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Monday night on The Good Doctor, we saw the outcome of season two’s dramatic midseason finale. Here’s a recap of “Quarantine Part Two” which kept viewers on the edge of their seats, probably with tears in their eyes.

It wasn’t hard to guess that Dr. Park was going to break the quarantine to get to his son and he did exactly that moments into the episode. After Morgan and Nurse were able to calm  Shaun down by discussing Pete’s ongoing surgery, they were able to get patients settled and Dr. Park created a nebulizer for his son.

As Lea and Dr. Glassman arrived to sit with family and friends of those in quarantine they continued to argue about whether or not he would be telling Shaun about his situation. Lea was for it, while Glassman refused. They traded insults about how they weren’t good for Shaun. Finally realizing that buzzing from lights was bothering Shaun, Park jumped up and broke the offending light. Things got even tenser when Lim’s condition deteriorated and Viola went into labor. While Reznick chose a risky solution to clear Lim’s lungs, Shaun and Nurse Petringa (Karin Konoval) had to rotate Viola’s baby when her delivery did not go as planned. The shift caused more issues, forcing Shaun to call in an OBGYN veteran to supervise his first solo surgery.

Image result for the good doctor quarantine part 2Shaun went around the medical rule to focus on saving Viola instead of her baby by getting Kellan to give the baby CPR while he and Nurse Petringa focused on stopping Viola from bleeding out. They were able to save both lives. As the child’s cries echoed through the area, Lea, Glassman, Viola’s husband, and waiting patients and family broke into applause.

While all of this going on, Melendez and Andrews discovered a way to get the bone marrow for Chris. Their plan: get bone marrow from his dad, Bob, and drop it down the laundry shot from the janitors closet to the laundry room below. The procedure went as planned until Bob’s heart gave out. Dr. Park and Esther (one of the waiting patients who was a retired veterinarian) couldn’t save him.

After Lim began to recover, other patients were cleared to leave. Later, Glassman revealed that he had meningitis from a leak in his brain and that his cancer hadn’t returned. The next day, Melendez and Lim shared a nice moment of relief that she was okay while Park and his son have a heart to heart before he and his ex-wife shared a nice moment.

Final Take on The Good Doctor winter premiere

This episode was great. The series’ writing room really turned things up with a lot of emotion and pacing of every emergency. While I’ve been secretly hoping Claire and Neil find some romantic chemistry, I’m not mad at the way things seem to be developing between him and Dr. Lim. I was really impressed with all of Dr. Park’s development over the last two episodes. His heart to heart with Kellan was great and added an extra layer to his character. I’m looking forward to seeing what consequences their group faces as seen in next week’s preview.

I’m giving The Good Doctor, “Quarantine Part Two” a 10 out of 10.


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