This title seems so harsh ” The Losers” sorry but they did lose so this does make them losers. It’s sad, but true in the case of Miesha Tate and Frankie Edgar especially, two fighters that really had a lot on the line and lost it. So what is next for the losers of UFC 200? This is the Thomas Transition. I am here to tell th losers everything will be okay— It will get better, this isn’t boxing. If it were you would all disappear like Ricky Hatton— remember that guy? Here is the second piece of the Thomas Transition and this is what I believe is next for those that added a loss to their record. Check out the winners future matchups here.

UFC 200
Jul 9, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Amanda Nunes (blue gloves) and Miesha Tate (red gloves) compete during UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena. Nunez won by rear naked choke.
(Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports)

Miesha Tate: Poor Miesha. She entered this fight as the champion. Becoming a UFC champion was a feat that Miesha had prepared to become for nearly a decade. As a pioneer of Women’s MMA I was truly excited to have a possible Tate era within the sport, but it was one and done. From early on in the fight it became apparent to me that Miesha could not handle the straight lefts and rights of Amanda Nunes. It was almost as if she thought she could recover and by the time she realized she couldn’t she was in serious trouble, it was far too late. A potential mega-fight Tate vs Rousey 3 was on the line and now that has simply vanished but with an impressive performance in her next bout she could easily be right back into contention. As I stated in the winners edition, the 135lb female division has a cloudy picture but one opponent for Miesha emerged on UFC 200.

Miesha Tate takes on Julianna Pena in a bout featuring two fighter’s that will have a huge chip on their shoulder

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Mark Hunt: Hunt was picked by over 60% of the MMA world to beat Brock Lesnar on Saturday night. That didn’t happen. What did happen was Hunt could not avoid the take-down and could not land the big shot. This loss puts him down a spot on the current UFC rankings at #9 and his last opponent Brock Lesnar up to #8 out of the Heavyweight divisions top ten. Although the division is weak, losing to a guy that had not fought an MMA bout in 5 years does not scream that you are still a top ten fighter in my eyes. Hunt is a fan favorite and will continue to fight, but from now on I see him in fan favorite fights only. With matchups that will produce rockem sockem robot type fights.

Mark Hunt takes on Derrick Lewis

Jul 9, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Anderson Silva (blue gloves) is punched by Daniel Cormier (red gloves) during UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena. (Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports)
Jul 9, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Anderson Silva (blue gloves) is punched by Daniel Cormier (red gloves) during UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena. (Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports)

Anderson Silva: The man of the hour “The Spider” the guy that took on the Light Heavyweight Champion of the world on 2 days notice. The guy that had Cormier hurt to the body for just a split second. Had he finished the fight then I might have had a heart attack and this would have further proven that MMA is an unpredictable sport. Silva fought a heck of a fight for a guy on 2 days notice. When Cormier was not taking him down, Anderson’s stand up looked very good– Which is not a shocker because we are talking about the 2nd greatest fighter of all-time. While Anderson showed glimpses of his former self on Saturday night I really feel his best days are behind him rather than ahead. His name is still a HUGE draw within the sport but his ability at this point does not match up with the top five of his real division, Middleweight. Not only did Anderson take this fight on two days notice but he was also coming off a serious gall bladder surgery scare just a few months ago. The surgery forced him out of a fight at UFC 198. His opponent for that fight should he what is next for the former champion.

Anderson Silva takes on Urijah Hall

(USA TODAY Sports)
(USA TODAY Sports)

Frankie Edgar: This is what is so tough about writing what is next for the loser of these events. These fighters train so hard as they climb the ladder of the division in each fight and sometimes these losses are just so tough. This is the case with “The Answer” Frankie Edgar who unfortunately did not answer the call that most thought he would. For the second time Edgar has lost to Jose Aldo in two fights that were as Mike Goldberg would refer to as “virtually identical”. For a fighter that won five straight fights, I thought and still think that Edgar should have automatically been next in line for the chance to fight Conor McGregor rather than fighting Jose Aldo a second time. He earned the title shot, Aldo did not losing to a guy in 13 seconds after stalling the fight for nearly a year. That is not what champions do. After losing a title shot and going 5-0 thereafter that screams title shot to me. Add in the fact that this is a bad matchup for Frankie Edgar, I will be scratching my head on this rematch idea for a longtime and it really stinks that Edgar has lost— he virtually has no direction to go in for the remainder of his career and when you accomplish what Frankie has, that is a really unfair position to put any fighter in let alone a guy that already has a place in the UFC Hall of Fame. A possible cut down to another division could very well be a reality with Edgar moving from Featherweight to Bantamweight. This would not shock me one bit. I have two predictions for what could be next in both the Featherweight division and the Bantamweight division for Frankie Edgar. We love you Frankie.

Featherweight Edgar takes on Max Halloway

Bantamweight Edgar takes on the winner of McDonald vs Lineker

Travis Browne: Once again, no disrespect to Travis Browne but did anybody expect a different result? I know I did not. Browne was facing a truly superior opponent in former champion Cain Velasquez and it showed from bell to bell. This is yet another loss for Travis Browne and another loss from a fighter fighting out of Glendale Boxing Club. The hate for Coach Edmund is real and it should be. His losing streak from within his gym is one of the worst in MMA history by far. From Rousey’s loss, to Jake Ellenburger, to now Travis Browne, there are serious questions as to what is next for Browne— A step back in competition is needed.

Travis Browne: Takes a long time off only to fight Ruslan Magomedov

Jul 9, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Juliana Pena (blue gloves) punches Cat Zingino (red gloves) during UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena.  (Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports)
Jul 9, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Juliana Pena (blue gloves) punches Cat Zingino (red gloves) during UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena.
(Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports)

Cat Zingano: In a close fight, Zingano took the loss. Was the fight exciting? No, but it was a battle of will between two of the top female Bantamweights. An argument could be made that Zingano won but the three judges decided differently and that is all that matters. Never leave a fight in the hands of the judges. Zingano now has two straight losses dating back to her title fight with Ronda Rousey. Strangely enough, Zingano’s last two wins are against the now former champion Miesha Tate and current champion Amanda Nunes. Safe to say Zingano has had some tough luck. What is next is a bit of a climb up the ladder against a formidable opponent.

Cat Zingano faces Sarah McMann

Rafael Assuncao: The man who provided TJ Dillashaw with his only career slip up then slipped up vs TJ Dillashaw at UFC 200. Assuncao just could not seem to find his footing over the former champion, missing punches and taking punches often. He had not fought in two years so maybe just maybe a little ring rust was involved, but in any case a loss is a loss and it is back to the drawing board. Fortunately Assuncao will get a matchup that will keep him relevant and test him as a fighter.

Rafael Assuncao takes on Urijah Faber (who should retire)

Johny Hendricks: Another loss in the books for the former champion. Three of his last four fights are losses including his last two to both Stephen Thompson and Kelvin Gastelum. Along the way Hendricks has had his fair share of weight cutting problems to which there is no excuse at this high of a level. Along the way Hendricks always seems to find an excuse in his losses. Hendricks blamed the fact that the fight was in Vegas and that’s why he lost. Unfortunately for the fans and for Hendricks himself, he was not kidding and opened himself for me to make fun of him for quite sometime. One of, if not the worst excuse I have heard in quite sometime, especially from a guy that was a former champion. It is almost as if Johny Hendricks is bitter. I can tell you why. Maybe he is just not satisfied with what the game has given back to him after all of his years competing at a high level at Oklahoma State as one of the best wrestlers in the nation. Is the GSP “loss” still eating at him? It wouldn’t surprise me especially after his comments about Vegas being one of the reasons why he lost a fight. Simply put, this guy is a mess mentally, physically and I can’t stand his excuses for losing. As a fan it is annoying and as a former wrestler myself that looked up to him, it is a real shame.

Johny Hendricks takes on the winner of Cerrone vs Story

Enrique Marin: This fighter I am willing to admit I did not know too much about entering this fight in which he took on the young phenom Sage Northcutt. After the fight was over I was extremely impressed with his performance in a losing effort. Marin was durable, tough, and was really willing to go anywhere the fight needed to go and put Sage in some very awkward positions. This guy should not hang his head he should be really proud. These are the types of performances that a fighter can learn and grow from and I expect to hear more about this guy in the coming years.

Marin continues to fight on the undercard but in a battle with Evan Dunham

Diego Sanchez: “The Nightmare” was no nightmare for Joe Lauzon at UFC 200. Wow. He got blitzed and put down within the first two minutes of the fight. Safe to say, he doesn’t have what he once had but Diego is still a guy people want to see fight so this loss does not kill his career. That is what is so great about MMA you can lose and it’s okay just don’t do it too often. Sanchez is still a guy people will tune in to see and I expect him to be back.

In a rematch of one of my favorite fight’s ever Sanchez takes on Gomi

Takanori Gomi: The fireball kid took a tough loss to Jim Miller one of the most durable fighter’s in the divison. With this loss I see him taking on another durable fighter.

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