In the words of Ace Ventura “MAN IM TIRED OF BEING RIGHT!” No seriously I was spot on with my picks for last night’s UFC FIGHT NIGHT which ended up as a great night of fights all around for the UFC and for Fox Sports 1 a network that continues to get bigger and better as the days go by. Steve Bosse vs Sean O’Connell was reminiscent of rock em sock em robots, Krystof Jotko’s knockout was vicious, and how bout Joanne Calderwood? What a performance she put on vs the veteran Valerie Letourneau. But let’s get down to brass tax. We had two great fights one in the co-main event and the main event in Cerrone vs Cote and MacDonald vs Thompson. Each fight represented a building block for both of the winners, and a speed bump for both of the losers. So, with that being said what is next for the winners and losers of the co-main and main event of last night’s fights.



Stephen Thompson: As I stated in my UFC FIGHT NIGHT: PREDICTION piece Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is for real. While the performance to casual fans might not have been that exciting. I considered it to be. Wonderboy picked Rory apart and did not let Rory get inside to start a slug-fest. When Rory was able to get inside Wonderboy did a great job of evading his strikes with that same fluidity that I alluded to in my prediction post. Thompson is that confident in his ability and his agility that he can move in and out at angles with his hands completely down. I liked the way he used the jab repeatedly which I think is the most underrated weapon in the fight game. This fight was as Thompson said himself a “chess match” and realistically most big fights like this are. Thompson had a test in front of him and he passed with flying colors. What is next for Wonderboy should be nothing less than a shot at the Welterweight title and the winner of Lawler/Woodley. Thompson has the longest winning streak in the UFC Welterweight division resting at seven wins. That alone is remarkable in a division that I think has been the best and deepest in the UFC. The crystal ball in my mind told me that Wonderboy has what it takes to be the next champion at 170 lbs and he could pose a real threat to ANYONE in the division with not just his striking ability but his takedown defense which Thompson spent hours in the gym working on this aspect of his game with brother-in-law and former middleweight champion Chris Weidman. The next fight for Wonderboy is easy give this guy a title shot!.

Thompson get’s his title shot taking on the winner of Lawler vs Woodley


UFC Fight Night

Donald Cerrone: Is there anything this guy CAN’T DO? While that question could be easy to answer given that Cerrone’s last lost was a UFC title fight, Cowboy’s legacy has already been written in stone with or without a title. Cerrone will always be remembered as a guy that brought it to the octagon. He did just that last night. My concern with Cerrone was his penchant for keeping his chin up too high which he has been known to do in his fights with Eddie Alvarez and Nate Diaz especially. But my main concern for the fight was taking on an opponent that once fought at 205 lbs while Cerrone has fought the majority of his career at 155 lbs. Simply put I worried about Cerrone’s ability to fight a man who has been bigger mass-wise compared to him. UFC analyst Brian Stann voiced the same concerns. Cowboy did what Cowboy does and that is defy the odds, show up, and silence any concerns. This fight was not even close by any stretch of the imagination, from the opening bell it became clear that Cerrone was the more polished Mixed Martial Artist out of the two, landing beautifully timed head-body combinations on Patrick Cote. This fight in my eyes was a statement. A statement that Donald Cerrone could possibly be better at 170 lbs then he ever was at 155 lbs. Fighting healthy is extremely important whether you are cutting weight or not and in this case Cerrone has to cut very little (5 pounds in fact) to make weight. Add in the fact that the California State Athletic commission has adopted a new weigh-in policy which in turn, has led to the majority of United States athletic commissions into adopting the new weigh-in procedure where the fighters get to weight in at 10am rather than weighing in at the live weigh-in. This allows the fighters to re-hydrate quicker than before which for those of you that don’t know that is like adding years to a fighter’s life– not figuratively speaking but literally speaking. If this new weigh-in policy is allowed nation-wide this would exponentially help Donald Cerrone cut weight to go back down to 155 if he likes a match up at that weight, or if he wants to continue at 170 lbs, he can. Cowboy has options and when Cowboy has options he is a happy man. So to guess which fight is next for Donald Cerrone is quite difficult but I’m going to take a stab at it anyway by picking two fights that I think would be great for Donald Cerrone.

At 170lbs Carlos Condit: Could you imagine this fight? Seriously this would be nuts.

At 155 lbs Khabib Nurgamedov: A fight that was supposed to happen a little while back but never did due to the often-injured Nurgamedov, this is a classic case of a fighter pulling out of a fight and his adversary is still bitter about dedicating a camp to him for literally nothing. This fight should happen at some point.





Rory MacDonald: Once again as I alluded to in my UFC FIGHT NIGHT PREDICTION piece. I had serious doubts about Rory heading into this fight for a wide variety of reasons. First the opponent I am very high on, second no matter how many months Rory took off after the bloodbath that was Lawler vs MacDonald (10 months) it still does not take away what happened in the octagon. When two guys put together a fight like that it begs the question. Was a piece of them left inside that octagon that night? In the case of Rory MacDonald I would have to say, yes. At 26 years old it would be wrong to say his career is completely over but I will say that the current direction of Rory’s career is easily heading downward. He has taken a lot of punishment over the course of his career and while everything seemed to be going okay, damage-wise in the Thompson fight, shortly into the 5th and final round we saw a sight that was very familiar. Rory’s nose completely broken. That is a problem worse than any opponent because the longer he fights without having the surgery that he needs it will be that much easier for his opponent to break it. Thompson was not landing Lawler-like shots on Rory’s face he was using his speed and agility to land those punches and it still led to Rory’s face looking similar to the mug he wore after the Lawler fight. Add in the fact that Rory was on the last fight of his UFC contract and he is now a free agent. Should the UFC be in any rush to re-sign him? I would say no. Let’s look at the facts. Rory is coming off of two straight losses. Just based on that alone MacDonald and his agent would not be off to a good start in terms of negotiating. Also, he has already lost twice to the current champion of the weight class he fights in. The Welterweight division has plenty of killers, some are natural born like Carlos Condit, other’s are just animals like Matt Brown. He is a very tough sell as fighter, when his face is best known for looking like lard-ass after the pie eating contest in Stand By Me. No that is not cranberry sauce, obviously that is blood and realistically as a fight fan you enjoy watching two competitors go head to head, but once it is over you wince when you see the aftermath and that is how I feel about Rory MacDonald. Maybe it would be better for him to go into another organization like Bellator and get some wins under his belt and regain his confidence. At this current moment that might be the only option. While the UFC likes Rory he doesn’t really have a place to go but across the street. So what is Rory’s next fight? Asking myself that question causes me to have immediate fear and thinking no no no. But I am playing matchmaker here so let’s get to it who will he fight in the UFC or Bellator I will predict BOTH.

UFC Opponent: Matt Brown- In a nutshell this fight represent’s what is great about Rory and what is bad. While this is a fight tailor-made for Rory to be successful he will take punishment in this fight Matt Brown after all, is an animal.

Bellator Opponent: Douglas Lima- This was the last number one contender for the Bellator Welterweight Title. A fight which Lima lost. If Bellator want’s to make Rory a face of the brand don’t be shocked if they shoot MacDonald right to a contender fight.


Patrick Cote: A tough loss for Cote indeed, but like he always has before, he will comeback. Cote is one of the most durable fighters that the UFC has ever had and the peaks and valleys of his career are really remarkable when you think about it. Cote entered the sport living in the shadow of his main training partner Georges St-Pierre and GSP has credited Cote for helping him become the fighter that he was. While this loss is a disappointment it really is not the end of the world. The UFC will continue to be in business with Cote and find events to place him on. He has a huge following in Canada and what he has done in his career what he has comeback from does not go unnoticed. There are plenty of options for Cote and in the fight game it is good to have options. I do see a clear opponent that with a win could put Patrick Cote right back in it which is all Cote has ever really wanted is to be in the discussion racking up the win’s. For his next fight who will the Predator take on?

Patrick Cote takes on Tarec Saffiedine


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