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Last night, The Good Doctor returned to ABC after a strong and well-enjoyed first season. At the end of season one, it was revealed that Dr. Glassman had a brain tumor. Shaun did not react well and made a mistake during a surgery. At the end of the finale, they both went to Dr. Andrews to reveal the truth, putting Shaun’s job at risk and guaranteeing Glassman was out as president of the hospital.

Freddie Highmore and Chuku Modu in The Good Doctor (2017)The season two premiere, “Hello”, was written by lead actor Freddie Highmore and kicked off with each of the resident attendees lying a bit about how their reviews with Dr. Andrews went. With Andrews as the new president, they’re all looking to stay on his good side. Shaun’s biggest area of needed improvement was his communication. He and Jared were sent out to provide care to the local homeless population, a project Dr. Glassman ok’d, but Andrews saw as a waste of money. Jared wasn’t too concerned about knocking heads with Andrews since it was his last day at the hospital. That’s why he had no hesitation about bringing back one of the homeless patients, Harry, to the hospital for treatment. The man was played by Raphael Sbarge (Once Upon a Time).

With a potentially huge surgery getting ready to take place, Andrews talked to the press, leaving Dr. Melendez frustrated that he did it without asking him. The new president was less than happy when there was a complication that halted the procedure. Claire came up with an alternative surgical method, but Melendez was still worried about the risk. When Andrews asked who came up with the idea, Claire tried to share the credit, but Dr. Reznick gave her full credit. This prompted Andrews to remind Claire about her need to be more assertive.

After Harry ended up not fitting the diagnosis he suspected, Jared pushed Shaun to be there and support Dr. Glassman despite the fact that his future in Denver was at risk. Glassman had been stuck all day waiting for testing to be done. When he tried to annoy Shaun by crumbling paper, the young doctor discovered the answer about what was wrong with Harry, the homeless man they brought back to the hospital. Instead of suffering from schizophrenia, Harry had a brain tumor.

While Shaun had his epiphany, Allegra Aoki, the chairman and Vice President of the foundation that controls St. Bonaventure Hospital, encouraged Dr. Andrews to think like Dr. Glassman when dealing with the loss of the media-getting surgery that Melendez was supposed to perform. In turn, Andrews pretty much insinuated to Melendez that he was only hesitant to do the surgery because he doubted his own skill.

Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor (2017)Claire was unsure of how to deal with her feelings for Jared as he prepared to leave, while he and Shaun went to find Harry. Jared had to calm Shaun down when sounds in the area became too overwhelming, but they were able to find him. Shaun found his ID and revealed that his real name wasn’t Harry but Edward Austin Thomas. He told “Harry” that while he himself had an incurable neurological condition, Harry’s condition could be cured with surgery. After explaining that he could be Edward Austin Thomas again, Shaun left, leaving Jared smiling and proud of his co-worker.

At the hospital, Andrews was prepared to call Denver and make Jared’s future miserable until he stood up for himself and Shaun. Shaun chimed into the tense moment and revealed that “Harry” had a brain tumor. Andrews conceded, giving them permission to call in Dr. Lim, played by Christina Chang, to perform the surgery. Elsewhere, Melendez performed surgery on Melanie and despite complications, it was a success. The media loved it.

After Edward’s surgery, his wife and daughter came to see him. His wife explained that she had to ask him to leave after his behavior started getting worse, not knowing that he was on the wrong medication. When he woke up, he recognized them and they had a joyful reunion. In the hallway, Jared and Shaun shared a touching moment, both thanking each other for their support as their own version of a goodbye.

As Shaun gave his support to Dr. Glassman, Claire expressed her feelings to Jared and asked him to stay. He said no but told her that saying goodbye is hard, but not a mistake. After kissing her on the head, he took his bag and left. Elsewhere, Shaun returned home to find Lea waiting for him in the hallway. His first words to her, “Hello”.

Final thoughts on this week’s episode of The Good Doctor

This episode makes me hope that the writing team behind The Good Doctor lets Freddie Highmore write or at least help write more episodes. I’m also interested to see how they’ll continue to make the show unique from its source material; a Korean drama series by the same name.

I’m sad to see Chuku Modu who plays Jared leave, but I’m satisfied with how they said goodbye to him. Medical shows cough Grey’s Anatomy have a tendency to go dramatic and kill off characters and I’m glad they didn’t go that route. While I’m still not a fan of Dr. Reznick, I can say Fiona Gubelmann has done great in the role.

“Hello” did a great job of keeping existing tensions between characters and plot, while setting a foundation for another strong season filled with strong performances, complex and compelling characters, and solid plot lines that exist beyond just single episodes. I can’t wait to see how Andrews does as president and how he and Melendez do or don’t get along. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of Will Yun Lee as Dr. Park. Lastly, I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared to see Shaun and Dr. Glassman handle what’s to come, but the great thing is that I have faith the writers will give viewers something quality. I’m giving “Hello” a 10 out of 10.

What did you think of last night’s season premiere of The Good Doctor? Bummed to see Jared leave?


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