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This past Wednesday, National Geographic wrapped up this limited series run. So lets get into what happened in The Hot Zone finale. If you missed any of our previous recaps you can check them out below.

Episode 1 ‘Arrival’

Episode 2 ‘Cell H’

Episode 3 ‘Fox Trot Charlie’

Episode 4 ‘Expendable’

Episode 5 ‘Quarantined’

In episode six, Nancy rushes to Jerry’s side he slips in and out of unconsciousness. He is taken to a civilian hospital for severe dehydration. Nancy stays with her troops to finish the Ebola ratification process. One of the young men dissecting a monkey grabs an already depleted battery used to charge the respirator. He starts to suffocate. Nancy calls to one of the other team members for assistance.

The two rush to her aid only partially sedated an infected monkey. They lay the syringe aside to loan a spare battery to there comrade. In the midst of all of this, a news station van shows up. The team calls Walter to lie to the reporters. The first ploy fails so Walter launches into the graphic details of simian hemorrhagic fever. The reporters hear enough and leave. The team still has about 300 monkeys to dispose of.

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Soon, Nancy goes looking of Carter–he’s hacking frozen monkey carcasses with a chisel. He is oblivious to what happened to Jerry. There were 94 monkeys listed on a manifest only 93 were accounted for. It’s not one of the ones at the base or the eight in the freezer.

1976. Zaire the tribe shaman and Carter at sitting at the river’s edge. The shaman says there are no monkeys in the forest they died out from disease. He then says something to Carter that leaves Carter dumbfounded. There’s always one that survives.

He rushes to tell Travis they must find the one survivor with antibodies and if they can use their blood to help others try to fight the disease.

Later, two female soldiers are out using the restroom when they spy hypodermic syringes covering the ground. Following the trail, they find a bio-hazard bag ripped and the contents spilling everywhere.

They get Nancy to come and see the mess. There is a torn piece of fencing and a little boy is playing with a needle. Nancy’s heart stops in her throat. She distracts the boy with a game so he drops the needle while she lifts and carries him to the playground that borders Hazelton property.

Travis tries to placate fellow board members. Carter meets him on the escalators. He tells him of the missing monkey. They go to question the shipping employees. They learn all the monkeys died in transit and they removed the other missing monkey who had been sick.

Meanwhile, another shipment is coming from the Philippines. Half go to Reston, Virginia the other to Texas at a training facility. The CDC must intercept the cargo. One of the women is about to take a blood sample of what she thinks is a sedated monkey–but it isn’t instead it attacks her, biting and clawing at her face. The team rushes to save her. Miraculously no tears or lacerations, her mask is fine and she hasn’t been contaminated.

The last monkey is put down. Nancy congratulates her team for a job well done. Tucker shows up to deliver bad news. While Nancy was saving others lives her beloved father died. She crawls into the hospital bed with Jerry and cries.

At this point in time, the reason for Travis and Carter’s animosity is revealed. The shaman contracted Ebola. In Africa, they have specific customs for mourning their dead that is very hands on. The shaman asks Carter to kill him and burn his body so no one else dies from it. Carter doesn’t want to but finally acquiesces to the shaman’s wish.

Travis realizes what Carter has done. This is the real reason for Carter to be an outcast and a hated man. After the other monkeys have been destroyed who were awaiting transport to testing facilities the USAMRIID doctors and the Army brief  Capitol Hill. They refuse to listen until Travis aligns with Carter and Nancy. A protocol for stopping Ebola is put into place.

Walter quits Hazelton. Gellis is Ebola negative, so is Peter. He used his quarantined period to draw up blueprints for a new lab better equipped to handle bio-hazard hot agents. Travis reunites with his wife Melinda. Nancy and Jerry make up for lost time with their kids and Carter is on a boat in Africa heading for the Isle of Plagues. He searches for the hidden monster Ebola.

In 2018, 28 outbreaks and 500 people died of Ebola. It is not contained. There is no cure, and they fear it will return to U.S. soil. Hopefully, we will be ready for it.


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