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Episode 1-Arrival

Episode 2-Cell H

Zaire 1976, Yambuku village. Wade Carter and Travis Rhodes speed to the hospital where Sister Monica and the other nuns had been giving out vitamin shots. They are met by soldiers detaining a doctor and a health aide, named Miranda. Their general has ordered them to shoot anyone trying to get in or out of the hospital.

Travis translates a message that Carter tells him to give to the soldiers. After hearing his general is aware of the two ICD officials, the soldier grants permission to only Carter and Travis.

On the porch sits a sick and dying nun smoking. She appears catatonic while they ask her questions. Bloody bodies lay in death shrouds on the lawn. Finally she tells the men not to go in. They do so anyway.

They find bloody footprints everywhere. Through a doorway sitting in a rocking chair beside a bed sits a hunched figure believed to be Sister Monica. When Travis walks toward her and begins to touch her shoulder, she turns pleadingly to him before she convulses and falls with blood gushing from her eyes, nose, and mouth. She dies right in front of them.

hot zone episode 3
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Arlington, Virginia-1989. Nancy and Carter awake General Dyer at his home. They can’t reach Tucker. They ask him for his help to get the permission to euthanize the 500 primates at the Hazelton testing facility in Reston, Virginia. He’s unhappy and reluctant to do so telling Nancy anything Carter does will fall on her shoulders.

Gellis tells Peter he told his wife about his exposure. Peter becomes upset. On outward appearances you would think he was worried his superiors would find out and fire him. But his true reason is fear that he will lose his life and fear that he had let his ego rule his actions.

Gellis’ wife is scrubbing the bathtub with bleach and throwing out sponges, soaps and bath toys.

Nancy and Carter are preparing to go in to Hazelton to sanitize the premises and euthanize the monkeys.

Walter is busy doing his cover up work trying to lie to Frank about what’s going on. Bruce, the monkey’s usual caretaker is mopping when he suddenly collapses. As Frank and Walter approach he begins vomiting. Once Bruce is taken into the office, Walter admits the employees had been exposed to Ebola and he asks Frank for a thermometer. All are rectal and have been used on the monkeys.

Frank goes to the pharmacy to buy one and does his best to refrain from contact with the other shoppers and the cashier.

Walter calls Nancy–she and Carter race to the facility to quarantine Bruce and try treatment. Peter is worried that if a Hazelton employee is sick he and Gellis may still contract it.

While preparing to leave, Carter is met by former colleague-turned-nemesis, Travis Rhodes—the current director of the CDC.

The quarantine of Bruce’s fellow workers will have to wait. Instead Travis seething with stubbornness calls an ordinary ambulance with regular paramedics to take Bruce to an ordinary hospital. He doesn’t believe it’s Ebola.

At this point Travis and Carter remember 1976 and Zaire. It was there where their animosity and dislike of each other began.

Carter and Travis sit with the dying nun. She tells them the schoolmaster had the disease. We were given a glimpse of this in the second episode. While Travis looks through the garbage can he discovers a few needles. With sickening reality they realize that the needles were only rinsed daily and changed every few days. The virus has now had the potential to spread to the Matawan village.

While Travis and Carter look through the hospitals records they find one eight-month pregnant lady unaccounted for. While they are busy the nun realizes the hospital is now responsible for the disease being spread. She walks off the porch and commits suicide by the soldiers hands.

Nancy meets with her husband Jerry and she briefs him on all that has happened so far. She must try to convince health officials, USAMRIID officials and the CDC to quarantine Hazelton employees and euthanize the monkeys.

Peter’s fiancee shows up at the lab angry that he has been missing for days. He tries to placate her with a half truth. He fails. She storms out.

At the meeting, Nancy meets with opposition from Travis. So far Bruce’s blood sample is negative for any virus. In desperation, Carter shouts out Ebola is airborne in an attempt to sway opinions to Nancy’s side.

Walter is at the Hazelton headquarters. While there, the executives decide to hire attorneys and shut down the monkey experiments. They want the monkeys to starve to death.

Travis and Nancy square off. She supports Carter wholeheartedly while Travis warns her to watch who she holds her allegiance to or she may crash and burn.
Nancy goes to visit Walter as he breaks a Hazelton embossed paper weight against the wall. She tells him that if the media is told about Hazelton and the Ebola virus that the Army will be called in due to pressure and that Hazelton and their attorneys will be powerless.

Walter phones in an anonymous post to the Washington Post. Meanwhile Gellis looks for Peter whose gone awol from the lab.

As this episode ends we see Nancy watching her sons soccer practice from afar. Jerry see her and she tells him they may get the go ahead as soon as tomorrow to euthanize the monkeys. A heartbroken Frank turns on the radio and shuts off the lights. He walks out wishing the monkeys he has cared for could be saved.

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