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This week on The Originals, fans said goodbye to some of their favorites after five seasons of watching the first family of vampires fight, love, and scheme. Here’s a recap for the series finale titled, “When the Saints Go Marching In”.

Picking up from where we left off last week, Elijah was trying to convince Klaus not to go through with his plan when Hope showed up and knocked him out so he couldn’t kill himself. They took him back to New Orleans, where they chained him up. Tired of family drama and sure that Klaus would survive, as usual, Kol left to return home while Hope looked for a solution. Freya told her that there wasn’t enough magic in the world to save her father. In the cellar, Klaus hallucinated Mikael and Cami. Mikael tried to convince him to kill Hope, while Cami told him to run away and ignore Mikael’s negative words.

While he escaped into the Mardi Gras crowds, Rebekah tried to stop Kol from leaving. Freya found Klaus soon after when dark magic appeared on a city map. Listening to Cami’s voice, Klaus held back from harming Hope just before Elijah and others arrived and snapped his neck.

Later, Freya went to Vincent to find a binder with a specific spell only to discover that he was leaving for good. She revealed that she wanted him to father her and Keelin’s child just before they found his binder. The spell allowed Elijah to temporarily take on some of the darkness so Klaus could have a clear mind in his last hours. Klaus was not happy and tried to convince Elijah to finally let him go. Elsewhere, Rebekah returned home after realizing that Kol truly didn’t care about Klaus’ pending doom and their promise of “Always and Forever”.

Caroline arrived in New Orleans to make Klaus pay up on his debt of giving her a tour of New Orleans. While Vincent turns down Freya’s request for fear of passing on his issues to another generation, Rebekah and Marcel had an emotional moment. Realizing Kol was right about choosing happiness, she initiated a kiss which he happily returned.

In the city, Caroline told Klaus he had to say goodbye to Hope before kissing him and leaving.  Her last words to him were “I’ll never forget you”. He returned home, not wanting to leave Hope without closure. They cried together and tried to come to terms with what is about to happen. They soon joined Marcel, Rebekah, Elijah, Freya, and Keelin who started reminiscing about Klaus and his life. Kol soon arrived as well. They gathered around and shared memories, laughter, and drinks.

Image result for the originalsFollowing a family tradition, they gathered around to burn their wishes. Klaus expressed his love for everyone and his certainty that Hope would have a bright future with their family around. They all echo the sentiments of “Always and Forever” before Klaus pulled Hope into another room. With the others, Elijah mentioned that there was something else they needed to discuss.

Later, Klaus revealed to Rebekah that he asked Caroline to give the cure to Rebekah in a few decades, giving her a choice to live and die. She hugged both he and Elijah before leaving them alone. Elijah proceeded to break the stake in half and revealed that he intended to die by his brother’s side. In a quick flashback, we saw the eldest Mikaelson saying his goodbyes. In her room, Hayley watched over Hope while Vincent returned to help Freya and Keelin start a family.

Image result for the originalsWith Marcel and Rebekah, the Mikaelson revealed that she was going to take the cure and the duo agreed to get married. In the last moments of the series, Klaus and Elijah thanked each other and teared up before staking each other and turning into dust.

The end.

Review of the series finale of The Originals 

The final episode of the series made me cry but was also predictable. It certainly didn’t help that “fans” were posting spoilers before the episode even aired. The heart-wrenching goodbyes were well done. I particularly enjoyed the shot of Klaus and Hope with their foreheads together and the zoom out view of that moment. As for the writing, the redemption arcs that Julie tries to take all her vampires on is admirable to an extent but emotionally exhausting in their conclusions. For the second time, the only form of redemption that seems acceptable is a sacrificial death.

As for closure for the other characters, it’s unclear if Marcel is going to take the cure with Rebekah or simply watch her age and die. Frankly, I can’t see him doing either. Would the cure even work on him as an enhanced supernatural? If it does work, does that leave Hope with Kol as Freya, Keelin, Rebekah, Davina, Vincent, and Marcel eventually die? Not sure why the writers of both vampire series were so into turning characters into orphans.

Fans will definitely feel jolted that we got no glimpse at the afterlife like we did in the TVD finale or with Josh and Hayley. Overall, it was a good finale performance wise but the writing was not satisfying. I’m giving it a 7 out of 10. In the end, I enjoyed The Originals more than TVD but I’m not sure I’ll be watching Legacies with Plec at the helm. Finally, bravo to the cast on amazing performances all these years!  Thank you for giving your all to these characters.

Always and Forever!


What did you think of the finale?


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