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Episode 1 ‘Arrival’

Episode 2 “Cell H’

Episode 3 ‘Fox Trot Charlie’

hot zone episode 4
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Zaire 1976, Carter, Melinda and Travis are hiring a pilot to take them to Matabwe. It is now Travis and Carter’s friendship falls apart. He wants to take the blood sample he obtained from the late nun back to ICD. Carter wants to find the girl and try to stop the spread of Ebola from the village.

They fly over but are left stranded by the pilot for days when he has other business to attend to.

Melinda acts as interpreter–Chief Kulu agrees to take them back to the village. They must first meet the elders and share a customary drink. Travis falters fearing he will contract Ebola. Finally he sips. If he had not there would’ve been no answers about the girls whereabouts.

Nancy and Carter are interviewing soldiers for the team who will enter Hazelton. Nancy receives a call from the hospital her father is ill and he is going to pass away. She asks to speak with him. Clearly she is trying to act brave but she is falling apart–wanting to be by his side one more time.

Jerry tries to comfort her in the end she chooses duty over family. Nancy is called to the lab where Gellis tells her of his and Peter’s exposure. She races to find Peter. She finds him at the train station. He has taken precautions and is to return to the lab where he will be quarantined for three weeks.

Tucker calls Jerry–he would rather Jerry go into Hazelton. To win the argument he reminds Jerry of his late brother.

Frank calls Nancy and begs her to do something for the monkeys–he is going crazy hearing their cries on the baby monitor and not being able to help them. Travis meets with Bruce and his wife. He tells them about Ebola and tries to reassure them it’s only the flu.

Travis this time is remembering what unfolded at the tribe. After ingesting the water he was relieved to find it was bleach-treated. The tribe is trying to stop the spreading of the virus.

The girl and her family were confined to their hut. The shaman refuses to let anyone in. They believe it is a curse. A teacher grants permission for the doctors to enter. The family is dead and the pregnant girl is dying.

Nancy briefs her troops on what to expect at Hazelton and the risks they are taking. Shortly afterward she is told she isn’t needed. Jerry and Carter will be taking over. She is livid. She lashes out at Carter but he says something that stops her in her tracks.

Gellis and Peter test Bruce’s blood–he is Ebola postive. It is airborne. Travis is on the phone with his wife Melinda and she knows her husband is wrong–she knows he is only fighting with USAMRIID because of his feud with Carter. Nancy shows up with the test results proving it’s Ebola.

Travis remembered how the tribe was beating and wanting to kill the teacher for allowing access to the dying girl. He doesn’t want panic to ensue. Nancy agrees to quarantine and test the Hazelton employees quietly.

Nancy goes to see her dad. Both sense that it could be their last time together. He promises to hold on until the contagion Nancy is trying to destroy is no longer a threat.

Carter and Jerry prepare the troops. They load up and are on their way to fight a different kind of war.

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