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Last week on The Good Doctor, Lea revealed what happened in Hershey and Claire and Melendez worked together to help her friend from college. Here’s a recap of “Hubert”.

The episode kicked off with Lea and Shaun on the hunt for a pet. They ended up with a goldfish that Lea named Hubert. Midway through, Hubert died, causing her to reveal that she went to Hershey to help her brother save their family’s store but failed. Her hopes of getting her life together were dimmed by her inability to keep Hubert alive. Between dealing with his patient, Shaun discovered that Hubert was sick when they bought it. He used his skills of negotiation that he learned from a patient to get them a new fish and bring Lea some relief.

Image result for the good doctor hubertDuring “Hubert”, Claire and Melendez reunited to try and extend the life of her college roommate who was battling cancer. Melendez agreed to let Claire in on the surgery when Kay refused to do it without her friend in the operating room. During her surgery, they learned that Kay had a chance to live longer because her cancer wasn’t as widespread as believed. Before her surgery, Kay told Claire that she should date her husband, Dash,  after she passes to help him move on. Dash and Claire joked about her request. Later, Kay refused to drop the subject until Dash and Claire went on one date, so they did.

At dinner, they awkwardly reminisced about the dates Kay used to set her up on. Before her next surgery, Kay and Claire got into an argument about Claire dating Dash and Kay’s tendency to push Claire into things she didn’t want to do including inviting her mother to graduation. When things went wrong during surgery, Claire was quick to come up with a solution to save her friend’s life. Afterward, both Claire and Kay apologized and Claire promised to be there for what time Kay had left to live. Leaving Dash to support his wife, Claire went to Melendez. With an awkward air around them, Claire didn’t stick around after saying she would report back to Lim in the morning and Melendez agreed with her idea.

Downstairs in the E.R., Lim, Shaun, and Morgan dealt with sibling drama. When a man named Santiago fell on a construction site, he and his brother, Armando, assumed he only had a nail in his head. After Dr. Lim removed it, they discovered he had one in his abdomen as well and would need a kidney transplant.  Morgan and Shaun went to Armando to see if he’d donate a kidney to his brother. He agreed but only if Santiago would sell their family company. Santiago refused and Armando prepared to leave mentioning leverage and negotiation while Shaun went to talk to him.

Image result for the good doctor hubertDuring their chat, Santiago’s arm began to irritate him. It turned out that the graft in his arm was failing just before blood spurted all over the room. After he was sedated, the trio agreed to do a community drive for a kidney. After seeing his cousin and strangers at the drive, Armando went to talk to Santiago about not trying to live up to their father who was never satisfied with them. After Santiago told him to get out, Armando signed the consent forms. After a successful surgery, the brothers shared fond smiles despite their drama.

Elsewhere, Dr. Glassman went in for another appointment. The signs of his struggle were clear after he thought someone stole his wallet only to discover that he had given it to Dr. Blaze because he was worried about it getting stolen.

Rating of last week’s The Good Doctor

I’m glad we got to learn more about Claire’s life outside of the hospital and I hope we see Kay and or Dash again in the series so Claire has some semblance of a life outside of St. Bonaventure. I was glad to see her and Neil working together again. While I was bummed that they didn’t fully makeup, I’m also relieved that this isn’t a quick fix plotline but something the Good Doctor writers will develop and let play out throughout the season.

I’m also glad to see an episode where Morgan and Shaun are acting better towards each other. Maybe her experience in the previous episode humbled her a little bit. Shoutout to Rachel Boston (Kay) and John Patrick Ademori (Dash) for being two of the standout guest appearances thus far this season. Side note: Where is Dr. Andrews? I’m giving “Hubert” a 9 out of 10.


The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 PM EST.


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