lines.

The GiftedEllen remembers that Otto used to talk to a researcher named Madeline and she even came to see Reed once. Instead of going into hiding with them Ellen decides that she’ll hide with a friend. She fears that she’ll slow them down.

At the conference, Montez announces that he’ll introduce legislation that will help in the fight against the mutants. The Underground quartet arrives and John and Blink make amends and share a kiss before they get into place, leaving Lorna and a Frost alone.

Part one ends with Blink, John, and Marcos fleeing gunfire after Dr. Campbell uses a mutant to immobilize Marcos. He shields himself behind a group of children who end up getting off an elevator during their kidnapping attempt.


We started hour two of The Gifted with a flashback of Lorna in a mental hospital four years ago. A mutant named Evangeline talks her into joining a network the X-Men left behind to help mutants aka The Underground. In the present, Blink gets them out of the building and they flee. The Frosts are pissed that they let children stop them from getting Campbell. At base, Andy begins to sound like Esme when he refers to the people after them as humans, separating himself from them.

He goes to stay upstairs with other young mutants. Lauren tries to make amends, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Back at Ellen’s workplace, Agent Turner uses H.O.U.N.D. mutants to find trails to both Ellen and the Struckers. Teams head after both parties.

The GiftedSentinel Services preps an attack and the Underground scrambles to evacuate. In Charlotte, Lorna and two Frost sisters head to kill Campbell. When the others find out, Marcos threatens the remaining Frost to get her to take them to Lorna.

The base manages to evacuate a few people including their youngest mutants but has to retreat inside when SS arrives. Combat-trained mutants, including Lauren and Andy, hold off the first wave of agents while everyone else tries to create a new exit by breaking through a wall in the vault.

Turner brings in H.O.U.N.D. mutants and everyone has to retreat downstairs. When they make it through the wall, Andy and Lauren stay behind to bring down the building so they can’t be followed. When Marcos and company catch up with Lorna, they can’t convince her not to kill Campbell. She brings down the airplane with Campbell, Montez, and his staff onboard. After the crash, she’s nowhere to be found.

At SS headquarters, Turner’s boss tries to blame him for Campbell’s death and he quits in anger. When John and the others regroup with Sage and the mutants of the Underground, they’re shocked that headquarters is gone. When they gather everyone and discuss rebuilding, Lorna arrives with one Frost sister.

They give their platform of starting a new world and fighting back. Several mutants including Fade, Sage, Shatter, and Andy join them. When Reed tries to stop Andy, the teen uses his powers to push him back. He apologizes before leaving.

Final thoughts on the two-part The Gifted season finale

The writers did a really good job of writing Lorna’s mindset over the season so her actions in the finale didn’t feel uncharacteristic. I’m not exactly pleased with her rolling out with Marcos’ baby, but we’ll see how it plays out in season two. As for the other pairing of the show, I’m on board with ThunderBlink. Maybe not so soon after Dreamer though.

As for Andy, he’s acting like a teenager, but he seemed especially frustrating last night. I know he has a temper, but I was surprised at how easily he used his powers against his family. I don’t see him doing well without them, especially since he’s at his strongest when his powers are combined with Lauren’s. I’m excited that we’re getting a season two!

I’m giving the season finale of The Gifted a 10/10. There were emotional and moral conflicts, good action, and storylines to build on for season two.


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