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In tonight’s episode of The Mick, Mickey gets called to Ben’s school because he’s been peeing on the school bus and hasn’t been wearing his uniform properly. In trying to stick up for him, she actually gets him kicked out. Ben, wanting to wear dresses now and going by ‘Beth’ gets accepted to a new school, Barnesdale. The principal is excited to welcome him to the school as their first transgender student. He isn’t really transgender, though, and more gender fluid.

Meanwhile, Chip and Sabrina decide to try to get to know Alba better after an argument with Mickey about them not being diverse enough ended with them having to admit they don’t even know Alba’s last name. They go out to lunch with her and ask her about Guatemala, where she is from, and discover she is reading facts from the Guatemala Wikipedia page on her phone. She admits that even though she is from Guatemala, her culture is American since she has been here since she was a child. Chip and Sabrina are disappointed in this, but agree to go with her to another restaurant of her choice.

While sunbathing by the pool with Jimmy, Mickey gets called to the principles office because one the students father is concerned about his daughter sharing a bathroom with Ben, causing him to be kicked out. This infuriates Mickey and she tells them that this is not over.

Alba, Chip and Sabrina go to a restaurant with karaoke where Alba tells them she likes to sing, just not in front of people. While there, Chip meets a waiter who is Nigerian and thinks this is the perfect opportunity to show Mickey that he is diverse and wants to record conversations with him to stick it to her. During their second visit to the restaurant, Sabrina goes up to sing to prove to Alba that it isn’t so scary. Her song of choice? “Big Poppa” by Notorious BIG. We find out that while singing it, she dropped the N word, causing people to be very upset with her. She argues that she was just singing it how it’s done in the song. People start to give her a hard time and Alba being the angel that she is, goes on stage and starts singing “At Last”, taking the heat from Sabrina. Dang, who knew she could sing?! Chip and Sabrina are impressed and watch her shine.

Later, Mickey and Jimmy sneak into the school so she can try to get Ben back in. Mickey breaks the door open to the stall in the bathroom where the principal is and scares her. They go out to the playground where Jimmy is hiding in the bushes with a camera and Mickey makes him out to be a pedophile. The principal agrees to let Ben come back, but he has changed his mind and wants to go back to his old school. Mickey once again has to return and argue her way to getting him accepted back and she is successful.

It was so refreshing to see this storyline told in a way that makes you laugh while still taking it serious and making us want to high-five Mickey for being so open and accepting to Ben. Cheers to the writers for doing this so brilliantly.

Quote of the episode: “You don’t have to worry about labels, buddy, just like who you like.” -Mickey
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