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This week on The Good Doctor, the past was hard to let go of as Dr. Glassman struggled with his daughter’s “ghost” and cases caused our favorite doctors to think about their own pasts. Here’s a recap of “Tough Titmouse”.

Shaun tried his hardest to fix things with Lea, from a donut to being polite but it didn’t seem to be working. At St. Bonaventure, he asked everyone for advice from Dr. Glassman to nurses. Dr. Park advised he go big, while Dr. Melendez said that an apology is an apology and he should walk away.

The Good DoctorLater, when the surgery of Marc, a young patient with an intellectual disorder went well, his mother was distraught, wanting an evening off from having to take care of him. When Dr. Park suggested she consider taking her son to a facility, Shaun began to have memories of his own experience in the foster care system and his time with a woman named Sybil, played by Brooke Smith. Elsewhere, Dr. Brown and Reznick worked with Lim on the case of a young climber injured while free climbing. Against her parents’ wishes, she wanted a risky surgery so she could continue climbing despite a history of serious injuries.

It didn’t take Shaun long to discover that Dr. Glassman was seeing Maddie and inform Dr. Dulay, who came and made Glassman take his medication. The older doctor faked it, wanting to hash things out with his daughter’s ghost a little longer. Later, Shaun tried help Lea on her search to find a new apartment but it didn’t help matters.

Back at his apartment, Shaun set up karaoke, hoping to “go big” and fix things. Instead, Lea ended up in tears, explaining that she sacrificed a lot to go to Pennsylvania but it fell apart. All she wanted was to come back to Shaun’s support only to have him not even ask her what happened. With Dr. Brown, a psychologist sided with the young climber’s parents and decided to go with the safer surgery. After the decision, Kitty decided she didn’t want to see her parents again. When Claire told them that, they were hurt but accepted it because their daughter would still be alive and have the option to walk and have children.

Eventually, Dr. Glassman had to be given drugs to sleep, but not before he told Grace that he didn’t want her to go to rehab because he thought he could save her. He apologized one last time before going to sleep. After Dr. Browne and Dr. Melendez both discussed handling cases without getting their emotions involved, Melendez told the mother of the disabled teen that letting him go will be the hardest thing she’d do, but if it gave him a better life it would be worth it. In the next scene, we learned a little bit more about him when he visited his sister who lived in some kind of care facility.

Back at Shaun’s apartment, Lea prepared to leave and stay at an Airbnb. Shaun stopped her by asking her what happened in Hershey, not because he cared but because he cared that she cared. We wrapped up “Tough Titmouse” with Shaun and Lea singing karaoke as well as Shaun revealing that he rented the apartment she liked for them to share.

Final thoughts on last night’s episode of The Good Doctor

This week’s episode brought all the feels. Between the plight of a mother struggling to raise her disabled son, Glassman’s personal tragedy, and the flashbacks of Shaun’s time with Sybil, The Good Doctor writers definitely packed a lot of emotion into this episode even with the episode’s title. The performances were amazing. A special nod to Richard Schiff and Holly Taylor for their scenes as Aaron and Maddie Glassman. Their dynamic was heartwrenching. Last week, we got to learn about Lim outside of work. This week, we saw another side of Melendez and I really loved it. Nick Gonzalez did an amazing job with the tenderness and emotion during the doctor’s visit with his sister played by Brenda Isabel Santiago.


I’m giving “Tough Titmouse” a 10 out of 10.


The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 PM EST on ABC.


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