The OriginalsOn last week’s episode of The Originals, familiar faces returned as vows were exchanged and Klaus continued to try and save Hope. Here’s a recap of “Til the Day I Die”.

With Ivy and Josh’s deaths and Hope activating her werewolf side, Freya and Keelin decided to not waste another day and get married immediately. Klaus did his best to check in on Hope, who’s still reeling from Bill’s death and the idea of going through her first shift without her mother. Killing Emmett and his groupies only temporarily subdued the dark veins and with a full moon approaching, she wanted to be left alone. Klaus granted that request, leaving her in the graveyard.

At the manor, Elijah turned down Freya’s request to walk her down the aisle, still unable to cope with everything he’s dealing with. He found a letter from Andrea (Hayley’s birth name), which brought on a memory of meeting her at the bar he hung around in France.

She introduced herself as Andrea and mentioned not being able to let go of an ex. They hit it off, but Elijah left mid-conversation mentioning an art show his girlfriend (Antoinette) recommended. He invited “Andrea” to come along but she decided to not to go.

Downstairs, Freya heard another no as Vincent announced that he was leaving New Orleans and would be unable to be her best man. Tired of loss and struggling, he wanted to get away for however long it takes for him to be okay again. Elsewhere, Davina made her return as Klaus goes to see her about Hope.

Back at Rosseau’s, Declan revealed to Marcel that he had been reading his uncle’s journals which revealed that Josh and Marcel were vampires. His plan is to call a meeting and rally humans all together to get the human faction a voice again. He refused to let it go and Marcel punched him, knocking him out. Later, Davina arrived and provided Hope with some comfort despite being nervous about her wellbeing. Using Hope’s tears, she began a spell.

Rebekah urged Freya to get on the same page with Keelin about kids. Freya told Keelin that she didn’t want to have children after losing her son, leaving them both in tears. Upstairs, Elijah was lost in his memory of spending time with Hayley in France. She ended up going to the art show and they continued to chat amicably. They danced and talked about love and feeling destined for someone. They parted agreeing to dance together in another life.

When Davina tried to do a spell to find a cure for Hope, something went wrong and Esther’s grimoire was destroyed. Rebekah delivered this news to Klaus, telling him that darkness was killing his daughter from the inside and she didn’t have long to live. While Freya and Keelin come to an agreement to be open to each other’s desires, Elijah left despite hearing that Hope was dying. He revealed that he remembered Hayley from France and could have saved her.

Nathaniel Buzolic, Christina Marie Moses, Riley Voelkel, and Danielle Rose Russell in The Originals (2013)Before the wedding, Davina advised Marcel to let Declan go and bring peace. At the last minute, Elijah arrived to walk Freya down the aisle. In the midst of the wedding, we heard Hayley’s letter to Elijah, wishing him happiness in life. As Kol pronounced the couple married, Hope used her magic to add a special touch.

During the reception, those who knew of Hope’s condition watched on nervously, especially when she had a moment where she appeared to faint. She and Keelin brushed it off as too much champagne. Later, Marcel freed Declan and agreed to teach the man all about the supernatural so he wouldn’t be blindsided by anything if he was going to take over the human faction. Unable to tell Hope that she’s dying, Klaus found comfort in Elijah.

Review of The Originals “Til The Day I Die”

Episode 11 was definitely an emotional roller coaster. From the news that Hope was dying to all the yes and nos of the wedding, the Mikaelsons and Marcel can never catch a break. It was bittersweet seeing Hayley again and to hear that Elijah recognized her. Their talk of seeing each other in another life definitely makes me think the writers are going to follow the sacrificial plotline and have Elijah die to save Hope and reunite with Hayley on the other side.

Shoutout to Riley Voelkel and Christina Maria Moses who brought all the emotions in this episode from Freya and Keelin’s discussion of children to all the lovey-dovey moments. Christina is great in the role of Keelin. Joseph Morgan never fails to wow me as Klaus. As for Declan, I’m not sure if he’s just super brave or stupid. Marcel could have killed him easily and had the nerve to give attitude. Dude is lucky to be alive.

I’m looking forward to the final two episodes of the show but nervous about where the Originals writers will take these characters and bring their stories to a close.

I’m giving “Til the Day I Die” a 9 out 10.


The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9 PM EST on The CW.


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