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Episode 1 “Pilot”

If you’re a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia then you probably noticed right away the shows “Sweet Dee” (Kaitlin Olson) who’s always the smart one who has to outsmart everybody. Not so much in FOX’s “The Mick” where Mickey or “The Mick” comes up as edgy, dark and a snob.

The Pilot kicks off with Mick having her boyfriend “Jimmy” drive her to Connecticut from Rhode Island to ask her rich sister for money which he isn’t even invited to as they get there. While her sister only has the money because she married a rich guy while working at a strip club, and the two get into a hilarious exchange trying to one-up each other. Right before Mick can get her money the party gets raided by the SEC, and immediately her sister and brother-in-law are being taken away for fraud, and her sister makes a deal telling Mickey that if she can watch the children for the night that she will get her money once she’s out.

Moment later were introduced to the Pemberton kids Sabrina, Chip and Ben in which the two younger boys come off as stuck up rich kids, who aren’t even bothered that their parent just got taken into custody, and believe that once they throw the right amount of money at the Feds that their parent will be out. Sabrina the oldest kid is not having this at all disagreeing with Mickey taking over the parental duties, and quickly begins giving Mickey problems.

The show has a lot of potential, and while the pilot could’ve gone in so many more directions it was a fresh start, and is nothing like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia even though a lot of the same people who work on the show are also in this project. The Mick had a lot of ups and downs, but a lot of those downs can end with a bunch of positives as the season goes on, and we learn about Mick and her scamming ways while living in her sisters fancy mansion.

Episode 2 “The Grandparents”

While after watching episode 1 we were left with a bunch of questions. Such as what would Mickey do after being asked by her sister to watch the kids full time going forward?? And well that seemed fairly simple as Mickey would probably get the hell out of there as fast as she could. Why? Because her sister and brother-in-law have decided to flee the country leaving Mickey behind with the children.

As the episode starts Mickey reunites with Jimmy as the two have a hilarious moment with Jimmy showing off a tattoo he got saying “rip Mickey” thinking she was dead, as he accidentally  ran her over in the previous episode while she was running and hiding from the Feds. In the car Mickey brings “Alba” along the house maid who was also introduced in the pilot, as Mickey takes her out to a bar to have some drinks as the two show off their dance moves, all while Alba was roofied by Mickey.

While Mickey and Alba are away, the Pemberton kids are being watched by their overly strict grandmother “Evelyn” who was called by Mickey in the first place to discipline them, as she teaches them lessons in “tough love”. The show is definitely fresh, and were starting to see the character open up more comical and dark with a perfect example of that being of how funny it was seeing Chip fantasize about drowning his grandpa in the bath tub, while Ben still remains too cute and innocent. Hopefully this will only lead to more bits and dialogues of the characters as the season continues.

On a final note to keep this short and sweet the episode delivered in keeping its audience entertained and is still riddled with questions. Is Alba related to the Pemberton’s somehow? Or what will her role be with her bosses being gone, and will Mickey pay her or keep her around? Also it was refreshing to see “the loan shark” played by Parks and Recreations Joe from the sewage department.

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