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Last week on The Originals, Klaus returned to Mystic Falls to seek help. Here’s the full recap of “The Tale of Two Wolves”, the second to last episode of the series.

As everyone came to terms that there may not be a way to save Hope, Marcel and Elijah concluded that Klaus needed to tell Hope that she’s dying. Instead, he came up with a plan to take Hope to Mystic Falls for help. Elijah wasn’t happy but was convinced to help.

Joseph Morgan and Candice King in The Originals (2013)Caroline stunned to hear that Hope was dying and less than pleased to hear that Klaus’ plan needed her daughters to siphon the darkness from Hope and put it into him. He said his plan was to have Caroline chain him up and toss him into the ocean.

Elsewhere, Hope explained to her uncle that all of the writings around school (Stefan’s diary and Alaric’s journals) painted Klaus as a villain. To distract her, he took her out into town where a few familiar names were on display; a park bench dedicated to Sheriff Matt Donovan and the window of Elena’s, now Elena Salvatore, medical practice. They interacted with a teenager name Landon who knew Hope. He invited her out to a music event but she turned him down not only because of the full moon but because she’s known all along that she’s dying.

In order to agree to help, the twins try to negotiate new phones and a few other perks like new school uniforms. Once they’re on board, Klaus tried to explain what he needed only for Alaric to arrive and stake him with a crossbow. He proceeded to lock Klaus up in a cellar.

In town, Elijah left Landon a big tip after seeing him deal with a few stereotypical jocks and rented a Bentley for Hope to drive. During the drive, she questioned if she was a mistake. They ended up at Mystic Falls High where Hope used her magic to bust the windows of Landon’s bully’s car. The boy, Connor, freaked out as Elijah and Hope watch with smug smirks.

Back with Caroline, she and Alaric argue over helping Klaus. Alaric was baffled that Caroline still allowed Klaus into her life and to cloud her judgment. Their conversation was interrupted by Klaus himself who explained that his real plan was to be killed with a remaining white oak stake. Caroline was upset that he wasn’t upfront with her, drawing parallels to Stefan’s sacrifice. Conflicted about her feelings for him, she promised to convince Alaric to let Josie and Lizzie help before walking off. Klaus isn’t alone long before Elijah rushed in with Hope. She had fainted in the parking lot of the school mid-breakdown about ruining her family and losing her mom.

The OriginalsWith no heartbeat, Hope woke up on the other side and was reunited with her mom. Hayley demanded that she go back and to keep fighting. She told her daughter that she forgave her. To show that she wasn’t alone, Hayley led her to the bayou where Jackson and the other fallen werewolves were enjoying their time together. The pair tearfully parted and Hope woke up.

Klaus explained with tears in his eyes that he found a way to save her. Hope was confused but can only hug her father, still shaken by her near death and seeing her mother. That night, he took her to the music event. Spotting her uncle, Hope went to sit by him and told him that her mother told her in a dream that she’s still holding out for that dance. Realizing that Hope really saw Hayley, Elijah was shaken. When the pair spotted Landon, Elijah left her to go speak to him.

As the teenagers dance, Klaus looked on. He was soon joined by Caroline who told him that he wasn’t the villain of her story. The pair almost shared a kiss before the clock tower chimed, signaling it’s almost time for Hope’s shift. Caroline left him to watch Hope dance while she went to prep her girls for the spell. Klaus was forced to temporarily kill Elijah when he tried to stop him from sacrificing himself.

Not wanting Hope to be stuck inside during her transformation, Klaus gave her the siphoning tonic and took her into the woods. As she transformed, Josie and Lizzie began their spell. Klaus talked Hope through the transition and looked on proudly when she fully transformed. After she ran off, the darkness was transferred to him. Elijah woke up and arrived just as the spell was completed. The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Klaus raised the white oak stake to his chest and Elijah shouted for him not to.

Review of The Originals “The Tale of Two Wolves”

I was a little bummed that the writers had Klaus whisk Hope away from her family knowing that this could be her last day. I liked that she and Elijah were able to spend time together though and bond. It felt weird to watch characters march around Mystic Falls without seeing most of the iconic faces we’re used to seeing there. From the context of Bonnie name drop, it seemed that the TVD universe still only sees her as a magical solution and not a friend Caroline would actually miss and call for advice.

I’m sure Klaroline shippers were on edge with the scenes their pairing had. Lastly, I loved that Klaus was there to talk Hope through her first shift and that Hayley was able to have a bit of closure with her daughter. Her message to Elijah continued to solidify the idea that he’ll probably die somehow.

I’m giving last week’s episode of the series an 8 out of 10.


The series finale of The Originals airs tomorrow night at 9 PM EST on the CW.


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