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AMC and The Walking Dead executives really made an effort to hype this mid-season premiere and rightfully so. It had a lot of great moments and some are saying that it could be the best Walking Dead episode ever. I’ll leave that to debate below but it did have some very epic, unforgettable moments in TWD history. Let’s look at where we’ve been and talk about where we’re headed.

Spoiler Alert !!! For any humans who have not been on the planet the last four plus days! *** Please close this post if you do NOT want to know what happened last episode! *** Thank you *** Come back after you see it!!

Nightmares are REAL in the Zombie Apocalypse

walking dead

A lot of kids, at one point and time or another, become fearful of certain things. The Boogeyman, the monster in the closet, the thing under the bed, etc. What do they have in common? None of them are real!!

For little Sam, though, his nightmares are REAL and they are at every turn! They are walking around in large number, always close by, and in this place, there’s always a chance you can be on the menu!

Last time we saw the group of Rick, Carl, Michonne, Jessie and kids, and others, they were attempting to make their way through a humongous herd of walkers that got into Alexandria, using the ol’ ‘Walker Guts on old Raincoats’ technique.

Sam’s nightmares become too much to bare and he starts to make eye contact with the walkers as the group moves through the settlement. One of the most important elements of the entire show and of the concept of a Zombie Apocalypse is us imagining being there, and us imagining what we would do in each situation.

The children and how they may act is a very interesting subject. Some people are even outraged to see the first ever child eaten by a zombie in the series. Remember, poor little Sophia turned but we never officially knew how or why. Plus I’m sure who ever wrote that article didn’t raise as big of a fuss when Carol told Lizzie to ‘look at the flowers’. But one of thee most epic scenes in the series follows:

Things we know

In Walking Dead Land, there are certain things we know. For sure. No question. It’s always good to put some of those out there. I’d like to see what you know in the comments below. (Best comment wins a Walking Dead poster)

First and foremost, let me just say.. when it comes to the Walking Dead Marathons, I know I’m going to run my errands during the ‘Beth’ episodes. That I KNOW!

We know Glenn has a very special relationship with close calls.

We know Carol and Morgan seem to now have some deep issues.

We know we would have NOT let baby Judith go with (Father) Gabriel.

We know the Wolves dude needed a great post-apocalyptic dentist. Badly!

We know Jessie’s whole damn family was  >>DUMB<< (in my best E-40 voice).

And we most definitely know Rick doesn’t know karate.

Where do we go from here?

walking dead

One thing we know is that if Carl survives, he’ll be the new Governor / Anikan Skywalker / Makauley Culkin in The Good Son.

But seriously though, after Rick lost his potential new wifey and carried his now one-eyed son to safety, he proceeded to go crazy on the biters, and everyone joined in. It looks like that may have a solid chance to keep the town intact.

It also appears that the Alexandra folk have gained the respect of Rick. But how much faith do they have in him?

When the dust settles, Carol will have to address what Morgan did, to the rest of the group. How will everyone react?

Then there’s the ‘Negan’ character. Daryl triumphantly blows the goons to smithereens but there’s a vehicle seen driving away in the background but could have some repercussions later, oh say come season finale time?


Glenn and Enid have started to bond, do you see adoption papers in the works? No papers needed nowadays.

Father Gabriel and Eugene seem to have awaken and although I wouldn’t trust either of them with any task of significance, at the moment they are contributing. How long will that last?

We love your thoughts below and we want to know what you think so lets keep the conversation going until the next time we walk with the dead. To win the free The Walking Dead poster, simply enter something ‘YOU KNOW’ in the comments. Best comment gets a poster mailed to them! Good luck!

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