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Last week on The Good Doctor, Dr. Lim risked her job for a patient and Shaun dealt with learning to lie and his feelings for Lea. This week, we saw the early results of Dr. Glassman’s surgery, tensions between surgical teams, and learned a bit about Lim’s life outside of work. Here’s a recap of last night’s episode, “36 Hours”.

Shaun stayed at the hospital all night and was there to greet Dr. Glassman to tell him that his surgery was a success. Throughout the episode, Shaun ignored texts from Lea. With shortages in the ER, Shaun and Morgan got assigned cases there while Dr. Audrey Lim is on call, but away handling a speeding ticket in court.

Elsewhere, Claire tried to be assertive and bring her concerns about their work hours to Andrews, but he shot her down with his own data and essentially told her to use better judgment when she is assertive. In the OR, she complained to the others, arguing that’s it’s annoying that women get told to be assertive, but when they are they get criticized. Things got complicated when their patient, a woman with endometriosis, ended up having lesions unseen by scans. In the ER, Shaun and Reznick dealt with a preteen who got a lightbulb stuck in his mouth and a man with an erection that wouldn’t go away.

They solved the lightbulb case, but not without calling to check in with Dr. Lim. The judge called a recess so she could take the call, but made her wait longer to have her case heard again. Fed up, Audrey demanded the judge get to her case. The older woman does, quickly declaring Audrey guilty and forced to pay a $1,500 fine. Audrey lost her temper and ended up being locked up. At St. Bonaventure, things got tense in the OR between Melendez and Nurse Flores (Liza Lapira) over his treatment of Claire. Later, he sent everyone but Claire and Nurse Flores out of the OR while Park went to talk to their patient’s husband.

Image result for The Good Doctor 36 hoursTheir conversation ended in an argument that Andrews shut down. Elsewhere, Morgan saw Shaun delete a text from Lea and told him that Lea and Claire respect him as a doctor but not as a man. She told him that they only saw him as a pet and Lea’s kiss was a pity kiss. When Shaun’s notices something weird with their patient’s foot, they called Lim who had gotten out of jail and ended up sleeping with the public defender.

Leaving mid-lovemaking, Lim scrubbed in and did the surgery. While Morgan believed she had been home chilling all day, Shaun questioned if Lim felt sorry for him because of the way Morgan said Lea probably felt about him. Lim told him that the only way he’d know how Lea felt was to talk to her. Their surgery was a success while the other team had to regroup. Claire made a tough decision to remove the woman’s uterus to save her life after her husband refused to make the decision because he feared ruining her life.

In the end, the couple exchanged “I love yous” despite their loss at the chance to have biological children. Later, Melendez, Claire, and nurse Flores all covered for each other in front of Andrews. Outside of St. Bonaventure, Shaun sat down with Lea who yelled at him for hurting her feelings before abruptly leaving. Elsewhere in the hospital, Glassman struggled to sleep after helping Shaun come up with a treatment idea for his patient. He ended up hallucinating that his deceased daughter was in his hospital room.

Final thoughts on last night’s The Good Doctor

Last night’s episode of The Good Doctor was such an improvement from last week. I loved Liza Lapira’s Nurse Flores and I hope we’ll see her again. I loved the way all of the women in the OR looked back at Melendez at his borderline sexist statement. I also love that Park knew not to jump into all of the drama. Smart man. It was definitely interesting to see Dr. Lim outside of work. Seeing another side of her added needed depth to her character.

I was hoping we’d start to see some character development from Dr. Reznick, but she’s still stuck in her ways of giving her opinion without knowing much about her coworkers and their lives. You would think as a doctor she would be careful about the way she gives Shaun advice, but nope. Hopefully, we’ll see her character shift throughout the season. Glassman’s scenes were short, but it’s clear that his season arc is about to carry a lot of emotional weight. I’m giving “36 Hours” a 9 out 10.


The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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