The Hot Zone episode 2If you missed our episode one recap, you can catch up here.

In 1976, the ICD (International Disease Control) sent Wade Carter (Liam Cunningham) and a fellow doctor to Zaire. A Doctor Wanda contacted them about a mysterious virus. Carter goes to the nearest village to ask about the remote hospital Wanda is associated with. A local tells him where the forest bleeds. Peter lies awake beside his girlfriend–when he can’t shut off the worry in his head he heads off to the base.

Nancy and Frank are stuck in rush hour traffic. Frank begins beeping the horn to alert Nancy the monkey cadavers have thawed and are leaking from her vehicle.
They stop, she jerks lose the hose on Frank’s car and runs for bleach at a nearby store. They douse the trunk, monkeys, and pavement. A cop on a motorcycle almost finds out, but Frank distracts while Nancy makes it to the base.

Peter tries contacting Ben Gellis but he is in a tent trying to spend time with his wife while his boys play outside. Peter goes to a clinic that does anonymous Aids testing to ask a nurse how to draw blood. Peter due to stubbornness in episode one exposed himself and Gellis to Ebola. He doesn’t want to follow the proper protocol.

Peter runs into Nancy at level four. At first she gets resistance from him but afterward he wants to be her assistant. After dissecting and obtaining a sample, the monkey is positive for Ebola from Zaire. General Tucker (Robert Wisdom) is faxed the results by Ormond.

Tucker and Nancy meet with Walter Humboldt to get access to the remaining monkey in cell H. He tries to block their access. After seeing the horrendous pictures and hearing how filo viruses are transferred he agrees.

Nancy and Carter will go in euthanize and clean the cell-block. Jerry, Nancy’s husband begs her to let him do the euthanizing. He knows Nancy doesn’t want to harm the animal despite the fact it would die a slow horrible death if it isn’t euthanized. She insists she will do it.

Peter takes his own blood for testing. He breaks the bad news to Gellis. Gellis is upset and wants to report the incident but Peter refuses talking him out of it.
Gellis later informs his wife–she too wants him to report it and is upset at Peter’s stupidity.

The caretaker of the monkey’s is shown handling feces and feeding the animals without gloves or masks. He is now complaining to Frank of a headache and fever. Humboldt tries to distract his employees while Nancy and Carter suit up and euthanize the monkey.

The recess the last monkey is kept in is dark and wet. Carter grabs it and holds it. Nancy freezes long enough that it spits on her goggles. Carter yelling that its about to get lose causes her to finally inject the monkey.

Carter begins to remember more about his trip to Zaire in 76. He and his colleague make it to the remote hospital. I distinctly remember the account reads differently in the book. The nuns contracts and dies from the disease. But in the TV series the nun is alive giving shots to each villager with the same syringe. Yes you read that correctly. She informs him Dr. Wanda has been missing for weeks. They ask for her to give directions to his village along the Ebola river.

Nancy is visibly shaken over the monkey goes home and is confronted by her husband Jerry. He found her trunk with bleach bottles and the upholstery a bleach blond yellow where it had once been blue gray. He’s furious and picks the kids up in his car. He tells Nancy she needs to be honest with him. He goes back to watching his ballgame.

Carter decides he is going to check on the other monkeys in the other cell blocks. He finds one in cell-block G sick. He rushes to tell Nancy. They couldn’t stop it–the disease has spread.

As episode two ends, Carter is again revisiting his past. They are on a road not much bigger than a foot path. The path is blockade. Soldiers swarm out of the woods and surround them. They agree to take the doctors to the village on foot.

The village has been burned to ashes, blacked and blistered as bodies lay in the hut. A sick villager starts toward them and is shot dead by a soldier. The soldier immediately pours an accelerant on the body and lights it on fire before a sample could be obtained. The soldiers believe fire is the only way to stop the contagion. Carter is shaken up almost to tears and vows to find the disease source. His colleague throws up in the background. Carter fears the soldiers will think he’s sick. He instructs him not to wipe his eyes,nose or mouth.

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