Marvel vs DC bracket

It is march madness once again and everyone is hoping they finally got it right with their NCAA bracket this year. But NCAA brackets aren’t the only brackets being made this year, you see them in a wide variation of categories popping up everywhere these days. TV show brackets, best food brackets and Kentucky senator Rand Paul even took the time to make a “government waste” bracket this month. So it’s no surprise that one of our own writers at had the great idea to make a Marvel vs DC bracket and poll for results on his twitter account @BatmanvSuprman.

marvel vs dc bracket

The Marvel vs DC bracket  is divided in a Marvel and DC competition with four different regions where in the final round the most popular character from each of the franchises will face-off against each other. Even the first round already started off with a lot of tough match up between some hugely popular characters. Some of the matches where no-brainers but there definitely were some big surprises here and there.

I think about everyone expected Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to easily make it through considering they are the three biggest DC characters and amongst the most powerful on this list with little competition standing against them in the first round. Biggest surprises for me on the DC side were Supergirl triumphing over Manhunter and Harley winning against Green Lantern. Manhunter has gone toe to toe with superman and is an extremely powerful telepath. I feel that would have given him the edge over Supergirl basically just shutting her brain down to the extend where Supergirl can’t move anymore. In Harleys case I presumed that Hal would have taken her down because Harley is in the end just a regular human up against someone with an incredibly powerful power ring.

On Marvels side it often got a lot tougher, some major match ups already happening in the first round. I think only two matches were a clear win here; Hulk easily taking down Falcon and Deadpool winning against Spiderman. Both Hulk and DP are both practically unkillable which makes it awfully hard for them to lose against their opponents who aren’t exactly heavy hitters. Who really surprised me in the Marvel match up were Scarlet Witch and especially Ant-Man. Wanda is capable of altering reality so she has the potential to win, but reaching the full extend of her powers is nearly impossible for her without going insane or destroying herself. That is why I expected Wolverine to come out on top who would probably just immediately go in for the kill and slice her right up. While Wanda is hesitant about using her powers to a full extend and killing another person. Biggest surprise of the whole bracket for me was Ant-Man beating Iron man, Ant-Man has powers that really help him here because he’s might be able to get inside Tonys armor and dismantle it from the inside. But Stark has incredibly advanced AI that could easily keep track of Ant-Man no matter how small he is. Combine this AI with adaptive armor capabilities that is controlled by Tonys mind and throw in advanced weaponry that could be outfitted to take down small targets like Ant-Man it’s a big surprise for me Ant-Man won.

captain america mjolnir

The Marvel vs DC bracket round 2 was a big round, but really only had single huge surprise and maybe one smaller one. The DC side again got away with the slightly more logical results, Superman and Batman both winning against their three opponents. Batman taking most foes given enough preparation time and Superman just having the most brute force especially against Wonder Woman when it comes down to it. Marvel side had so to say a more surprising twist to it. Hulk winning in the Westchester region was a huge surprise for me, yes Hulk easily has the most brute force and regenerates the fastest. But Dr. Strange is master of the mystic arts and is known to have spells that can calm the hulk down. Dr. Strange could easily send Hulk to another dimension or calm him down and the Hulk transforming back to banner making him extremely vulnerable. The last match in the Baxter region wasn’t really that much of a surprise, but i think you can spin this fight two or three ways all with a different winner. The only one who doesn’t really stand a chance here is Daredevil, but the other three candidates all have things working for them and other factors working against them. Deadpool is skill and strength speaking the weakest fighter of the four, but he has one major advantage, he is unkillable which gives him somewhat of a fair win here. On the other hand, Thor is by far the strongest of everyone and could reduce all his opponents to ash. Steve is smarter than everyone on the field by a long shot and also taking into consideration that he is able to pick up Mjolnir while Deadpool vowed to never hurt Steve because Cap is one if his Idols, he has more than
a decent shot if you ask me.

We only got two more major match ups happening on our Marvel vs DC bracket before the finale, Batman vs Superman and Deadpool vs Hulk. The DC semi-finale might even get answered for us in a few days when the batman v superman movie comes out. No upcoming Deadpool vs Hulk movie unfortunately, who will triumph; the merc with a mouth or the giant green monster. LuteijnComicsEntertainmentMoviesRecent PostsTV ShowsBatman,Captain America,DC,Iron Man,marvel,Marvel vs DC,marvel vs dc bracket,SupermanMarvel vs DC bracket It is march madness once again and everyone is hoping they finally got it right with their NCAA bracket this year. But NCAA brackets aren't the only brackets being made this year, you see them in a wide variation of categories popping up everywhere these days....