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After the surprisingly good Lego movie, Warner Brothers Animation is back with The Lego Batman movie. Would the Lego Batman movie be more like The Dark Knight or would it be more like Batman and Robin? After seeing the Lego Batman movie, I can say it’s the best batman movie Warner Brothers have produced since the Dark Knight trilogy!

Before I get into the review, I have to say I am a big Batman fan. He’s one of my favourite superheroes and I think he has a lot of interesting  storylines in the comics. Also Batman has so many great villains and side characters which really adds to the mythos of the Bat. I loved the Dark Knight movies and I’ve seen Batman vs Superman four times. I think Batman vs Superman has a lot of problems, but I think Ben Affleck’s Batman is not one of them (he is my 2nd favourite part of the film, my favourite is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman).  I also liked the Lego movie. I thought the movie was really funny and quite charming. The Lego Batman movie appealed to me from the first trailer, and I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint me!

The Lego Batman movie is about Batman facing his ‘greatest’ enemy, The Joker, whilst he has to deal with an orphan he accidentally adopted. This movie is very very good. I didn’t expect the writing for this movie to be so good. It was very funny and referenced so many things that had happened in previous incarnations of Batman. After The Lego Movie, I did expect The Lego Batman Movie to be funny because it was funny and Batman was one of my favourite characters in that movie. However none of the writers for this movie wrote The Lego Movie, so I was a little bit surprised how consistent the Lego Batman movie was. I think this movie is one of the best parody films I’ve seen in a very long while as the humor works so well and feels very new and seems like a fresh new take for the parody genre. It feels very loving towards the source material and it feels like it is there to add something new to Batman without taking anything away from his character.Also it’s nice to see a dark Batman who is also very funny. It brought something very fresh and different to this version of Batman. It’s a really nice contrast to Ben Affleck’s version of the character.

In addition to the humor, this movie had a great voice cast. Will Arnett voices Batman (who has a very similar voice to Christian Bale’s version) and he brings a lot to the character. Ralph Fiennes voices Alfred (who is a very parental version of Alfred). He has the voice for Alfred, as he has a lot of Britishness in his voice and whilst he is not my favourite on screen Alfred (that honor goes to Micheal Caine in the Dark Knight trilogy), he is the best cast role in this movie. Zach  Galifanakis voices The Joker. I really liked The Joker because he wasn’t super strange and his character was a lot of fun. His plans in the movie were very crazy and zany but were fantastic and it was a lot of fun to watch. I hope that if they do make a sequel to The Lego Batman movie (I think they will just because it’s Batman!) they bring back this Joker because he was so much fun and it was brilliant to watch his interactions with Batman. Rosario Dawson voiced Barbara Gordon in this movie. She has quite a large role in this movie, and I really liked her. She didn’t get her Batsuit until very late in the film, but I thought Barbara’s character was quite well written and Rosario Dawson voiced her well. Michael Cera was great in this movie. He voiced Dick Grayson and some of the funniest moments came from his character. He was very sweet but also very funny and had a lot of great moments with Batman. I think the whole cast ensemble was really fun and good. There was no-one I thought was terrible in their role, which is a good thing!

The animation is very similar to The Lego Movie so it’s not the cleanest animation I’ve ever seen but it’s good for what it is. It feels like a land of Lego where Batman is the star! I don’t think the animation style helps the movie to feel like more than a kids movie advertising Lego at points. But it does help during some of the action sequences and the lego is very fun in the last fight. The last fight is one of my favourite scenes in the film and has so many references to other films and entertainment (including references to some of my favourites like Gremlins and Doctor Who). It’s also very fun and, as a nerd, I loved it! However I don’t think this is the best animated movie I’ve seen this year. I think Sing is a better movie and has a better message than The Lego Batman movie does. But The Lego Batman has got a really nice message about family and friendship in it. Also, it made me very happy and (unlike Batman vs Superman), it made me smile throughout the film.

Overall, I think The Lego Batman movie is the best Batman movie since The Dark Knight trilogy as it has fun with its characters and isn’t too serious. It’s a great entry point for the Batman character for young kids , and it’s a nice family friendly movie which has a nice message. This movie isn’t just for little kids though. If you are a Batman fan, I think you’ll enjoy this movie as there is so many references to previous Batman incarnations. Also the story is good and the voice cast is very good. It’s quite funny and it felt quite fresh. However  it’s not as edgy as The Lego movie was and I think there are better animated movies out there, but I think this movie works really well and is a great parody of the Batman character. Also if this movie gets a sequel, I’d like to see more Batman side characters we don’t see in the film (like Jason Todd) and also I think it’d be cool if some of Batman’s villians who appeared in this movie were flushed out a little bit more. The Joker was the huge villian in this movie, and I think focusing on a few of the other villians may be nice for a sequel.

I’d give The Lego Batman movie a 4 out of 5. It’s a good movie which is a lot of fun and is written rather well. Also it references a lot of stuff and I think there is something pretty much everyone will like in this movie. However it isn’t perfect and isn’t the best animated film ever, but it is a very fun parody of Batman!

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