In case you missed The Thomas Transition for UFC 198 here is the newest edition. In this segment I will play the role UFC matchmaker Joe Silva and make my pick for what is next for the winners and losers of UFC 199.

WOW, OH MY GOD!! What a night of fights for UFC 199. The pre-fight hype was palpable with Rockhold vs Bisping 2 in the Main Event and Cruz vs Faber 3 in the co-main event— a rivalry that spanned 10 years. For a card that had a new main event the UFC did a wonderful job in marketing and advertising on only two weeks notice. I honestly believed that the new main event, would be better than Rockhold vs Weidman. So what’s next for the Winner’s and Loser’s of UFC 199….


( Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)
( Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

Michael Bisping: ‘The Count’ is the UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION. Words I never thought I would type on a page. In sports there are few moments that are poetic. This was one of those moments. In his 10th year with the UFC there are not too many fighters on the roster that deserved to be Champion more than Michael Bisping. Bisping was not given much of a chance in this fight due to the fact that Rockhold had appeared to be a far better striker. Not tonight. Bisping won the fight by way of knockout launching myself out my bar stool and looking down at my father’s shocked face. As if he had seen a ghost right before my eyes. But as I said, always a company man Michael Bisping is so deserving of the title and as a longtime UFC fan I am very happy for ‘The Count’. But what’s next? While a Bisping vs Rockhold rubber match would make sense and they both seemed like they are willing to punch each other in the face again. I feel that Bisping, having been in the UFC for 10 years, with ups and downs it is HIS CALL for the next challenger. As I have also alluded to earlier, I am against immediate rematches in title fights. With Rockhold vs Weidman 2 back-to-back from the first fight, I didn’t see it as a smart fight for Weidman. Much like I don’t see this fight as smart for Rockhold. I would much rather see these two guys take on another man before they fight again and let history develop a little bit. Bisping should get the chance to relish this moment and the UFC fans should as well. So this is the fight I see happening for the new Middleweight Champion….

Michael Bisping vs Jacare Souza in the UK sometime in the Spring.

UFC 199
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Dominick Cruz: Cruz put the finishing touches on a rivalry that spanned 10 years. Now he has a lot of fresh options waiting for him and that same giant target on his back. The chapter of Urijah Faber in his career is officially closed forever and now he can set his sights on a new challenger. With the TJ Dillashaw vs Rafeal Assuncao fight scheduled for UFC 200 a fight I see Dillashaw winning I could definitely see the two meeting up once again.

Cruz vs Dillashaw 2 in December or January.

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Dan Henderson: Was that not amazing or what!? That elbow. Oh my god. Beautiful. Vintage performance from a man that should be on the Mount Rushmore of Mixed Martial Arts. While he was in trouble in the first round, Hendo did a great job of surviving and then waiting to pick his shot in the 2nd. Lombard appeared tired after pushing the pace in the first, carrying around all of that muscle and Hendo capitalized. I love Dan Henderson, he is one of the greatest of all-time, but if there was ever a fight that would be fitting to end his legendary career this would be it and I think that is what he will do.

Henderson retires.

Max Halloway: This guy continues to impress me and everyone at 145 lbs should look out. Halloway has a great skill-set of kicks and punches and he uses his reach very well and did so last night vs Ricardo Lamas. Halloway is the only man to go the distance with current Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor, and he has shown that he is for real. Now with that being said, the division itself is cloudy from the top. McGregor has signed on to fight Nate Diaz again at UFC 202 in August. Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar 2 will take place at UFC 200 on July 9th. The top 3 guys are all booked so presumably the winner of Aldo vs Edgar will get the next title-shot or if McGregor is stripped of his belt the winner could be the new champion. The next fight for Max Halloway depends on whether McGregor moves back down to 145 to defend his belt. If he doesn’t, Halloway get’s a title-shot. If he does, Halloway has another fight while he waits in line.

Max Halloway vs Jeremy Stephens in December.

Dustin Poirier: I alluded that “The Diamond” is not the same man that he was at 145 lbs in my previews and predictions. The switching of weight classes was thought to be suicide, it has turned into a perennial shot at top 5 Lightweight in the world. Will his next fight be against a top guy? Who knows. But there are a lot of guys to choose from at 155 lbs for Dustin to take on. With a baby on the way he said he wants to be there for his wife and enjoy being a father. Well congratulations enjoy the torrid run and the newest member of the family. Poirier deserves to kick back.

Poirier wait’s and takes on the winner of Ferguson vs Cheisa.


Alright time for the Losers of UFC 199 and boy did these guys lose.

UFC 199
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Luke Rockhold: Thought to be the “next big thing” at 185 lbs, Luke Rockhold now carries the distinction of one of the worst championship runs in UFC history. Sad but true. Not only was this his first title defense but his challenger was a fighter that he had beat before, facing him on two weeks notice and he was knocked out cold in the first round. So we can all look back on that moment where Luke Rockhold referred to himself as a better version of Anderson Silva in the Spider’s heyday and collectively laugh. Did he underestimate Bisping? Sure he did. He thought he would go in and run right through him and from the opening of the fight he fought with his hands down and he was flat-footed coming straight forward. He let his emotions get in the way of a fight that he easily could have won. But destiny had other plans. So what’s next? To avoid an immediate rematch which is what the UFC should try to do, We could see Rockhold taking on possibly his original opponent for UFC 199. Who knows how long Chris Weidman will be out, but Weidman believes he could be back by December. I don’t know if that’s the case, and my matchmaking skills tell me let’s see him prove how great he is compared to Anderson Silva, why not? Both guys are coming off of losses to Bisping. If Luke is not getting the next title-shot why not put him in a fight that will make him big money, and with a win for “The Spider” it would give Anderson Silva a chance to get back into the title picture. Book it.

Luke Rockhold vs Anderson Silva UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden.

Urijah Faber: The California Kid. Wait what was that the same guy last night? For a DECADE long rivalry culminating into last night’s fight. If you had not known the history between both Cruz and Faber, and you watched the fight you would think nothing of the lackluster performance of Urijah Faber. But for someone like myself who saw the beginning and the end all take place right before my eyes, you would be doing the same thing I did while watching last night’s fight. Yelling at the TV. Now I understand that this sport is the highest level of combat, but for a fight that took five years to make you would think especially being that it’s a title shot that Faber would show urgency. In fact he did the exact opposite. If compubox had a statline of how many steps Faber moved backwards he would be winning that one in a landslide. Faber moved back the entire fight throwing only one shot maybe two at a time. Which is disappointing because that is the very thing Cruz said he would do. From what my eyes could see, Faber entered the fight with the game-plan of reacting to everything Cruz does, whether that be faints or punches, Faber was in defensive mode the entire fight and by the time he countered Cruz was already gone. Making it an easy night for Dom. With this fight Faber is now 0-6 in title shots, and at 37 years old, one has to begin to wonder if Urijah is never fighting for a belt again. What is the point of him continuing to fight? The answer is there really is zero point. But there are intriguing matchups that the UFC could feature with him and some of the pioneer-type guys similar to him. But if he wins those fights, what will it do besides adding another win to his record? Not a damn thing, because Faber should not/will not ever fight for a UFC title again. Add in the fact that he has “friends” in the division like Cody “No Love” Garbrandt he would probably take himself out of the title picture even if he was remotely in it, which after that performance, he should not be. I would love to be able to pick a fight for Urijah Faber he was one of my favorite fighters in MMA for a long long time but he’s not that guy anymore.

Urijah Faber Retires.

Ricardo Lamas: Lamas took on one of the baddest dudes in the division and physically was out-matched, but that didn’t stop him from going out like a true warrior. Some of the shots Halloway landed I thought would end the fight for sure but Lamas kept coming. Good for him. Even with the loss he still remains one of the better Featherweights in the UFC. That being said, I do believe this will take him out of any contender discussion and it might be back to the drawing board for Lamas. Next fight.

Ricardo Lamas vs Hacran Dias.

Hector Lombard: While Lombard had his moments in the first round–definitely a round that he won, I have seen the same thing take place in other fights with Lombard. A big guy with massive muscles, when Lombard continues to load up on punches he gasses fast, mainly because his muscles fill with lactic acid. When that happens everything is in slow motion. Your arms are shot. Quickly into the 2nd round Lombard looked tired and hesitant to throw when he should have, I believe it was because of his pursuit of knocking out Dan Henderson in the first round. Unfortunately for him, Hendo had other plans. When Lombard came into the UFC for Bellsnore, or I mean Bellator, he was supposed to be a big deal but never became what he was thought to become. A game fighter but a guy that I have seen lose time and time again. With a sizable contract I don’t know if the UFC is interested in carrying around a guy that has lost his last two fights by knockout, and with no real natural weight class, dipping his toes in both the 170lb and 185lb waters. Let’s not forget after his unanimous decision victory over Josh Burkman, Lombard tested positive for anabolic steriods. As far as I’m concerned, he shouldn’t be in the number one MMA organization. Send him back down to number 2 the little guys.

Lombard gets cut, heads to Bellator to fight Kimbo. No seriously, he does head to Bellator and it wouldn’t shock me if he fought Kimbo.

Bobby Green: Bobby Green is such a fun fighter to watch, always game and ready. While this loss stings and it is his 2nd loss in a row, I think Bobby still maintains his spot as a top 15 Lightweight. He shouldn’t feel bad, Poirier is the real deal at 155 and what he has done is pretty special. But Bobby has to go back to the drawing board much like Ricardo Lamas. Of his 8 career losses 6 are by knockout— that’s just the style he brings to the octagon. With that style though, he won’t get any closer to a title shot only further and further away.

Green takes on Evan Dunham!


There you have it, my Thomas Transition: UFC 199. What a night it was as a fight fan. For my UFC Pick’em I went 4-for-5 with my only wrong pick coming by the left hand of Michael Bisping. Congratulations Champ! It was a memorable one seeing Bisping take what he has only dreamed of his entire life. A shocking finish. A great moment. While Bisping provided the shock factor in the cage, one man stole the show outside of the cage. Brock Lesnar. For years we have heard of a possible return and now HE IS BACK. Lesnar was extremely close to making this a reality once before, but elected to go back to the WWE. My first thought was/is will he be in the UFC for good now? Apparently not. The WWE themselves described this as a “one-off”. Which is okay with me. Brock in the octagon is a true spectacle and I can’t wait to see it. Wait, hang on a second, this is a UFC match making article right? So if that is the case it’s only fitting for me to give you guy’s one last prediction. Who will be across from Brock Lesnar at UFC 200? I can’t find a better fighter in mind than the arch-rival of Lesnar’s MMA career Frank Mir. Both men have a win on their record vs each other— Frank winning the first fight, Brock winning the second fight at UFC 100. This fight would be HUGE for the hardcore fans like myself and really it’s the only fight Frank Mir should take. This would be a big payday for both men especially now that Brock vs TBA is slotted for the co-main event. Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir 3. Got goosebumps? ThomasMMARecent PostsUFC 199In case you missed The Thomas Transition for UFC 198 here is the newest edition. In this segment I will play the role UFC matchmaker Joe Silva and make my pick for what is next for the winners and losers of UFC 199. WOW, OH MY GOD!! What a night...