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After a week off, The Good Doctor returned last night with a storyline involving eating disorders and secrets of the past. The episode kicked off with Lea telling Shaun that they shouldn’t live together because she didn’t want to be in a relationship and have him witness or experience anything that could threaten their friendship. He seemed to accept it before going to work.

This week’s patients were a woman who had been dealing with anorexia since she was 14 and Wade who was having issues with Crohn’s disease and hiding his past gastric bypass surgery from his husband. The woman, Louisa, needed to have heart valve remove but was so fragile that Claire almost broke a rib giving her CPR. Her son and husband want her to fight her disorder and get the needed surgery.

The Good Doctor (2017)While Claire, Morgan, and Melendez care for Louisa, Park, Shaun, and Dr. Lim cared for a man who had hidden his past of obesity from his husband (played by Dan Bucatinsky). He had the team lie about what they were treating ahead of his surgery. When things got more severe, his husband got frustrated and Park revealed that they weren’t just treating Crohn’s complications and sent the man to talk to his doctor.

Elsewhere, Claire discovered a brain surgery that could help Louisa with her anorexia. Melendez was hesitant because it was an experimental procedure, but Louisa wanted to do it. Between shifts, Shaun and Lea tried to see eye to eye on their living situation with Shaun claiming them living together would make him happy. Before he went back to work, Lea told him that she would drop the keys off with the apartment’s manager. After presenting her idea for the DBS surgery to Melendez, Allegar Aoki, and Andrews, Claire brought in Louisa, who gave an emotional plea.

After Park’s slip with Wade’s husband, the man requested a transfer to another hospital. In the middle of an argument, Wade’s bowel began to bleed leading to an emergency surgery. Elsewhere, Louisa went into surgery after they approved the surgery 2 to 1.  Afterward, Claire was concerned that Louisa was experiencing a loss of personal connection to her son, a risk of the surgery to personally and emotional changes. Elsewhere, Shaun recruited Debbie to get Dr. Glassman walking again after his attempts at motivating him failed.

Tamlyn Tomita, Hill Harper, Nicholas Gonzalez, and Antonia Thomas in The Good Doctor (2017)Claire shared the positive news about Louisa’s surgery. Melendez congratulated her but kicked her off of his team for going around him directly to the patient. He also revealed that he was the one to vote for her with Allegra, not Andrews. Outside of the hospital, Dr. Park called his ex-wife and asked what would have happened if he never caught her and someone named Phil together. Shaun went home and discovered that Lea didn’t turn in the keys to the new apartment and agreed to live with him. The Good Doctor: “Carrots” ended with the duo excitedly dancing around.

Final thoughts on last night’s episode of The Good Doctor, “Carrots”

Monday’s episode left Shaun and Lea in a confusing place in my opinion. On one hand, Lea has a right to say no about wanting a relationship with Shaun but everything so far has been hinting a possible relationship between the duo, including their kiss last season. I’m interested to see where this season takes them. I love the new dynamics this season has given us between Dr. Browne and Dr. Melendez. As Claire begins to speak her mind more she’s faced a backlash from both of her male higher-ups. Will both men recognize that or ignore it because of pride? Great performances this week from the guest stars. I’m giving “Carrots” a 9 out of 10. Overall, a good episode. Less emotional than episode 5, but still carrying good entertainment weight.

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC.

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