Episode 3

The BufferThe Mick

One of my favorite episodes so far early into the season. The Buffer wasn’t really hard to shoot, because it mainly takes place in the Pemberton house hold, but it was sure was fun. The characters continue to open up more, and get more dumber but that isn’t necessary a dumb thing as this episode shows us what were in for long-term as the show grows.

The core of this episode is the battle between Mickey bumping heads with Sabrina trying to get her to use some sort of protection with her hunk of a boyfriend Kai (Andy Favreau). Whether it be Nuva rings, condoms or even birth control since she didn’t want to be responsible for Sabrina getting pregnant, and not because she’s a teen, but because she didn’t want to end up taking care of it. It doesn’t help that Sabrina counters back bu saying that whatever Mickey is offering her is full of “chemicals” and would not try safe sex with Kai.

For the majority of the show Kai is shown shirtless working on wood around the house, and drinking milk of course because why not? While attempting to get Sabrina to take her birth control pills as Sabrina laughs because she keeps it in a plastic bag, Ben walks in and asks what were the pills that Mickey had. Mickey claimed they were “magic” pills as Ben did what any child would do if they were told that, and he ate them all without no one realizing. Ben is pretty mood in a comical way from happy, sad, mad and even cries a few times. Those were some really good spots and a nice way to see Ben show what he can do as a character and actor.

Mickey’s boyfriend, but not really her boyfriend Jimmy on the other hand is just hanging around, and takes advantage of trying to one-up Sabrina and Kai when it comes to getting it done in the bedroom with Mickey. Chip on the other hand is disgusted and a bit jealous that he’s hearing Sabrina and Kai get it on, and is dealing with the fact that he’s 13 and has never kissed a girl. Him and Kai had a pretty good moment when Kai told him to cheer up, and that it’ll happen eventually because the first time he kissed a girl was in 3rd grade which made Chip even more determined to kiss a girl.

One of the better scenes of this show was when Chip approached a girl his age in school and was complimenting her and seeming about to ask her out, when she told him to stop being shy and to just ask. He replied ” I’ll pay you $500 if you make out with me” in which she immediately kicked him in no mans land, and he ended up in the hospital to get checked to find out he could have suffered infertility. Jimmy was there when it happened and told him that, that wasn’t such a bad thing and gave him a fist bump.

overall it was a solid show, with lots of laughs and good moment. I was happy to see Alba and Mickey continue their “friendship” as she even at one time supported Mickey to get Sabrina to use protection, as they both “poisoned” her making her puke and gave her “fake” pregnancy test to make her believe she was pregnant. The jokes at the end was hilarious as well with Ben finally telling Mickey he’s been super moody because he ate all of her “magic” pills which leads to Mickey panicking since her and Jimmy haven’t really been using anything when their in the bedroom as the show end.

Episode 4

The Balloon

Just when you think this show can’t one-up last weeks episode The Mick keeps on proving everyone wrong. The Balloon is solely based on the one thing every character can agree on and that’s Chip. With this episode mainly targeting Chip we still see how disturbing and dark the show can be at times. It starts off with the doctor who sees Chip explaining to Mickey that Chip has been dealing with his parents negligence by eating random objects- things like Mickey’s keys, tacks and blocks. The doctor asks if she’s ready for this, and she goes on a nice monologue claiming that she’s been doing “ok” in a nervous tone, knowing deep down inside she doesn’t even want to be at the house.

As the show goes on Mickey finds out Bens birthday was last week, and even worse went uncelebrated, she immediately shouts at Sabrina and Chip for being horrible siblings and not telling her about poor Ben. Of course they counter back saying it’s not their fault, and that it was “moms job”. When Mickey tells Ben they were going to throw him a bid birthday bash he wouldn’t forget he immediately cheers up asking is his parents would be there, as Mickey and Sabrina manage to keep him off that topic by getting him excited with a simple celebration.

But of course in reality while trying to make Ben happy of course Mickey and Sabrina along with Chip try to one-up each other when it comes to Bens’s happiness. The day of the party is when we see the character spun out panicking in many ways as they all try to please Ben. Sabrina and Ben decide to amp things up a bit and get a pony for Ben, while Jimmy gives “Sully” a call who turns out to be a drug addict clown who happens to save the day momentarily.

When the pony arrives the guy who’s delivering it has Chip sign some forms with Chip asking question after question, but the guys responds with he doesn’t know anything about the pony, he’s just simply there to drop it off. As Chip gets on top of the pony cluelessly they immediately wonder off leaving Sabrina weary back at the birthday bash. Mickey laughs when she finds out something went wrong, and that’s when Jimmy walks in with Sully. He did wow Sabrina and Chip momentarily catching a bird out of mid-air and would soon be ready to put on a show for the kids.

I will mention that during this interaction with Sully he drops a “red-ballon” which is to believed to be filled with “heroin” as Ben picks it up and swallows it. Mickey, Sabrina and Jimmy panic trying to get Ben to throw it up, and find out Ben has no gag reflex with Mickey sticking her whole finger down Ben’s throat. They panic, but agree not to call 911, because that would only lead to arrests and CPS getting involved and possibly getting Ben taken away. With Chip and the pony lost a few blocks down the party heads inside as Mickey and Jimmy have all the kids seated and ready to prove to Sabrina that they didn’t need all this money to save the day for Ben. Sully asks if there’s a room he can use because he needed 15 minutes before show time. Mickey angrily tell him no, but that he could use the bathroom and only had 5 minutes.

Minutes later Sully doesn’t come out, with the kids getting bored and aggravated Mickey, Sabrina and Jimmy go to look for Sully as they walk in on Sully passed out in the bath tub with a needle in his arm, as they think he just overdosed at a kids party. Sabrina and Mickey bark at each other, but leave Sully alone for the meantime as they return to be with Ben. Luckily Chip makes the rescue as he makes his way back to the party with the pony, as the pony is moving at a really fast pace knocking the crap out of Jimmy which probably gave him some internal bleeding, and finally gets Ben to throw up the “heroine filled red-balloon”.

The show ends on a good note with Sully waking up as he hears the word “cake” as it turns out that Sully isn’t really a “heroin addict clown” and just a really bad diabetic who eats wat too much birthday cake. Mickey then gives Ben a box full of random stuff claiming it was from his parents as its filled with my little pony stuff and a mouse which he immediately swallows. This was such a sweet and nice finish to a dark and twister episode in a comical way, and reminds us all why Mickey is there to begin with, and that’s because the parents aren’t.

Episode 5

The Fire

Finally we get to see Sabrina and Mickey for a bit in this episode, over a bad reason which is smoking cigarettes, but nonetheless it was a nice change to see. We start off with Liz the nosy neighbor ringing the door bell mad telling Mickey and Sabrina that she caught Ben trying to record her in the shower. Ben is also covered in dirt as he tells the girls that he’s been in the woods and in the treehouse hanging out with his imaginary friend “Omicron”. They scold him anyways.

In a nice moment between Mickey and Sabrina over countless cigarettes Mickey tells a story of how she took her cat Morphine to a concert once, as they flick a cigarette to a beautiful bush setting it on fire which turns out to be Liz’s guest house as Liz immediately blames Ben.

When the fire inspector comes to talk to Ben about the fire, he picks a very bad time. Chip, admiringly, is trying to bond with Ben half as well as Sabrina and Mickey are bonding. Chip continues to bond with Ben, teaching him to ride a bike! Asking him to see a movie! Hopefully we can see this in more episodes. But he does a poor job with the bike, which leads Ben to get covered in bruises and cuts. Chip, luckily, finds a bunch of bandages in Alba’s first aid kit – bandages that are actually her nicotine patches, as Alba mentions earlier that she shamefully hides them.

Turns out Ben is totally drugged up when the fire inspector talks to him, but even more damning is how he talks about Omicron, using a particularly creepy “demonic voice” to re-enact a conversation with him. This gets Mickey and the older kids to finally pay attention, and they go to visit Ben’s treehouse in the woods. Where they find a creepy homeless man living in it! It’s creepy because you’d think he’d probably mess Ben up, but it turns out that he taught the kid long division, and how to whistle.

While the cast remains creeped out about the guy in the treehouse, Alba immediately suggest that none of them take the fall for the fire, nor Ben and instead they would blame it on this weird guy.

Mickey and Sabrina take Omicron to Liz’s house and he promises to kill Mickey and Sabrina if they don’t stop smoking, and gives Ben that voice-box-thing people with holes in their throats use to speak. And then…then he has a smoke outside of Liz’s house, and we see his throat hole with smoke coming out.

Interesting episode to say the least, but seemed a bit out-of-order. Jimmy wasn’t involved, and Ben continues to react horribly to his parent departing. Either way can’t wait for episode 6 and see what this whacky, and heart warming cast brings for us next time.


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