Related imageLast night, The Gifted returned for its second season on FOX. Season one ended with Lorna aka Polaris, Andy, Sage, and a few other mutants leaving the Mutant Underground to side with the Inner Circle, a group inspired by the Hellfire Club with money, strategy, and resources.

In the season two premiere, Reeva Payge, played by new addition Grace Byers (Empire), couldn’t get the council of the Inner Circle on her side about bringing in Lorna and Andy or their actions to do so. In response, she used her abilities of mental balance distortion to disable them while the triplets shot them all. Afterward, they took Lorna and Andy away as they prepared for her to give birth.

Elsewhere, the Mutant Underground set out to save a group of mutants after government forces raided their community. They were able to save some including a teen named Christina, but a few were killed including her parents. While Kate has been working as a nurse, Reed has been forging papers and IDs to help mutants get out of town while the government believes their group was killed in Atlanta. Both are disappointed that they haven’t been able to find Andy or Lorna.

While Marcos grew bolder in his attempts to find Lorna before she gave birth, Lorna arrived at an ammunition facility that Reeva planned for her to give birth in. Despite her hesitance, Emma explained that it was the only place strong enough to withstand her power flares. Later, Lorna asked Reeva about people who used to be in the Inner Circle, fearing what lengths she’d go to get her way. Reeva admitted that she had made sacrifices but assured Lorna that she would take care of her and her baby.

Image result for the gifted eMergenceWhile Clarice and John worry about Marcos contacting a hacker to get information and finding Christina’s sister, they shared a cute moment. Later that night, Lauren had a dream/nightmare about meeting up with Andy. In her dream, he held her hand forcing them to use their joint powers to destroy their surroundings. When she awoke, she explained what she saw to her parents, still shaken. Kate pressed her for details, but Reed advised that she let Lauren recover. This prompted Kate to call Marcos to get in on his meeting with hacker mutant, Wire.

As Lorna warned Andy to protect the baby from Reeva if anything goes wrong during the labor, Marcos and Kate got in a tight situation when Wire tried to turn the tables on them. Kate ended up being grazed by a bullet, but they were able to get some of the data he found. Back at the base, everyone admonished them for being reckless. When John called Reed to get him to bring supplies, Reed got weak for the second time this episode and veins appeared on his arm. He was able to pull it back before rushing home.

While Lorna went into labor, Lauren was blunt with her mother, trying to get her to realize that Andy left them of his own free will. With Lorna’s powers impacting the electricity, Marcos and the others notice and realize she’s in labor. When complications arose due to a mental block, Reeva demanded they do anything to keep Lorna alive, making Andy nervous. Marcos and the others went out to find her, following surges on the power lines.

The Gifted Season 2, Episode 1Andy was hesitant to let the Frost trio use their powers on his friend, but let them when they assured him that they were only trying to help. They showed Lorna a vision where they are standing in front of the capital with their flag flying. Lorna is able to see her daughter a little older and happy. With new motivation, she delivered the baby and named her Dawn. Elsewhere, the surges stopped leaving Marcos anguished because he doesn’t know if Lorna and their baby are okay or not.

Final thoughts on last night’s premiere of The Gifted

The season premiere was pretty good. I’m hoping the Christina character that they saved will have a bigger role later in the season since they spent screen time introducing her and her family when they could have given us more on what both sides have been doing for the last six months. The pacing of the episode was good, but it’s unclear why Reeva was standing before the council six months later and not immediately after the Frost triplets brought Lorna and Andy back with them.

Grace Byers did an amazing job in her debut as Reeve Payge. I’m really interested to see how they’ll adapt her canon characterization for the show. I’m also excited to see Lauren and Andy face off and the progression of Reed’s abilities. Shoutout to Emma Dumont and Sean Teale for their strong performances. I’m giving the premiere of The Gifted an 8 out of 10.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST on FOX.


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