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Last night, The Good Doctor returned for its third season. Season two ended with Andrews firing Dr. Han (Daniel Dae Kim) and giving Shaun his job back, risking his own job. Dr. Melendez and Lim finally come clean about their relationship and Neil took a step back so she can be the Chief of Surgery. Shaun ends season two back with his team and a date with Dr. Lever. During “Disaster”, we see Shaun’s date and how St. Bonaventure’s dynamic shifts with Lim’s promotion and Andrews departure.

From a quick flashback during our opening scene, we see that Shaun isn’t happy when his order is messed up on his date. He stands and ends up knocking into a waiter. A wine bottle goes flying before Shaun focuses back in on the real world, his nosey co-workers. Dr. Lim comes in and gets everyone back on duty while she and Melendez go to HR. They lie to the representative and say that they’ve broken up, but she knows better and tells them so.

Patients of the Week

This week’s subplots revolve around an older man and a young bride-to-be who both have cancer. Melendez gives Shaun the responsibility of telling their patient that she’s dying. He delays and tries to do research for an alternative. Claire hears more about his date, which didn’t go as bad as Shaun explained earlier. He ended up catching the wine bottle but worried when Carly only chuckled at his joke.

the good doctor disasterEventually, Melendez urges Shaun to tell their patient what’s going on, only when he does, he adds that there’s hope with surgery. His plan is to temporarily remove some of her organs to get to her cancer, which could also kill her. They leave them to decide what to do. Elsewhere, Reznick and Park still argue like children while treating their elderly patient.

After his cancer diagnosis, he experiences memory loss and forgets. This leads to a tough decision; Have him go through chemo, not knowing why and having to learn he has cancer over and over again or let him live as long as he has left. Reznick explains this to his wife, who decides to spare him a repetitive heartbreak.

Visits and Schemes

Dr. Lim has a hard time with the head nurse, Petrina, and goes to see Dr. Andrews for advice. He’s still unemployed and tells her to use her new role to show she’s helping and guiding others, not the other way around. His advice helps her interactions. Later, she returns and tells him that he should come back to work at St. Bonaventure to show the medical community that he hasn’t burnt any bridges. At first, he rejects her offer but turns up later.

Across town, Allegra (I’m into the hair cut!) goes to see Dr. Glassman where he works at a clinic. She wants him to come back as president at St. Bonaventure. Back with everyone, Shaun reveals that his date was a disaster because he spent his night doing things that were unnatural to him to make Carly happy, not knowing if she was actually happy. He tells Park and Claire that the effort and discomfort aren’t worth it.

As “Disaster” comes to a close, Morgan goes to visit her grandfather in what seems to be a nursing home, the soon-to-be-married couple learns that the bride will have to learn to live without part of her bowel, and Shaun watches Carly from afar before leaving.

Final Thoughts on The Good Doctor premiere

An episode doesn’t go by that I don’t get emotional! “Disaster” gave fans what we know and love; Shaun experiencing new things and the team trying to save lives. The parallel between the young couple and the long-married couple gave us a heartfelt story. Both sets of actors were great. I think guest stars don’t always get enough love but they really should.

I almost forgot that Andrews had left St. Bonaventure, but I’m glad they’ve found a way to bring him back into the fold. What would we do without his stern glances and medical talent? I’m looking forward to seeing how Morgan’s storyline plays out this season since we’re bringing in her family now. Here’s to guessing that Lim and Melendez are in for an interesting season as well, keeping their relationship hidden. My favorite scenes (of course ones that made me emotional) were Morgan explaining the husband’s options to his wife and Shaun explaining why his date was terrible.

I’m giving last night’s episode of the Good Doctor, “Disaster” a 9 out of 10.


The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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