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Last week on The Good Doctor, everyone had a different view on how to treat and understand their patients while Dr. Glassman still worked to recover from his surgery. “Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)” focused on a young violinist who got an infection in her finger and how to treat her without terrifying her and a young patient named Riley. Initially, Melendez and Reznick thought it would be an easy fix which made the musician, Jas, played by Supinder Wraich, happy because she had a show that coming weekend. When Shaun went to treat it, things took a turn.

Nicholas Gonzalez and Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor (2017)This episode also showed us that Shaun and Lea are still getting used to living together and each other’s quirks. The episode’s title comes from a debate on how toilet paper is supposed to be hung. Shaun even went as far as taking pictures of toilet paper in the hospital bathroom.

While Shaun and Morgan worked with Jas, Alex and Claire worked with Lim on a young patient with divorced parents. While Riley’s parents thought she was faking her issues in an attempt to get them to be around each other, the mystery came when she became coughing up blood but Claire couldn’t find anything in her nose or throat.

Beyond dealing with Riley, Claire also tried to ignore everyone’s commentary about her avoidance of Melendez. Later, she learned that Alex has a child and that he thought she overshared about her life. In an OR, Melendez, Shaun, and Morgan began surgery on Jas’ finger with the hope of maintaining a bit of movement so her career didn’t end. When Shaun stopped in at home later, he saw that Lea hung the toilet paper the wrong way. When he confronted her, she snapped about how she was trying her best to abide by all his rules. Shaun got upset and back away from her. When she realized how upset he was, she tried to comfort him but he didn’t want to be touched.

After another episode of pain and a fever, Riley was brought back to the hospital and Claire got approval from Lim to pitch a surgery option to the preteen and her parents. Across town, Lea went to see Glassman who was being difficult with his home nurse. Lea asked him for advice on how to deal with Shaun and explained that she expected him to be different after moving in with him. Glassman told her that if that was the case, she needed to move out soon because Shaun was accepting of who she was. At St. Bonaventure, Riley’s family contemplate the risky surgery while Jas’ post-op condition got worse, forcing them to amputate her arm. When Morgan told Jas the news, she tearfully blamed her for not listening to Shaun in the first place. The pair were stuck in a hyperbolic chamber for Jas’ sake while they dealt with their emotions.

Image result for the good doctor two-ply or not two-plyIn the end, Lim’s team discovered a lego in Riley’s lung that she had inhaled years ago that made her get worse over the years. She and her parents shared a nice moment in her room after her surgery. At Glassman’s home, Glassman and Debbie hung out but he also avoided taking his medicine. When they headed upstairs, Glassman fell over and sent Debbie home, not wanting her to see him struggle.

Later, Melendez noticed Morgan sitting outside, upset over Jas. He told her that Shaun’s route isn’t always the best and he had a similar experience in his residency with Dr. Lim. After he left her there he, Dr. Lim, and Claire ended up on an elevator together. It was awkward and Claire quickly got off while Lim and Melendez decided to grab a drink together. At their apartment, Lea told Shaun that she wasn’t moving out and they discussed compromising a bit to make living together easier.

Final thoughts on The Good Doctor, “Two-Ply (Or Not Two-Ply)”

Episode six felt like a bit of a filler for all of the plot lines the show has going this season. One storyline that I was interested in was between Jas and Morgan. It was finally a situation where we saw Morgan express some emotion beyond pettiness and manipulation towards her co-workers. We’ve seen her upset and contemplating her co-worker’s actions but this episode it felt more like a deeper change in her moving forward.

On another note, I can’t wait to see Dr. Browne and Dr. Melendez finally hash things out. The awkward interactions this week were funny but I’m ready for more tension and drama. I’m giving “Two-Ply (Or Not Two-Ply)” an 8 out 10.

The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC.


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