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On the latest episode of The Originals, New Orleans dealt with the fallout of the nightwalkers’ attack and Hope’s growing darkness. Here’s a recap and review of “There in the Disappearing Light”.

Danielle Rose Russell in The Originals (2013)In the manor, Klaus had Hope attempting to take out her anger on him through violence. When it failed to make an impact, Klaus went after someone who Hope actually wanted to hurt, Roman. Elsewhere, Vincent’s anger over Ivy’s death is cut short when she and several witches come back as vampires. On his own mission, Marcel went to investigate Emmett and his purist vamps after leaving Josh a voicemail mentioning that he may need back up.

The younger vampire ignored his call and chatted with Declan who was interested in finding out why his family supposedly went crazy and killed themselves. Josh warned him against it before his attention was grabbed by a cute customer. While Klaus left Hope alone with a tied up Roman and Elijah begged for Vincent’s help with his niece, Marcel walked right into a trap. The nightwalkers’ witch and Emmett were ready for him and knocked him unconscious.

After his talk with Vincent, Elijah met up with Antoinette. She asked for his help to save Roman from Klaus. While Emmett bragged about catching Marcel and his fallen status, Josh and his new friend parted ways after the young vamp revealed he wasn’t over his late ex. He finally saw Marcel’s missed call as Emmett extracted Marcel’s venom to use against the Mikaelsons.

While Ivy spent her last hours with Vincent and took a trip to the other side for her to see its dark reality, Roman tried his best to apologize to Hope. Despite her anger, Hope was unable to stab Roman with the knife she brought for the occasion. The teens were both terrified when the veins on her arm begin to darken. Upstairs, Elijah reminded Klaus that Hope was supposed to be better than them, not violently killing her enemies and losing her humanity.

Image result for the originals ivyUnable to sway Klaus, Elijah asked Antoinette to gather her mother’s minions. He interrupted Klaus and Hope discussing her arm to share his idea with his brother. As night fell, Ivy refused to believe that the afterlife was dark and miserable and Josh went after Marcel.

He killed Emmett’s witch and the duo fought off the other nightwalkers. Things seemed okay until Josh revealed that he had been stabbed with a syringe. As he died in Marcel’s arm, he told Marcel that he was his family. He whispered something inaudible to viewers before dying.

Antoinette followed Elijah’s plan and gathered Emmett and the other purists. She said that they were getting ready to go to war against the Mikealsons. Elijah arrived and pretended to side with them until Hope, Klaus, and Marcel arrived. They allowed Hope to use her powers to kill them all. After realizing what she did, she was shaken. Marcel left soon after to deal with Josh’s body without telling anyone that he had died. Upstairs, Klaus and Hope found Declan bloody and unconscious. He had been at the church researching his family. Klaus fed him his blood to save him.

In the cemetery, Vincent and the witches broke their connection to the ancestral realm so their loved ones could be at peace, no longer stuck being magical ciphers. While Josh reunited with Aiden on the other side and Roman tried to comfort Hope, Klaus discovered that a church clerk was killed by a fallen file cabinet because of Hope’s outburst. At the manor, Hope fell to her knees as her werewolf curse was triggered.

Review of last week’s episode of The Originals

I  loved all the Klope scenes in “There in the Disappearing Light”. While I’m not a supporter of Klaus letting Hope commit acts of violence, I understand that he thinks he’s doing what’s best for her. While Elijah gave Klaus some wise words, it’s clearly going to be a while before that duo even remotely get along decently. As a viewer, I still have some feelings towards Elijah because of Hayley’s death. With only a few episodes left in the series, I’m not sure if the writers will accomplish repairing my image of the character. But knowing the universe that The Originals exist in, I wouldn’t be surprised if his redemption comes through a sacrificial death to save his family.

I hated what the writers did to Josh. First, to have a vampire Marcel’s age walk into a trap like that.I thought it was ridiculous and a lazy way to write in Josh’s death and give Marcel even more motivation to take down the nightwalkers.

My disappointment wasn’t swayed by the fact that he reunited with Aiden in the afterlife. It was nice to see him happy and reunited with his love, but no less disappointing because he deserved to live. Ivy did do. She was awesome and perfect for Vincent. Now that the majority if not all of the purists are gone, there a few episodes left to resolve Hope’s latest status as a true tri-brid and a slew of subplots including a shift in the witches’ powers now that they’re no longer connected to their ancestral magic.

I’m giving last week’s episode of The Originals an 8 out of 10.


The Originals air Wednesdays at 9 PM EST on the CW.


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