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If you haven’t started watching the Fox comedy ‘The Mick‘ yet, you’re missing out. These laugh out loud episodes are packed full of fun and adventure and will leave you wanting more.

Episode 9 titled “The Mess” starts with Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) trying to gain control of her spoiled niece and nephews by disciplining them, and it doesn’t go well.

After stepping on a burrito, Mickey tells Chip (Thomas Barbusca) and Ben (Jack Stanton) and Chips friend Andrew that they need to clean up after themselves and not expect Alba (Carla Jimenez), their maid/babysitter to do all the work. Mickey and her sometimes boyfriend, Jimmy (Scott MacArthur) want to watch the Red Sox game she has recorded in peace and kicks the kids out of the room. None of the kids will switch the input on the tv for her, even sweet little Ben, causing Mickey to later go talk to him about her being in charge and do as he’s told. Sabrina (Sophia Black D’Elia) and Chip enter and need Ben to go into the attic for them. Mickey tells them they need to wait because she’s talking to him and they start arguing over him. Chip and Sabrina then say if Ben doesn’t come help them he’ll end up like their other brother, who is dead. Mickey tells him not to listen to them because they didn’t have another brother but they insist. Mickey then tells them to say his name on the count of three to which they both say Elliot. This horrifies Ben and he agrees to help them.

The next day, Mickey tries to punish the kids by keeping them home from school and grounding them, which makes them happy. But Mickey says they can’t watch TV either, so they just pull out their phones instead. Mickey then tells them they can’t leave the house until it’s cleaned, then proceeds to make even more of a mess, throwing and breaking stuff as the kids sit in silence, ignoring her, playing on their phones. This causes Mickey to try to shut down the party they’ve been dying to go to, making the kids panic and agree to clean up the mess.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Alba head out for a drink, or 6, and leave the kids at home cleaning. After returning home to what seems like a clean house, Mickey and Alba go upstairs to her bedroom to watch the Red Sox game she had previously recorded. Once they enter the room, however, they discover the kids have piled the mess into her room, leaving it a disaster. Turning to go back downstairs to yell at them she finds that the kids have locked her and Alba in the bedroom so they can leave to go to their party. Rushing to the window, they find the kids getting into the car, driven by Jimmy.

Mickey then throws herself out of the upstsairs window and onto the car to stop them. The girl is invincible. Everyone screams but of course nobody is in a hurry to see if she is ok. Jimmy drives off, leaving her, and continues on to the party.

Meanwhile at the party, Chip and his buddy Andrew are chatting up the cool girl who asks them if they want to go somewhere more quiet to talk. Andrew immediately thinks this will result in a threesome, which mortifies Chip.

Mickey shows up at the party with Alba looking for the kids and finds Jimmy chugging a 40oz. She demands to know where the kids are then goes off to find them. While searching, Alba stumbles into a room of people smoking pot and ends up joining them, singing along to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ in one of the episodes funniest scenes. Mickey finds Chip and Andrew in the bathroom, both in a bubble bath, waiting for the girl they were talking to earlier. Mickey makes Chip get out, leaving Andrew alone. The girl then walks in and shuts the door and is alone with Andrew. We can only imagine how that went…

Outside, Mickey finds Sabrina in the pool drinking from a beer bong and demands to know where Ben is. She finds him dancing and tells him it’s time to go, to which he screams at her, “Screw you!”, causing Mickey to grab him and throw him over her knee and spank him repeatedly, shocking everyone.

Back at the house, Mickey tries apologizing but the kids aren’t being forgiving. She then asks if she can take them out to dinner. They agree, thinking they are going to a restaurant, but instead, Mickey drops them off in the middle of nowhere and takes their phones and tells them she’s sorry their parents aren’t there, but she is, and she needs to be in charge. She then leaves them to decide on the walk home if they want her to stick around or not.

The next morning, Mickey is impatiently waiting for their arrival. Sabrina and Chip finally walk in and proceed to grab the broom and vacuum, not saying a word. Ben follows and the two share a sweet hug,  but she still makes him join his siblings and clean as well.

It’s been fun to see Mickeys character development in recent episodes and watch her try to get the whole parenting thing, in her own way. The cast shines and the writing is great. Watch The Mick Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c BartzEntertainmentRecent PostsTV ShowsCarla Jimenez,Comedy,FOX,Jack Stanton,Kaitlin olson,Scott MacArthur,Sofia Black D'Elia,the mick,Thomas BarbuscaIf you haven't started watching the Fox comedy 'The Mick' yet, you're missing out. These laugh out loud episodes are packed full of fun and adventure and will leave you wanting more. Episode 9 titled 'The Mess' starts with Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) trying to gain control of her spoiled niece...